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| December 8, 2023

Starr Model 1858

Hollywood Hills homeowner shoots neighbor who entered home and refused to leave: LAPD

By Christiane Cordero
LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A Hollywood Hills homeowner shot and injured a man who entered their home and refused to leave, police confirmed Tuesday.

The shooting happened just before 11 a.m. on Chelan Place, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police say a man, identified as a neighbor, vandalized a car and was yelling in the street.

“The neighbor appeared to be undergoing some type of episode, but it’s unknown if there’s anything prior,” said LAPD Ofc. Charles Miller.

The resident of the home confronted the neighbor, first outside then inside. The man forced his way into the other man’s home, according to police. Police say the resident of the home told the alleged intruder to leave but he refused. That’s when the homeowner opened fire and then called 911.
“There’s no threat to the public,” said Miller. “It’s not believed to be a robbery or a burglary gone wrong and right now, it’s in the hands of detectives.”

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He’s no threat to the public right now.

Deputy who was pumping gas shoots allegedly armed suspect in Hemet

HEMET, Calif. (KABC) — An investigation is underway in Hemet after someone who was allegedly armed was shot and injured by a sheriff’s deputy.

The incident happened just after 10:30 p.m. Tuesday near Meridian Street and Florida Avenue, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

The department says a deputy was pumping gas when they were “alerted” to a suspect holding a handgun on the sidewalk. The deputy gave the suspect “commands” but the person “continued to manipulate the weapon,” authorities said.

That’s when the deputy, who was not injured, opened fire.

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No word if the suspect was actually wearing the helmet at the time of the shooting. Wait, what?


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We’ll have to see how the CA shootings play out. Just a couple of weeks ago, a homeowner had his CCW suspended for shooting at armed intruders. Meanwhile, I won’t be surprised if we find out that the person shot by the deputy is a homeless illegal alien carrying a pellet gun.

I’d not read anything about the Starr revolver for quite a while, until today, that is. The 1800’s were definitely a transient period for gun design; we went from smoothbore flintlock firearms to rifled percussion muskets and by the American Civil War, repeating arms like the Henry Model 1860 and Colt’s Patent revolvers were seeing some use (in the case of the revolver, almost completely replacing single-shot pistols). By the late-1800s, smokeless bolt-action rifles were the norm in most modern armies and fledgling semiautomatic pistols were being perfected, such as the Colt Model 1900 (predecessor to the M1911) and the Borchardt C-93, improved by Georg Luger (P-08). Meanwhile, early “machineguns” like the Puckle gun led way to the Gatling and then late-19th Century innovations by people like Maxim and Browning.

I’d to study gun history some more. I have more than a few books, and YouTube channels like Forgotten Weapons, Royal Armouries, and C&Rsenal are treasure troves for knowledge on history and design of small arms and even some bigger guns.


I try to keep a weather eye out for follow ups to the stories, fm2176, but most of the time they’re lost in the weeds, or never published except locally. More and more sources are now hiding behind pay walls. The struggle can get really reelz. We do have a trifecta of examples where dumbasses can’t follow requests/advice/instructions and find out too late the error of their ways.

“You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here…When I says go…I MEANS GO!” (apologies to Yosemite Sam)

Looks like he met someone that wasn’t going to put up with he nutjob self.

Not a good idea to start a gunfight with the popo when you’re out numbered and out gun gunned.

Lubs me some classic firearms…and the history there of. Every now and again I’ll actually see the proper firearms depicted in a moving picture that is correct to the period. Don’t happen often, usually it is the other way around. From what I’ve read, many of the cap n ball pistols got converted after the war and that helped to make the originals scarcer. Warfare drives technological improvements and technology has a tendency to defeat the art of war.

The dumbing down of America was a planned event.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Hollywood Hills homeowner shoots neighbor who entered home and refused to leave”

Damned squatters movin’ in and you ain’t even left the house yet.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I can’t find it now (duh!), but last week I saw a meme of a guy at the station pumping gas with one hand, and holding a pistol in the other hand.

In too many blue cities, this seems the safe thing to do.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Been wondering (uh oh! DANGER WILL ROBINSON!).
With today’s updated materials and and manufacturing, has anyone tried to do an update on the M1895 Nagant pistol? The basic design seems like a good idea, throwing the cylinder forward against the forcing cone to prevent/reduce powder flash, and increase bullet velocity a wee bit.
Instead of the special tall brass cartridges, regular cartridges could be used.
Or is it still too complex and klunky a design?

In my humble opinion, it’s dated and unnecessary in today’s world. We sell pistols like the FN 509: 9mm (probably the most common and cheapest centerfire cartridge out there), 24 round magazines and threaded barrels come with some models, and the midsize version is similar in dimensions to the Nagant, albeit with 4x the capacity and less weight.

I like a good revolver and own over a half-dozen, but outside of niche collectors and curiosity freaks, I don’t see Emile Leon Nagant’s design (glad I looked them up) being a big seller on today’s market.

As a former reenactor, I wish they made miniaturized versions or reproductions. My son has a .22 LR Mosin-Nagant lookalike that he probably paid far more than I did for my original M1891, 91/30, M28 Civil Guard, or various M44s. That’s a fun little gun to plink with, while a reproduction, like what Uberti and other companies make for 19th Century guns used in Cowboy Action shooting, would be outstanding for reenactors to use in lieu of originals. One of my Kar98ks is probably all but ruined from the number of blanks I put through it and the abuse I put it through, though the last time I fire live rounds through it the rifle ran fine.

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With today’s updated materials and and manufacturing, has anyone tried to do an update on the M1895 Nagant pistol?”

I would like to see a modern reproduction of one of these.
Evans repeating rifle – Wikipedia

Maybe chambered in .45-70 or even .500 Smith and Wesson.