Well, Bye.

| September 29, 2023

General Mark Milley

Top Military Officer General Mark Milley Retires

General Mark Milley steps down on Friday after a tumultuous term as the top US military officer that saw him face repeated crises at home and abroad.

General CQ Brown will replace him, becoming the second Black officer after Colin Powell to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at a time when the Pentagon is headed by Lloyd Austin, the country’s first Black secretary of defense.

As chairman, “it was one crisis right after another,” Milley told AFP last month.


Not much else for me to add that hasn’t already been stated.

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> it was one crisis right after another

Most of them self-inflicted.

So, what are the chances Milley-Vanilley takes a cushy job with some Soros-funded organization?


My first thought. How much are you allowed to b**** about a crisis that you created?


Probably will go to work for a defense contractor, schmoozing with his buddies in the DOD.

Eat shit and die Milley. You are just as much fault for the fallen 13 men and women in Afghanistan.


He could have spoken out publicly against the weenies at the White House and State Department who made the Afghan decision but did not. I compare him to the whistleblowers at FBI/IRS who risked their careers to do the right thing.


No comparison to the whistle blowers. They jeopardized their careers, pensions and their good names for stepping up.

Milley basically said not a chance of that happening to me.


He’ll probably take a job at Wounded Warriors Project once the former three-star who runs it retires this coming January.

After all, that 383K a year in salary/compensation package as the CEO is nothing to be sneezed at. / s


That is how much a police sergeant in San Francisco makes. I s*** you not.


Don’t count on much enforcing the law or prosecution of offenders, though. He’s not allowed to offend Democrats.


That smirk. I can understand suppressing a smile but that smirk…


“General CQ Brown will replace him, becoming the second Black officer after Colin Powell to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff”.

Is it bad that I give exactly zero fucks about GEN Brown’s skin color? I’m more concerned about his qualifications and ability to lead. You know, that whole “Content Of Character” thing.

Welcome aboard, GEN Brown. And good luck. Your predecessor left a ton of shit behind.


Brown has been no better for the Air Force than Milley has been for the FoD as a whole. The situation for our military will only get worse.

Dave Hardin



Another toady (s)elected to help oversee the “fundamentally changing the face of America…”. IDGAF what your pigment is as long as you can do the job. Somehow I get the impression that this guy isn’t up to the task, other than he checks certain boxes and will do the biddings of his political masters unquestionably. Wonder if Millie left Brownie Xi’s personal phone number?


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Trying to fool us again.


You called?


I ain’t sayin’ nuthin’ but…

USMC Steve

First of all he is Air Force. Not good in itself. They are big into that trendy social justice stuff. He is obviously an affirmative action hire, and will no doubt be fully willing and totally involved in all that nonsense that has nothing to do with warfighting, and everything to do with bullshit social justice


i ain’t saying nothing but….


Fuck That Guy… and his replacement too..


What are they going to do with all these forms now?

A Proud Infidel®️™️

I’m sure his replacement will be just as much of a political pony as Milley was!


Geez it’s about time…feels like that shriveled-up scrotum has been in there forever.

His replacement will be just as bad if not worse.


I’ll wait ’til 1 OCT…



Something else to make you smile if I did this right. Maybe take your mind off news that would otherwise tick you off.

Except Miley. That makes one smiley

Green Thumb

What a fucking clown.

Don’t let tthe door hit they/them/themselves in the ass on the way out!


And of course, the toad probably received each services “distinguished service medal”. Isnt that how it normally goes?

BlueCord Dad



Take Austin with you.


Sleezy, Slime, SO. Those old stories about the primrose path and the road to perdition came from somewhere, for a reason.

Rainbow Boy should send his CV to Budweiser, Dicks, Pepsi, Target or other of the most “woke” debaucheries that will pander to the lower denominator.


Was supposed to say Sleezy, Slimey, SOB. Is there some sort of spell checker at work or maybe it’s past time for bed?

Ah well, glad that he’s gone.

Green Thumb

Gotta ooze in to get it done.

tom reynolds

Should have hanged this traitorous piece of schiff. Time to go get paid big bucks from Rayathon or one of the other military contractors.

Green Thumb

Or All-Points Logistics.


I’m not going to miss him. He’s got all the right baubles and trinkets, has some of the same qualifications as heroes like Robert L. Howard, Roy Benavidez, and John Rambo, and just look at that adorable smirk smile.

Milley, and I suspect his successor, exemplify the modern four-star General. We used to have men who were known either for their relative calmness (Eisenhower), their brashness (Patton), or their flamboyance (MacArthur). I’m probably generalizing too much there but suffice to say that few full Generals prior to Milley became known more for their political actions and social stances than for their actual service.

We’ve always needed fighters, but back in the day, there was no illusion that we needed anything else. Now, we need a diverse, equitable, and inclusive military. There will always be Rangers, Green Berets, Delta, and their counterparts in the other services. But we must push towards more “Firsts”. The deeds of Chuck Norris and his Delta Force will pale in comparison to the First woman who makes the cut (likely getting a few attempts and held to a lower standard). Ranger-qualified females were just a dip of the toes in the water–DOD won’t rest until 75th RGR gets its first female commander, and there’s a woman 1LT leading the platoon conducting a cordon for the first woman-integrated Delta team. I usually say female, but I need to change. Female implies biological traits. Woman, well, anyone can be a woman. The only thing that will trump a female “First” is going to be a trans “First”.

At least now Milley can find the time to learn more about White Rage.


Dealt with Milley and his personal staff a lot (though so did other people) when he often came to RC-East as IJC Commander in A’stan. He was a good dude, a Joe, then (an IN guy in a war zone) and not ate up with being a general. Unlike many, including one who wiped a handful of poop on the wall and another who said “f*ck that sh*t, I’m on my own time now” about some paperwork he had to sign.

As Fort Hood/III Corps commander after that when some newsworthy stupid stuff had happened on his post, you could see he was torn between having to publicly say positive corporate happy talk to keep higher pleased and knowing things on the ground (Ft Sh*thole, we’ve all been there) were f*cked-up.

As the guy who talked about “white rage” and other “woke” stuff in DC, I don’t recognize him at all. He traded all he was to, after being JCS Chairman, get to be SecState– the next Colin Powell. Democrat powers that be, in thanks for his support, burned him with that Bob Woodward book (revealing he talked to China) so they wouldn’t have to pay him back (an icky military person they didn’t like anyway) like that– a purely Machiavellian move, if there ever was one, but that’s politics and why decent people avoid it.

Sir, as I’d say now to him, enjoy your retirement, stay out of politics (don’t stick your finger in the light socket because, as you’re not a light bulb, it’ll hurt like hell) and just be thankful the ass-pain that happened to LTG Flynn (and his family) didn’t happen to you. He’s sorrier and wiser now, I’ll guarantee.


P.S. This commentary by him is sincere: