South Korean police officers raid U.S. Army bases

| September 24, 2023

South Korean police, and the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, conducted joint raids. They found synthetic cannabis, “mixed liquids” used for vaping, and cash. The suspects are accused of using the U.S. military postal service to bring marijuana into South Korea. Among those charged were individuals alleged to have been sellers, middlemen, as well as users.

From BBC:

South Korean police are investigating 17 US soldiers and five other people who allegedly smuggled or used synthetic marijuana via military mail.

This follows raids in at least two US army bases in May, including Camp Humphreys, its largest overseas base.

A Filipino and a South Korean have been arrested, while prosecutors review the cases against all 22 suspects.

A tip from the US Army’s enforcement arm had sparked a four-month investigation by Korean authorities.

It was one of the largest in recent years involving American soldiers, US media reported citing Cha Min-seok, a senior detective in South Korea.

Joint raids by South Korean police and the US Army’s Criminal Investigation Division found 77g (2.7oz) of synthetic cannabis, more than 4kg of “mixed liquids” used for vaping and a total of $12,850 (£10,440) in cash at the 22 suspects’ homes.

They are accused of smuggling synthetic marijuana – known by the street names K2 and Spice – into the country through the US military’s postal service.

BBC provides additional information here. The Military Times also has additional information at this link.

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ROKs don’t play; they’re tired of “Me Love You Long Time, G.I.!” and illicit substances, so don’t mess around there.


They will be loved long time 😘

I wonder if round eyed men hold the same appeal to their new Korean *friends* 😏


Enjoy your extended stay in SK.

Hack Stone

Upon release, they can always do a tour of the DMZ. The memories will last a lifetime.


Latest dumbass to “defect” to the Norks is still getting his ass beat!


I was wondering if someone was going to go there. It’s no surprise that it ended up being you. 🤣

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Sorry to hear about their stupidity. What an eye opening culture shock they`re about to experience.

What part of the base orientation did they miss when they were told not to embarrass uncle sam? Where were they when told about Korean law concerning drug use and sale of?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The only thing I smuggled on board the Okinawa was a six pack of RC cola or the new lemom lime pop which I just forgot the name of from the Norfolk NOB pier 4 Geedunck stand. Booty went into my steamer trunk in the port elevator machinery room which was my cleaning space. Others did bring on some booze and beer but that was it. Problem started when the ship was operating in Viet-Nam and the Marines were bringing Mary Jane onboard after an operation shipmates that I keep in touch with told me. Forgot to add that GI gin was made in the oil shack and the Chiefs mess made their own stuff and I heard the Deck Apes had a small still up in the Focsille which I just spelled wrong.


I remember when guys would bring a case of Listerine on board for a WestPac. Thank God I had stopped drinking by the time I started going to sea or I would have been doing it too!


Folk were like that at Bagram. Hell trying to get any to clean my nightguard.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ya just had to remind me of the great Nurnberg/Merrill Barracks raid of Thanksgiving 1980.
Fun times for the entire post.
I’ll have to look sometime & see how many people were busted in that one for “importing” hash etc from Holland.

Yep…Doggie led raids @ Camp Pierri in ’73 lead to all kinds of tin foil wrapped items being tossed from barracks windows. Brownie point seeking butter bars running around snatching them and running the “stuff” up to the pups to sniff. Doggos looking at them like “why’d you bring me this “sh^t” (literally). Delayed the whole process long enough so the “heads” pretty much got rid of anything in their rooms. Very little pot to be had in Germany, but hash was VERY plentiful…and cheap. Had FNG that came in just to become dope dealers, not only to the troops but to use the APO System to mail it to CONUS.

Wifey, a buddy with his wifey, and I took a Weekend Pass to A’dam. Dutch Border Guard didn’t even look up as he waved us thru from the German side. Coming back into FRG Sunday Night, the Polizei didn’t even look at our DA 31s, just motioned us to the holding area where they proceeded to take my VW Bug completely apart as they stripped search us. Their disappointment was manifested by the disgust they had when the only thing they found was an old Meerschaum Pipe that had probably been in there since the VW was built in 1956. The old VW didn’t have no where near the rattles it had going home, they did such a good job of putting it back together. Good Times…indeed. Shore wish I still had that ’56 Bug…and the ’55 Mercedes Benz I bought from a Staff Sgt for $400. Sold the Bug for more than I paid for it and the MB got rear ended by Fritz in a brand new SL450 MB 2 days before I was to take it to Bremehaven for shipment home.


Way back in 1984 I pulled a luxury deployment to Okinawa, to augment one of the AWACS crews as they had a bunch of guys sent to Squadron Officers School and folks with families there doing summer vacation. Home drome at Tinker augmented them with an airplane and crew as well as two additional fellows ( me being one)

When we returned home about 7 weeks later we had to line up al the bags, boxes, and swag we were bringing home with us in front of the nose wheel so we could clear military customs. There were about 4 rows about 50 ft long. After checking all the paperwork. They decided to run the dogs up and down the line of baggage. I was watching this and cracked up when one of the dogs cocked his leg on one of the bags when the handler got a little distracted.

I was careful to avoid being the one who loaded that on the jet.


FLEASWTRACENPAC. Woke up to a dog staring me in the face. The room popped positive so I had to leave the room and come back in the afternoon. Both room mates busted for seeds in their pockets.
I was told not to associate with them.


H&W Barracks Inspection Rota, Spain. Doggies lit off on the home-made cookies in my roomies locker.
The Security Po-Po really didn’t like how hard I was laughing at them and their trained pooch.

Green Thumb

I wonder if All-Points Logistics had the contract.



I’m tired of that K2 stuff just working part-time in TDCJ-ID.

Currently all of TDCJ-ID’s units (all of them) have been going through lock-downs while they tear the places apart. Look at TDCJ-ID’s Book of Farce pages to see some of what they’re finding, and where.

Because K2 can be sprayed onto paper and smoked later, they are not even letting letters or books into the units now. Letters are scanned and sent electronically, books are high-tech tested for contaminants, etc.

I hope these idiots find out that SK is serious, seriously.


Not at all surprising considering this generation has forever been told that marijuana in it’s various forms is perfectly fine, harmless, no long-term effects…so why does it have to be smuggled? This generation wants all their vices on-demand no matter where they are – or what they are doing – or if it’s illegal. Losers.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

When I was in Korea they told us that Korean prisons had “the three C’s” cold food, cold cells and cold showers! Hey, at least they might get ONE MRE a day.


There is a SOFA status jail down in Choenan. Some creature comforts, mainly only grouped with other SOFA personnel.


17 GIs busted so far, there will probably be more. One of our subordinate units just had someone pop positive for THC so the commander is considering having the whole unit pee and go from there.

Will update as I get more…

(At Osan)


Someone said Fly High and they thought get high.


two and a half ounces. That will shut down the illicit drug trade in Korea for sure.

All to ensure no Korean women get caught stealing millions in alcohol from the class six no doubt.

While these are some stupid people, this is such a small fry deal compared to the truckloads of US imports for the GIs that simply never arrive.