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| December 24, 2023

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals!

Wasserman Schultz: ‘Hopefully’ Trump Will Be Banned from Other State Ballots

Huh, the politician who rigs elections wants to rig this election. Who’da thunk it?

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) said Friday on MSNBC’s “José Díaz-Balart Reports” that she was hopeful former President Donald Trump will be banned from other state ballots following the Colorado Supreme Court ruling.

Wasserman Schultz said, “I know there has been a lot of chatter over the last few days since this court ruling about whether or not section three of the 14th Amendment was intended to apply to presidents of the United States, foreign presidents. The Section 3 begins, ‘No person shall,’ I mean, it doesn’t have an exception for other offices, and it applies specifically if you are an officer of the United States and you swore to uphold an oath to support the Constitution of the United States.”

She continued, “There is no shortage of evidence that Donald Trump, whether it was the calls into Georgia election officials to find 11,000 and change votes, or the calls that have just come to light into Michigan to canvassing boards, to not sign to certify the elections, and then, of course, January 6, where he incited an insurrection. It is very clear that this section of the constitutional amendment is applicable to Donald Trump.”

Wasserman Schultz added, “State parties and states decide who is going to be on their ballots. It is not a 50-state uniform process to qualify to be on a ballot to run for president. It is in 50 individual state process. And so it is possible, and this process has begun with Colorado’s decision prohibits a presidential candidate from appearing on the ballot because they committed insurrection and are deemed to be violative of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. That’s what happened here, and it could potentially and in my mind hopefully will happen in other states because Donald Trump is not an individual who should be trusted ever again to uphold the Constitution because he clearly violated it multiple times and while he was president, in trying to hold on to office at all costs.”

Source; Breitbart

Man reaches under stall in Target bathroom and sexually touches woman, Alabama cops say

A man is accused of reaching under a bathroom stall at a Target and sexually touching a woman, according to Alabama deputies.

Now he’s been charged with first-degree sexual abuse, the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said in Dec. 20 news release.

The 38-year-old was taken into custody after the incident at the Target in Tuscaloosa County, reported.

A woman told investigators she was using the department store’s bathroom Dec. 12 when someone in the stall next to her dropped to a knee and reached under the stall to grab her, according to the news outlet.

Attorney information for the man is not available.

Capt. Jack Kennedy with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office told McClatchy News that investigators found past police reports in which the man was “suspected of similar activity.”

However, no arrests were made in those incidents.

“Investigators were able to establish a pattern of (the man) going into the girl’s bathroom at Target for sexual gratification including a similar incident a month prior,’’ according to a deposition obtained by the Tuscaloosa Thread.

The man was arrested Dec. 15 and booked at the Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $25,000 cash bond, jail records show.

“Due to the nature of these assaults, and known proclivities of these types of offenders, we encourage anyone who may have been a victim, or knows of any possible abuse by (the man) to please contact the Violent Crimes Unit at (205) 464-8690,” deputies said in the news release.

Tuscaloosa is about 60 miles southwest of Birmingham.

Source; Miami Herald

School resource officer’s gun missing after leaving it in middle school bathroom, MPD says

Memphis Police are trying to figure out who took a school resource officer’s gun from the girl’s bathroom at Kirby Middle School Tuesday after the officer said she left it there.

According to Memphis Police, officers responded to Kirby Middle School around 1:20 p.m. Tuesday after school staff said a gun was stolen out of the girl’s bathroom.

The school resource officer for the school said she left her gun in a bathroom stall before noticing – an hour and 15 minutes later – that it went missing.

School staff saw a student leaving the bathroom 10 minutes after the officer left, trying to conceal something underneath a hoodie. This student and another student were identified, and seen leaving school together from an unauthorized exit without permission.

Memphis Police are still investigating the incident.

Source; Memphis Local

Jill Biden’s press secretary Michael LaRosa was ‘forced out’ of White House after he ‘tried to take gay dates’ to his room on secure floor of hotel where president was staying during NATO summit in Madrid

The First Lady’s press secretary Michael LaRosa tried to take a date he’d just met up to his room on a secure floor while overseas in a hotel where the president was staying, insiders exclusively tell

Sources say LaRosa, 40, did it twice during the same trip while accompanying Jill Biden to the NATO Summit in Madrid, Spain, in June 2022, and that this was part of a pattern of behavior that led to his forced resignation the following month.

A Secret Service source confirmed the incident and claimed that it happened twice on the same trip.

‘He was caught by Secret Service not once, but twice bringing dates to a secure floor, obviously putting the First Lady’s safety at risk because you’re not supposed to bring people in who are not fully vetted,’ one senior White House staffer told

Asked about the incident, LaRosa, who is openly gay, told that he had only tried to bring one person up to his room, a male staffer from another country’s delegation he said he met at the conference. He also insisted that he left the White House on good terms to take a job in the private sector.

When he left, White House officials publicly feted him for his 18 months of service in the East Wing. But privately, sources tell, colleagues were anxious to see him gone with no fuss.

‘There was a long line of chaotic behavior, outbursts, unreliability, unpredictability, and lack of judgment that went into his last six months before his departure,’ one official said.

Colleagues bit their tongues for over a year, until LaRosa recently started criticizing the White House on cable news programs and social media.

Presenting himself as a former high-level staffer with deep knowledge of the inner workings of the Biden administration, he now makes regular appearances as a political commentator on MSNBC and CNN. And he hasn’t been shy about sticking his finger in the eyes of some of his old colleague as he dissects news of the day.

On Biden’s dismal poll numbers, LaRosa, a former MSNBC producer, last month blamed it on staff for not responding to smears as he called for a shakeup.

‘I’ve been a squeaky wheel for months arguing this is the wrong approach to GOP attacks on Biden’s integrity, reputation + family,’ he tweeted on Nov. 7. ‘Poll after poll validates everything I’ve been saying+writing for months. Changing his team now will look like he actually cares+sees same #’s we do.’

The gloves were off. Current and former White House colleagues say he wasn’t the insider he claims to be, was never given a ‘seat at the table’ at any high-level meetings nor was he empowered to engage in any political strategizing.

More at the source; Daily Mail

Middle school teacher arrested after allegedly threatening to behead Muslim student who said Israeli flag offended her

Well that escalated quickly.

A Georgia middle school teacher was arrested last week after multiple witnesses told authorities he threatened to behead a 13-year-old Muslim student who said the Israeli flag hanging in his classroom offended her.

Benjamin Reese, a 51-year-old seventh grade teacher at Warner Robins Middle School, was arrested on charges of making terroristic threats and cruelty to children in the third degree, according to an incident report from the Houston County Sheriff’s Office, which lists more than 20 witnesses.

Reese was arrested on December 8 and records show he has since bonded out of jail. CNN has been unable to determine if he has an attorney who would comment on his behalf.

In a statement, the Houston County School District said all employees are required to adhere to an educator’s code of ethics, and a violation or accusation of one would prompt an investigation.

“While we are not able to discuss specific personnel matters, we can share that Mr. Reese has not been on the campus of Warner Robins Middle School since December 7, 2023,” the statement said. “Safety and the well-being of our students and staff is our number one priority.”

The incident report – written by a sheriff’s deputy who was on duty at the school when the incident occurred – cites several witnesses who said they heard Reese shouting profane threats at three female students in the seventh-grade hallway on December 7, including, “You motherf****ing piece of s**t! I’ll kick your a**! I should cut your motherf****ing head off!”

Another teacher, who was tutoring students in the next classroom, reported hearing Reese call one of the three students “my antisemitic friend.” The teacher said the students began walking down the hall and Reese started yelling that they disrespected “his flag” and were ignorant, according to the incident report.

Reese began walking back to his classroom, the teacher added, when she says she heard him yelling, “She is a stupid motherf***er, and I will drag her by the back of my car and cut her f***ing head off for disrespecting my Jewish flag,” the report stated.

A separate adult witness reported to the deputy she heard Reese yell at the student, “You don’t make an antisemitic comment like that to a Jew,” and later shouting in the hallway that he would “slit her f***ing throat” when talking about the students. That teacher said Reese was yelling loudly and cursing down the hallway back into his classroom.

School surveillance video showed Reese following the three students in the hallway, according to the incident report. The video did not include audio.

When confronted by the school’s principal and the sheriff’s deputy, Reese initially “got defensive,” questioned why the deputy was present and denied speaking to anyone, the report stated. Eventually, however, Reese told the principal a student came into his classroom to tell him she found the Israeli flag offensive, the report says. Reese claimed he told the student she was being antisemitic but denied saying “anything racist.”

Reese became angry and “kicked the door stopper in an aggressive manner” when asked to discuss the incident further, the report says. He then asked in what capacity the deputy was present – whether as a school resource officer or a member of the Houston County Sheriff’s Office, to which the deputy responded, “Both.” Reese then told the deputy he had “nothing further” to say and “invoked his civil rights,” according to the report.

The deputy interviewed all three of the students about what led up to allegedly being threatened by Reese, the report says. One told the deputy she decided to speak with Reese about the flag because she found it offensive, according to the report.

The student said she entered Reese’s classroom, pointed to the flag and asked him why he had it hanging there. According to the student, Reese responded he was Jewish and had family members who still live there, the report stated.

The student told him she found the flag offensive due to “Israelis killing (Palestinians),” and then claimed Reese became angry, she told the deputy. She said he began to yell and asked if she denied the right of Israel to exist and called her antisemitic, according to the report.

The student claimed she left the classroom due to the situation becoming “heated and uncomfortable,” but Reese tried to prevent her from leaving and demanded her name and homeroom teacher, which she gave him. She said he continued to yell at her and her friends as they walked away down the hallway, the report says.

Source; CNN

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So much stupid, where does one even begin.


I say, again…
comment image


The “thin veneer”‘s cracks gather and multiply whilst seemingly everyone practices their best Nero.
Eventually that zero’s product in the denominator will resolve this mess to null then conditions asymptote to negative infinity.

We await while the order of operations pans out.
Nothing more.

It has been Written.
We have ignored.
The Law been trodden.
Not by flood, but by fire…

Rationality, Reason, and Reverence can be forsook. Consequences, not so much.

“Prepare.” –Duke of Magnolia (see meme)


Hmmm…while others are calculating who’s gonna be in teh Stoopid Bowl games, or the next College National Champion, I’m curious as to how many Chinese Sleeper Cells have snuck thru the border…


As an adult, you have to adult. You can’t let kids get under your skin. I know… as a parent of five I’ve often had to bite my tongue when my kids get under my skin. It’s one of the things that kids across generations do best–piss off the adults they know best, be they parents or teachers.

The SRO has hopefully learned her lesson but shouldn’t be let off the hook. I can see where this could result in her termination, especially if the gun is used in a crime, but I’d rather see her assigned to a desk for 6-12 months. Hell, bring back Old School Army fun and issue her a Nerf gun, make her tie it off to her holster using 550 cord, and shout “I need an adult!” every time a kid walks by.

Pervs are going to perv. Touching women in bathroom stalls is a no-no for most, but Alabama man missed the memo. Lil’ Rosiecheeks is a proud member of a targeted and persecuted community, so rules should not apply to him. Gays are fully vetted–not by the Secret Service, but by society at large. How dare they deny him his right to bring strange men to a secure floor.

As for the Trump stuff, we all know where this is going. It’s going to be messy, but eventually the right thing will be done. Whether there’s a Trump ’24 or not (and let’s face it, if he’s not on the ballot, the Dems are virtually guaranteed a win), the People will speak. Some voices are louder than others, and at least half of us see the corruption and lawfare being utilized by Joe and his handlers/supporters.


I don’t think when the people speak, those who know what’s in our best interests are going to like what they hear.


Let’s remember that Wasser-Schitz employed that Pakistani family of ISI agents at her IT computer geeks and recommended them to her D-rat colleagues; then she worked to protect them from the justice system when their intel ops and crimes were discovered.


And if I remember correctly, didn’t they dissappear like a fart in the wind, or are they now in jail.


Yes, they did. The son was convicted of his car dealer fraud and given a couple of years in the federal slammer. His mom and brothers fled to Pakistan. He is out now and likely went back to Pakistan.


Wow, the Paki is still here. And he was given a sweet plea deal by the same judge who is now prosecuting Trump in the district of criminals. She let him off with time served and three months of supervision in 2018. He is still here and suing for defamation. He musta had some serious dirt on all those D-rat congress-critters. Sometimes, it really pays to keep the big secrets.


Hey Wasserman…”No person shall” is unqualified and crystal clear but “Shall not be infringed” isn’t?

There may be precedent, true, that States decide who is on their ballots. However, the last time that happened was in 1860 when the Democrat slave states “ignored” Lincoln and the Republican party. True, there were no “ballots” officially printed by the State back then, they were either blank pieces of paper (color-coded to show who you were voting for) or simply lists printed by Democrats and handed to voters to “check the box” and submit.

Yeah, that’s the precedent you want to follow. Remember the outcome of that evil Democrat plan? Cited as high as 2.5% of the population. Is that the plan? Is that why you need to import an entirely new underclass?

Last edited 5 months ago by OAM

Dummy got trolled by high school students.


I’m old enough to remember Debs working with big media to help run debate questions to H”What, ‘wipe’? Like with a cloth?”RC while also fixing “The Democratic Process®” against other candidates in the D primaries via pay-for-play horse trading under the table.

And Bernie took the bribe to stay mousey ’bout the whole thing….

Almost in some sort of ‘conspiracy’ to subvert your basic responsibility of being a good steward of the basic fairness implicit in YOUR OATH(s)!

Given the above, we have read this:

State parties and states decide who is going to be on their ballots. It is not a 50-state uniform process to qualify to be on a ballot to run for president. It is in 50 individual state process. And so it is possible, and this process has begun with Colorado’s decision prohibits a presidential candidate from appearing on the ballot because they committed insurrection and are deemed to be violative of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. That’s what happened here, and it could potentially and in my mind hopefully will happen in other states because Donald Trump is not an individual who should be trusted ever again to uphold the Constitution because he clearly violated it multiple times and while he was president, in trying to hold on to office at all costs.

…and determined you are a giant lying hypocrite piece of shit and should STFU posthaste!


Memphis? I’m pretty sure our very own Green Thumb can tell this fine example of law enforcement prowess where she can get a job if this whole SRO thing doesn’t work out…


Will submit this as a SP (but not otW) & a cure for the wintertime blues.

I wonder how much hearing damage occurs on the reg here:


Michael LaRosa teaching his crew how to fight with gloves off.



The French mistake indeed!


School resource officer’s gun missing after leaving it in middle school bathroom, MPD says.She should be “FIRED,” no ifs, no ands or buts, FIRED. Any police/security officer who forgets to secure their weapon, whether they drop their pants do to their business,does NOT have the maturity to handle ANY weapon.


Exactly, my green engine-blocked friend!


comment image


It’s all part of a “No Xmas as Usual in a Genocide” campaign in support of Hamas by left/libtards… no wonder US media ain’t saying much:


Caring “woke” leftist students openly offer money and support for killing jewish people when asked: