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| January 29, 2024

Been a little while since we did much in the world of guns – with the SHOT show wrapping up I suspect we will be bombarded with the NEWEST!  GREATEST!! LATEST!! for several months to come. I did see a couple of interesting stories though:

First off, in Maryland they are blowing straight past “infringed” to ‘INFRINGING!’

The controversial legislation, introduced by Delegate Terri Hill, D-Howard County, would prohibit the “wear or carry” of a gun anywhere in the state unless the individual has obtained a liability insurance policy of at least $300,000.

“A person may not wear or carry a firearm unless the person has obtained it and is covered by liability insurance issued by an insurer authorized to do business in the State under the Insurance Article to cover claims for property damage, bodily injury, or death arising from an accident resulting from the person’s use or storage of a firearm or up to $300,000 for damages arising from the same incident, in addition to interest and costs,” the proposed Maryland legislation said.

Hill told FOX 45 News that this bill is an attempt to pass “common sense” gun control.  Fox News

Seems to me Howard is just west of Baltimore? And we know how good a job Bal’mur is doing with their crime problem. Last I heard they were one of the top three tourist destinations in the country if you wanted to get jacked, shot, or otherwise interact with the criminal class. Besides being  unConstitutional as all get-out,  this clearly discriminates against poor folks, right? Like paying to vote.

Just once, I’d love to see someone do something targeting the criminals. I know, it will never happen because they don’t care about doing anything about crime unless its wrongthink. But a fella can dream…


And in the home of some of the best battle rifles ever made (the name Mauser might come to mind. Or numbers like G3), Deutschland,  Houston, we have a problem.  Our gewehrs are sheiss. They suck. Nice to know one of the biggest lynchpins of NATO says their newest is  crap.

The German army’s new assault rifle is not accurate enough and cannot be relied upon to work properly in battle, according to a classified report.

“Current testing by the army in laboratory conditions shows that the weapon doesn’t meet army standards when loaded with combat ammunition,” said the review, which was first revealed by Der Spiegel news magazine.

Seems Heckler & Koch did their G96A1 testing with nice civilian ammo under good conditions. When the Germans tested them using military ammo at a variety of temperature ranges (who knew, wars aren’t always fought on warm sunny days?) the field accuracy is insufficient.

This comes after they Germans had to replace their G36 (also an H&K product) because in combat the weapon would melt its barrel handguards .

The G36 extensively utilises plastic in its construction, but German troops serving in Afghanistan began complaining that their weapons would lose accuracy after sustained firing.

The defence ministry’s investigation found that, during shooting, a plastic channel that the barrel sits in would heat up and become soft, leaving it out of alignment.

In 2015, a Bundeswehr survey found that only 8 per cent of German soldiers trusted their weapons, and Ursula von der Leyen, then defence minister, ditched the G36.   DYNUZ

In fairness elite KSK troops (Kommando Spezialkrafte, if you just must know) are using the G96A1 and are happy with it. It is due for general issue to the troops next year.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

This insurance liability mandate that EVERYONE must have in order to carry…….does this include cops and bodyguards? (everyone knows politicians would never dirty their hands by touching a gun) Or are they exempt as “only ones”?
Another “got’cha”, “an insurer authorized to do business in the State”. Sooooo….an insurer makes their rates low enough for the common folk? NO LONGER AUTHORIZED. Because. Just. Because.

Last edited 5 months ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I saw an article yesterday that said the bill was doomed because there was not a specific carve-out for police. Oops. I’ll try and find it.


And in other news. . . Somewhere in North Texas, the first run of reload .44 Magnum handgun rounds were tested and found to be good. (Alliant 2400 powder – 21.3 grains and another run of 20.5, Sierra 240 grain bullet, CCI 350 primer, if you are curious.)


What we need is some “common sense” criminal control laws. And then ENFORCE those “common sense” criminal control laws. Wonder how much influence this Kongress Kritter had from the insurance lobby? It is not about “control of the gunz”…it’s about control of We, The People. I’m sure that the criminals will be the FIRST (grin) to sign up for a policy.

Yeah, let’s give the guy that is the tip of the spear a spear that doesn’t work. What could go wrong?


“Criminal control laws”, c’mon man, you know, the thing! If guns were restricted, they wouldn’t kill, ya know. The police can protect us, and a gun in the hands of a civilian is a gun waiting to shoot up a school. We can’t control the criminals because they’re criminals. But I’ll tell ya what, we can control The People who wish to be law abiding contributors to society.

If we enforced the laws on the books, gun crime would be cut down substantially. I have two personal examples of people who were let off easily and illegally obtained firearms:

1) The burglar (at least the one caught) who stole most of what I owned a few weeks before I deployed to Afghanistan was a multiple time convicted felon. A couple of years prior he was convicted for drug possession and for having a firearm, but he was released early. I had a couple of guns outside of the safe, and those were taken along with my TV, most of my tools, and too many other things to list. Under Georgia law, he was sentenced to “eight years”, but they include probation time, so he served about 18 months total. His son learned the hard way, having robbed a convenience store at gunpoint on his 16th birthday and being shot by the clerk, dying in a rural Georgia ditch.

2) One of my brother’s meth head “friends” was just arrested again in October for possession and three firearms charges. They declined to prosecute the stolen/concealed firearm and felon in possession of a firearm charges, keeping the drug possession and possession of a firearm with Schedule I/II narcotics. I looked him up on VineLink and he’s not being held until his grand jury hearing. This is the same guy that stole an F-450, driving it through a gate. He stripped the decals, spray painted it, and drove it like a mad man, before parking it because he couldn’t afford diesel. My friend and I tracked it down, called the police, and they did nothing.


Also, work to eliminate the glorification of gun violence. After moving from the trailer park to the city as a young teenager, I grew to like some of the early and mid-’90s rap. NWA and their solo ventures, Wu-Tang Clan, and others all made “that life” attractive. But, as a White kid with more than a little common sense and a strong sense of right and wrong, I knew that the “message” wasn’t really a message at all. Play up being a thug or gangsta all you want on an album. They made some good money doing so, but few of them actually walked the walk. Nowadays, it seems that it’s the norm for a SoundCloud rapper to get shot in the streets. Granted, that music has always had some level of violence associated with it, look at Notorious BIG and Tupac, and even Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC (definitely not considered gangsta rap).

I’m not saying ban certain types of music. But I will say that parents (let’s face it, parent in many cases) should pay attention to what is influencing their kids. We see time and again the pictures of young Black men killed in the streets by fellow Black or by police. They don’t show the 19-year-old’s recent photos flashing guns and money, with gold teeth and tattoos. Instead, they show the middle school yearbook photo, when little D’Tredavarious was on the Honor Roll with his fresh haircut and smile, just knowing he was going to be a doctor one day. When did the change occur? Odds are that Mama just let him roam the streets and he got caught up in them.

Finally, pass a law that no mass shooter or active shooter’s name will be used in the media. The police should release a statement naming the shooter once. After that, the name should be erased from history. The media can still report on the shooter’s background and such but remove that chance at infamy that most shooters yearn so much for.


When I was doing detective work, i caught a case of a 16 year old who had done a neighborhood B&E and stole, among many other things, a S&W model 39. When arrested in a stolen car, he was carrying the 9mm, loaded with on in the pipe and full Mag. I went through all of the paperwork to get him waived to adult court for 5 or 6 felonies, B&E occupied dwelling, Receiving and concealing stolen property X3(gun, TV and car), unlawful possession of a firearm and ammo. After 5 hearings related to his waiver to adult court, and the admissability of his possession to bunches of stolen crap, he went to adult court.
The judge showed him in court, though. He gave him 3 years on probation. By the way, the judge was a former county defense attorney.


If NAwTO had just standardized on the G3 or FAL (or heck, even an AR-10/180) with a true intermediate cartridge like 270 Brit or 276 Pedersen we’d be right where we are attempting to go today.

Can I get insurance that pays when a military makes a poor decision on small arms selection? Because that’d be insurance worth git’n.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

What happened to good only wood furniture that the barrel rested on.


The insurance plan is surely based on the concept that only well-to-do, mostly White and Conservative people, as well as low-class hillbillies, carry guns. The former will pay for the insurance and stuff the coffers of insurance agencies who will likely kick back funds to the MD Dems. The latter? Well, they don’t need guns anyway.

Police, security guards, and others required to carry a firearm in performance of their duties have already been brought up in the comments. What about the MDARNG? Will the MD AG be required to ensure that policies are taken out on all uniformed personnel? Then we get to the countless Feds that live in MD. Can a state law require SA Snipeadog to carry insurance? I’m sure if there’s any traction whatsoever, it will be modified to exempt government employees.

All that aside, one thing the proposed bill doesn’t take into account is the sheer variety of gun owners in this country. Wealthy Whiteman might just pay for the insurance, and Hillbilly Jim is probably the target of this preposterous legislation, but what about Baltimore Bertha? A single mother of six, living on welfare and food stamps in the ‘hood, who struggled to come up with the $180 to buy that Hi-Point to have on hand just in case a violent ex stops by, or someone kicks in her door in the middle of the night.

No one who legally carries wants to use their firearm in self-defense, and I’d argue that having some form of insurance or an attorney on retainer is not a bad idea (I have USCCA; I’ve heard some less-than stellar things about them but haven’t delved deeper yet). Being required by a state to carry $300k in liability insurance, with premiums that will likely make car insurance look like renter’s insurance, is just dumb.


Insurance companies have a shitload of influence on vehicle requirements, and lobby for all sorts of mandates.

There won’t -be- any “Hi-Points” or “Ravens” for Miz Martha to keep the Rifraf out her home.


Good point, if insurance is required, I can see “safety” features, like the failed attempts at making “smart guns”. Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons did a couple of videos about an Armatix a while back and had multiple issues with it. That’s one that requires a wristband to be worn in order to fire the gun.

Mandatory integrated key locks (like Taurus and S&W have on some models). Biometric and other “smart” technology permitting only the registered owner to use the gun. Technology has advanced to the point where they’ll likely require an app and Bluetooth technology to communicate with your phone and provide regular updates to your smart gun. Considered a threat? Don’t worry, the police can deactivate your gun, much like some vehicles can be immobilized. Scary stuff if you go down the rabbit hole of insurance regulations.

Skivvy Stacker

I have to ask;
which of my other Constitutionally protected rights do I have to provide insurance coverage in order for me to exercise them?
I’ll just leave that on Mr Hill’s desk and wait for him to tell me.


Look, if the government has procedure for permitting or regulating silly things like dogs or how many sheds you have, as those revenues are wasted new streams of income are necessary, citizen!

“It’d be a real shame if something happened to your Right to Speak, or Be Secure in Your Person, House, Papers, and Effects.
Just pay a fraction of a percent and we’ll think about protecting those things.” –Your Beneficent Gubmint


Why do I keep whistling Yankee Doodle? Weird…


Struggling with an instinctual desire to make harbours tea-flavored again?

It be mutual.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Out here in good ol’ Washington State, they want to tax us for the “privilege of using ammunition.” Yes, that’s a direct quote from the bill.

What part of “infringed” isn’t clear? Maybe we ought to teach less CRT and more critical reading comprehension or something.