‘Mentally incompetent ‘ vets?

| November 1, 2023

Look to hear that phrase more in the near future:

The Senate has approved a measure that would ease some veterans’ access to guns, brushing aside objections from most Democrats and the Department of Veterans Affairs that doing so could hinder suicide prevention efforts.

The legislation would prohibit the VA from reporting veterans who are found incapable of managing their own finances to the FBI’s national background check database without first getting a judge’s consent.

Now, here’s the deal: If a vet asks for help with his finances, even balancing his checkbook, VA reports him to NCIC as ‘mentally incompetent’ so he is unable to purchase a firearm.

I remember some folks who were incompetent with money while I was in – one buck sergeant always seemed to have the newest stereo, because he’d have to hock it periodically to pay monthly bills but couldn’t live without his tunes and would have to buy another stereo at the PX the next month, as one example. Was he mentally incompetent? Nope, just foolish. But, they have a new hook to hang this one on:

The VA reports the names of veterans who are deemed mentally incompetent to a national criminal background check database used during the purchase of firearms, but the practice has drawn criticism from gun rights advocates in Congress. The vote came hours before at least 18 people were killed in a mass shooting in Maine, where authorities have identified an Army reservist as a person of interest.

The VA, though, has firmly opposed the bill, pointing to statistics that show a correlation between suicidal ideation and financial issues, and that show suicide attempts involving firearms are more lethal than other methods.

The program at issue “protects some of our most vulnerable veterans, and we do believe that taking firearms away — not us, but the process — does protect our veterans,” Ron Burke, the VA’s deputy under secretary for policy and oversight, testified at a House hearing earlier this year. “Preventing veterans suicide is the No. 1 clinical focus for VA, and we believe that the process works.”   Military.com

See how it gets conflated? Suddenly the whacked out idiot who shot up Maine is the poster boy for needing a fiduciary to help you with money. Or that if you can’t balance your checkbook that you probably want to kill yourself with a gun. Are there folks needing money help, and can they be folks with deep issues? Yes, but the reverse is not cause-and-effect true.  Yet another case where VA and your doctors need to stay in their own lanes.

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Hack Stone

Maybe the VA should coordinate with the the FAA to revoke the private pilots licenses of veterans who have trouble reading fuel gauges.


Or with the FCC to revoke the licenses of Amateurs who say
bad things about certain people.


They actually could. If I get on the local repeater and say “fuck Joe Biden”, every user would probably agree with me, but you can’t say “fuck” on the air.


Would FJB not be acceptable? The FCC would know the meaning of the phrase, but no naughty words were said.


I’d say it’s acceptable, but I’m no FCC lawyer.


I remember a time when saying don’t make a federal case out of it was just a saying, then we would all laugh.


What if they are litigious honorary Navy CPO SEAL veterans?

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Just An Old Dog

Maybe the VA should coordinate with the the FAA to revoke the private pilots licenses of veterans who have trouble reading fuel gauges.

The Bernasty McDouchebag Memorial Bill?


Can’t balance the books? Finacially incompetent and irresponsible?

Thus all of Congress and the WhiteHousePlant are now Prohibited Persons.

Just need that one ballsy vet judge to issue the writ…..


Wow, if only the VA were at good at its actual job…as all the other things it wants to stick its nose in!


Keep the big bills on the outside….



One of my favorite moments


What we REALLY need is some legislation to protect us from the boo REEEEEE crats that will use any and every excuse, legit or made up, to further erode the rights of We, The People. I repeat, as many others have said…TPTB would not be wanting to take the gunz if TPTB were not planning on doing things that would make We, The People want to shoot (back) at them.

Financial Responsibility is just like personal responsibility…it is all part of your Basic Proper Home Training. Sadly, it seems, that that training is a lost art these days.


Such is “racist” now, comrade!
comment image


The 2A also protects those who cannot add.


I’m in.

But it will have to be a Machiavellian bargain. If you can’t balance a checkbook you also can’t vote or serve in government. Since nobody in The federal government knows how to do that, we need to get rid of the entire Congress as well as the executive and start all over fresh. Most of the civil service will also have to go.

Hack Stone

Hack attempted to give you a thumbs up, but this piece crap company cell phone made a thumbs down. Whoever heard of a cell phone that you have to insert $0.25 to use?

Green Thumb

All-Points Logistics.

They had the production contract.

Green Thumb

Hey, I am The Thumb!

Green Thumb

Seen a lot of privates in my day make a lot of crazy purchases.

Good guys in a fight, just fucking morons.


Guilty as charged. Of course, the Army shares the blame. They are the ones who let those vendors set up shop in the lobby of the EM club during prime drinking hours and gave them the forms that allowed them to deduct the payments for those beeyootiful electric waterfall displays (the kind you see in quality purveyors of wine & spirits next to the Elvis on velvet portraits, and Chinese restaurants) from my monthly “paycheck”.


Haven’t been to the new location yet

A Proud Infidel®™

Or like a certain store in Peachtree Mall in Columbus GA during my time on Fort BENNING which advertised that there was “no payment”, the Joe making said purchase merely signed a Payroll Deduction Form for the merchandise that the drooling Salesman gladly gave him, I wonder how many diamond rings sold there ended up being given to Strippers?

Green Thumb

The STAR Card.

Bill is in your mailbox before you get home cleaning up at 18%.

Cannot tell you how many credit scores had come out of the hole and be repaired for years thanks to AAFES.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

The Marine Corps Exchange accepts the “Star” card. Back in the day, it was referred to as the “Deferred Payment Plan” card.

(Marines who abused the card called it “Don’t Plan to Pay.”)

Army-Air Force Guy

Actually had an encyclopedia salesman set up a table in the foyer of our barracks in Heilbronn. Had no idea single soldiers were craving such a thing, but he actually sold a set to one of the guys in the barracks.

Green Thumb

Hey, good to see a Soldier wanting to be in know instead of playing video games or themselves!


Kadena had a chevy and I believe a Harley sales lot on base. Could buy off the lot or have delivered to your choice of state side dealers. This was about 79 or 80 time period.

I looked, compared payments to what I was making, and decided I didn’t want to pay for something I couldn’t use for a year or better. Or be broke for more than a few years.

pookysgirl, WC wife

The car dealership was still there as of 2016.


DAMN IT!!! I had all my guns and ammo loaded on that boat and in that road roller. CRAP!!!

Oh well.



Stop rocking the boat, you want this thing to fall off?

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We’re gonna need a bigger boat….


Money troubles equal dangerous vets.

Regarding the guy in Maine, this is the fallacy of post hoc ergo propter hoc.


My first sentence was sarcasm. I should have noted that.

Army-Air Force Guy

It’s my understanding that the Maine murderer never even deployed OCONUS?


According to Form 4473 one must have been adjudicated as a mental defective or committed to a mental institution before their 2nd Amendment right can be taken (line 11f). If the VA is stripping veterans of their right to own firearms without any of the above then it would seem a clear violation of not only the 2nd, but 4th and 5th Amendment rights of the veteran. If they have a VA judge who’s rubber stamping the order then it still appears a violation of the 2nd and 5th Amendments. But, when has the current administration, and Democrats in general, cared about the Constitution.


VA just a bunch of Democrat/bureaucrat c*cksuckers with delusions of control-freakishness.


“Because we said so”

Forest Bondurant

According to this logic, anyone who employs a “fiduciary” isn’t competent to own a weapon– those dang people who have a retirement fund manager, you know. (It’s a pretext, folks… unless there going to disarm everyone who gets social security, has a 401k, a financial trust/portfolio, etc. unless the manage and have always manged it themselves.)


Don’t forget all of us eebil double-dipping retirees who are slurping away at the federal employment trough. Contributing to TSP? Hand over your guns. You know, the ones that didn’t sink.

Skivvy Stacker

Way back when I was still using checks to pay my bills and buy my beer, I used to overdraw on a regular basis. It wasn’t for a lack of brains on my part, it was an inability to keep track of the little additional fees the bank would stab me with.
I would have to go in to the bank to have a teller go over my book to see where I was fucking up.
Under NO circumstances did that make me “incompetent”, or “dangerous”, or “a suicide risk”; hell, I was a college student at the time, and doing fine.
One of the things I learned in college was “correlation does not equal causation”.