Boomer’s Sunday

| November 26, 2023


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“You don’t see protests at trade schools.” 🛠️

There’s a reason for that…trade school students are learning tangible skills to go out and be productive members of society, as opposed to debating the finer points of misgendering a POC, the benefits of ensuring that White Guilt is enforced by law, and why free college is necessary for the continuance of society.

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good news everyone, DoD has figured out how to get more people into the military.
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Here we go again…


Squirrel, barney fife, learning sign language. All good this morning but those stand out.

Thanks for the smiles, it’s a good way to start the day.


I think this will work.


Might have to try that…

And yeah, good ones again this week..


While it is funny to think that AOC could corrupt her way up to a mil in net worth without going to prison in such a short time, her actual net worth it’s about $200,000.

Daisy Cutter

“It’s a joke. It works better in the third person.” — Will Hunting


You seriously think she’s putting her payoff money where it can be tracked?


The Squad probably has a guide on how to launder money and conceal the activities.

USMC Steve

Probably. She is a socialist democrat, and she is stupid.


I’ll take suppressed evidence for $1000, Alex.

Winning the meme wars is a laughing matter…losing our freedom?…not so much!



On the AOC thing: it might be “fake news” about her net worth, but let’s see where she sits in 10 years. She’s 34 and in her third term as a Representative. Let’s see, Nancy Pelosi was 47 when first elected, so AOC has a clear advantage there in terms of tenure. Will she be voted out of office? Doubtful, unless she makes some very poor decisions and/or comments. A few “wise” choices here or there, some mentorship from lifelong Congress Critters on how to “properly” invest and make the “right” political and personal moves, and I have few doubts she’ll be on a list of under-40 millionaires by her sixth term.

“The Squad” is collectively an anti-American oppositionist group consisting of members who have a few goals: enrich themselves at the taxpayers’ expense, destroy American values, and become the next group of decades-long incumbents who will eventually control the Congress and perhaps even the presidency. I might be talking out of my fourth point-of-contact here, but maybe not.


Must be nice being able to invest in sh*t one saw in appropriation bills. Just sayin’.


Just ask any politician,independent, libertarian, Democrat or republican.

Look at Bernie Sanders, he has how many lake houses now? 3?
2? All on 174k a year salaries.

What are the rest of us doing wrong.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Great Sunday toons and speaking of Sunday, Sunday is the lead in to The Ohio Students singing “Every Day Of The Week” 1958 on the Note label. Nice Frankie Lymon style jump tune.


I know that Army-Navy meme is for the game but that hits close to home: William Edward Corbin (1928-1957) – Find a Grave Memorial

I obviously never knew him. He was Signal Corps in the Pacific Theater in WWII. I’m told I look very much like him.


The one about the abandoned house in Georgia with the 20 registered Demotarded voters disgusts me. This in no way is an accident and is what is wrong with our election system.

Also, what the hell happened to the common sense people in Georgia?


Oh, the common sense people are all over the state, Master Chief. Combination of issues, including the truth in that meme, the demonrat control of the major metro areas, the widespread cheating that goes on in said areas, and the Rinos that are in bed with the other career politicians. Hard to vote out a grubermint that wasn’t, legitimately voted in. We didn’t vote our way into this mess and we’re damn sure not gonna vote our way out of it. Prepare…

Here’s 1 reason why things suck

A Proud Infidel®™

I still believe that between the two of them, B. Hussein 0bama was the lesser of the two evils.

A Proud Infidel®™

“IF I get indicted, I’m going to take at least half of Washington DC with me!” – Das Hildebeast

I find that a very acceptable offer.


Maybe Hillary will be the final Arkancide!

Slow Joe



Someone seems to be a Navy fan! Navy 5-6 (Lost to Air Force 17-6), Army 5-6 (Beat Air Force 23-3)…I think your analogy would have been better showing the speed of a train and a bus.
Go Army, beat Navy!


‘Tis gettin’ to be the season… don’t forget, y’all:

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