Senate Democrats blink

| September 21, 2023

Senator Coach Tuberville (R-AL) has famously been holding up senior DoD appointment confirmations over the DoD’s support of using taxpayer funds for abortions. He’s been clear that he’s not holding up confirmation votes, but he is holding up blanket rubber stamping of confirmations by quick, procedural voice cote. If Democrats want to proceed on confirmations, they need to bring each one to a floor vote. Naturally, they won’t do this, despite their constant protestations that the holds are damaging national security.

Late Wednesday the Democrats finally just did their jobs and confirmed the outstanding appointments for the vacancies on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Senate Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY), who absolutely loves to play political games himself, decried Tuberville, saying,

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of Sen. Tuberville’s reckless decisions, Democrats will take action. It’s not the path a vast majority of senators on either side of the aisle want to go down, but Sen. Tuberville is forcing us to face his obstruction head-on.

Well, I’m so very sorry you have to do something at work today, Mr. Schumer.

Military Times has the scoop,

Editor’s note: This story was corrected at 5:45pm Eastern to note that Gen. Charles Q. Brown would be the second Black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, not the first, which was Gen. Colin Powell. [Emphasis original]

Senate leaders announced plans Wednesday to fill three vacancies on the Joint Chiefs of Staff — including the chairman post — after a surprise breakthrough in the ongoing chamber confirmation fight that has snarled hundreds of military promotions for months.

Gen. Charles Q. Brown was confirmed as the new Joint Chiefs chairman by a 83-11 vote Wednesday night. Gen. Randy George, the nominee for Army chief of staff, and Gen. Eric Smith, the nominee for commandant of the Marine Corps, will face similar confirmation votes on Thursday as part of an agreement reached with Republican leaders.

The news came as Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., prepared to force a chamber vote on Marine Corps nominee Smith, whose nomination has been held up since June by Tuberville as part of a blanket hold he has put on senior military promotions. Tuberville has been pushing for votes on individual nominees, but Democratic leaders had balked at his demand.

Schumer on Wednesday angrily blasted Tuberville’s moves as partisan games but acknowledged that some confirmations needed to move ahead as soon as possible to keep the ongoing political fight from turning into a national security threat.


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Suggest “vote” vs. “cote”

Hack Stone

Cote (noun): A shelter for mammals or birds.

He knew what he was writing.

USMC Steve

Fuck Schumer and the socialist democrats of congress. They got their own tactics turned against them and they caved like the physical and moral cowards they are.


Hey Chuck, is the shoe feeling a little tight on the other foot?

Good job Tommy Tuberville.


I agree. Fuck Schumer. Fuck him in his ugly face. This is the guy that threatened the newly elected President that the Intelligence Monopolies will get you “6 different ways to Sunday”
Did I saw Fuck Schumer? Well, Fuck him again!”

Prior Service

I’m not quite sure how you really feel about Chuckles. Maybe be a bit more simple and direct next time to prevent misunderstanding??


I hate indecision in writing…

Doomed I say…


I think you may have to revisit the Colin Powell. See Dave Chappelle’s Racial Draft skit:


Lol.. Oprah. Thick thighs and no felonies.


Just think what the GOP could accomplish if they all had Tuberville’s spine.


No desire to accomplish anything. Only to cash the checks I’m afraid!


Chuck didn’t cry, did he?


He wasn’t cued to do so.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

upChuck may have cried, if he did, it was off camera & no witnesses.


General “Conditionally Qualified” Brown will now take the JCS helm from General Milley. I am filled with confidence in this historic appointment.




All this talk about ‘Senators this, and Senators that…’

After the 17th Amendment Usurpation, do we in fact have ‘senators’?

I submit 1913 is the second most disastrous year in American history (especially 23DEC) but the way we’re going these assholes will top that with their amoral zombie pedo at the helm.

“Prepare.” –Battle, King of

Cocaine Mitch wants you to eat the bugs.jpeg

May Blade of Grass is becoming more and more fortified as each day passes.

Phuque Chuck the Cuck.

You’re doing a helluva job, Tubby.


After the 17th AmendmentUsurpation, do we in fact have ‘senators’?

Certainly not as originally envisioned. Basically we have a special class of Representatives that get to hang around longer and you only get two to a state.


I was treated to an advertisement on TV today, from VoteVets, bemoaning the idea that the Senate had to actually do something today. I wonder if they actually read anything on this, or just made it up as they gave Joe a smile and a stroke?


2 strokes to make him doubly happy. They may have talked dirty to him by asking him what denominations he prefers his cash in.

RGR 4-78

Joe says, schhhhwingg.


“Coach” has a very negative connotation for me.

Not so sure how I feel about holding up regular promotions, particularly at the company level but O-6 and above really need some individual scrutiny. More doubtful are the Senators who feel that they have some ability to make an informed decision when they have never served a day in the military.

In many cases, it is a be-there situation. Sheesh, John Fonda-Kerry could have made something of himself if he had stayed in for more than a few months and not been so deeply traumatized by himself.