Zombie deer disease jumping to humans?

| December 24, 2023

A deer carcass tested positive for prion disease. This is a fatal brain decease that impacts deer, elk, reindeer, and moose. The disease works the nervous system, causing drooling, lethargy, and other symptoms that lend the disease to being called “zombie deer disease.” Despite there no being cases of this disease jumping to humans, some scientists are raising concern over this possibility.

From Fox News:

Epidemiologists say the absence of a “spillover” case yet does not mean it will not happen. CWD is one of a cluster of fatal neurological disorders that includes Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly referred to as “mad cow disease.”

“The BSE outbreak in Britain provided an example of how, overnight, things can get crazy when a spillover event happens from, say, livestock to people,” Dr. Cory Anderson told The Guardian. Anderson is a program co-director at the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP).

“We’re talking about the potential of something similar occurring. No one is saying that it’s definitely going to happen, but it’s important for people to be prepared,” Anderson added.

He added that what’s also worrying is that there is no known way to effectively and easily eradicate it, “neither from the animals it infects nor the environment it contaminates.”

Anderson said that once an environment is infected, the pathogen is extremely hard to eradicate. It can persist for years in dirt or on surfaces, and scientists report it is resistant to disinfectants, formaldehyde, radiation and incineration at 1,100 F, according to The Guardian.

Fox News has additional details.

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Dear me.


Also… Cats do stalk and chase deer, but (as they’re not mountain lion) this can be silly and irritating for the deer:


Cat looks well fed while the deer is showing ribs.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It tickled my ribs watching that and am not ribbing you on that


Well, the cat knows a prey animal when he sees one. Vice versa for the deer.


Oh. Joy. 🙁


Smiling Fauxchi was evasively unavailable for comments, lies or deceptions.


Ok, who had “Bambi Brain Disease” as the next “Big Thing”? Now that the Bat Flu has been shown to be a scamdemic, the Monkey Pox and Murder Hornets didn’t pan out, nor has the new skeeter born pathogen. Bedford Forrest was more better at “keeping up the skeer”!

There is already an epidemic of zombie (lack of) brain disease thruout the country. Seems as if it is well entrenched at all levels of grubermint. And the mad cow thing?…Isn’t there a TeeVee show with mad cows already? Personally, I’ve never taken the time to view it.



Agree, we’re too late.


Part of my wholly unqualified 2024 predictions… Who else thinks that CWD, prion, or whatever this thing is called might be used as a reason for further lockdowns, enforced masking, and a totally safe and effective vaccine to be developed in record time.

Taking this a step further, we need to ban those pesky sentient assault weapons and high-capacity murder pistols, while removing the right to carry from the common citizen. We have undertrained and underpaid cops to protect us against everyone out to get their reparations. The Second Amendment clearly states that “the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Only Hunting Guns Shall Only Be Infringed in Times of Peril…”

If the deer become zombies, we can’t hunt them. We need to call upon authorities to humanely put them down using excessive force. If we can’t hunt deer, then any deer rifles or shotguns are unnecessary, and should fall under a ban to prevent us hunting each other out of sheer pandemic-induced boredom.

While we’re at it, we’ve heard of swine flu and bird flu, so ban hog hunting, and both turkey and waterfowl hunting. Problem solved… Only the criminals and government authorities have guns, the streets are completely safe, and we don’t have to worry about Big Bubba Banger eating that zombified deer.


The prion is a protein. There is no drug or vaccine that can treat its chronic brain wasting disease. Once a mammal such as a human ingests prions from an infected animal, it is game over. The Brits stopped it by killing all herds of domestic animals infected with it. That solution is impractical for wild animals.


Per the CDC, the visible symptoms of Zombie Deer Disease aka Chronic Wasting Disease, a highly contagious brain disease that is nearly impossible to irradicate from the environment once it infests an area-

  • drastic weight loss (wasting of muscle)
  • stumbling
  • lack of coordination
  • listlessness
  • drooling
  • excessive thirst or urination
  • drooping ears
  • lack of fear of people

Sounds like every pantifa beta male I’ve ever seen. In other words, liberalism is a brain disease caused by prions. Explains a lot.

Except for the “drastic weight loss”, also sounds like the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania. Maybe the weight loss is a late-stage symptom, or there needed to be muscles (strength) to start with?

I really hope they find a way to eradicate it. We can start testing antidotes and vaccines in any of a couple dozen universities.


I know CWD is a problem in some areas of Texas, and deer harvested in those areas are required to be tested.

While I no longer have the faith in the CDC I had in January 2020, nonetheless in things like this I am still willing to take what they report into consideration. Having observed the aftereffects of BSE in considerations for other medical issues, I’m more than willing to have a deer tested if necessary.

I don’t want anyone in my care to turn into beta males or zeta females.


GB – agreed, tongue removed from cheek, this is a serious issue in many areas. I have friends (and family) that grew up on counting on the bag limit to make it through the winter as there wasn’t enough money for both heat and meat.


Yeah, well, BSE is why I can no longer get “tacos de sesos”…brain tacos. Didn’t eat them often because they were a little on the rich side, but damn they were tasty. My brother and I also used to eat lamb brains from when we would rotisserie an entire lamb for my parents Saturday special at their bar. We’d eat the kidneys too when the slaughterhouse left them in for us. Good eatin’


Scrambled eggs and calf brains… not an uncommon dish among my south Texas family. As is sonuvabitch stew.


Huevos con sesos…yeah, good stuff. A little homemade salsa and homemade flour tortillas and you’re in business.


“lack of fear of people”

I ain’t scart nobody. Looks like I got the signs….


The only solution is mail in ballets.


More like mail in bullets!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How much Doe did the Disease Reasearch Policy peeps spend to find that out.


Just a couple of bucks



jeff LPH 3 63-66

Rim Shot


That’s not a lot of doe.


Hey, 20 bucks is 20 bucks!


We already have zombies. They walk around staring at a small rectangular screen while stumbling into things. Haven’t seen them drooling yet, but that will probably come from too much Tik Toc.

A Proud Infidel®™

Fauci, likely slobbering with delight in anticipation, was unavailable for comment.

I hope this crashes faster than the attempted Murder Hornets panic attempt.

Hack Stone

So, we’re not doing the Monkey Pox thing anymore?


Nothing should take the gaiety and joy out of Christmas.

Hack Stone

Just in time for Christmas, the Biden-Harris Administration gives us Zombie Deer. Be sure to leave out a plate of fresh brains for Santa tonight.

RGR 4-78

CWD has been a thing for a very long time. It is believed that it got its start in my state back in the 40’s(?) when our state game and gar commission started importing deer from other states to rebuild the herd, after market hunting had wiped it out in the early part of the last century. It was never widespread until about ten years ago when the deer herd had not just recovered but was becoming an overpopulation problem in some areas.

As to the picture.
Several years ago, I showed up at the old home place to visit with my brother early one morning, he kept an old sofa cushion next to the front door for the German Shepard to sleep on. It had been a cold night that night, not a 3-dog night mind you but pretty chilly. The old dog was piled up on his cushion with a cat curled up under his chin, another against his belly and a game rooster on his back. So, I guess it had been a 2-cats and a rooster night. 😉


Yes, I first heard about this prion disease in our deer and antelope at least seven or eight years ago.


When I was ranching, in Arkansas, all of my dogs had their own cat(s), none which were particularly faithful so much as seekers of comfort where comfort might be found.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yeah it was a Three Dog Night, and “Mama Told Me Not to Come”, …


“Epidemiologists say the absence of a “spillover” case yet does not mean it will not happen.”

In other words, there’s another wet market next to another Chinese lab that may or may not be dabbling in gain of function research on CWD


So, only a nuke can kill it then….Jeebus. I remember watching documentaries on BSE. Unbelievably tough organism.


“Unbelievably tough organism”

Viagra may help with that.


I first learned about prions in the 90s.

Freaked out by them ever since.

Bacteria are living organisms and the immune system is superb at fighting bacteria…most of the time.

Viruses, while not living organisms, still need to infect cells to reproduce. Giving the immune system a fighting chance. They also are also fragile and don’t last in the environment long.

Prions on the other hand are just pathogenic proteins that can cause brain proteins to fold and duplicate the structure of the pathogenic prions. Prions can survive temperature as high as 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Can last on surfaces or in the soil for two years. Can still only be detected in an autopsy after death. Lead to a horrendous mechanism of death. You immune system cannot stop them. A person can’t be cured of an infection. Treatment is useless beyond making a victim take longer to die.

And you can already be infected.

Last edited 6 months ago by Commissar

You are correct. And once infected, it may take years for the full effect of the ailment to take full effect.

USMC Steve

I think this disease has already made the jump to humans in the form of liberals/socialist democrats.


Welp, progtardism is a brain-wasting disease that is incurable.