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| September 21, 2023

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Armed gas station guard fires shot after being threatened at Philadelphia gas station: Police
A man threw a softball-size concrete rock at the guard, who then fired.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — An altercation at a North Philadelphia gas station ended with an armed security guard firing a gunshot.

It happened at the KARCO gas station at Broad and Clearfield streets around 5 p.m. Monday.

Police say a 39-year-old man approached the security guard with a large concrete rock about the size of a softball.

“They were involved in some sort of verbal altercation, and that’s when the 39-year-old male – who was holding the rock – threw it at the security guard,” said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

The guard then fired one shot, Small said, but no one was hit. The guard was not hit by the rock.

Police arrested the rock thrower for simple assault and reckless endangerment.

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As opposed to prudent endangerment?

Suspect dies after police shooting on Indy’s south side

by: Ashley Fowler and Hanna Mordoh
INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A man died Tuesday morning after he was shot by police on the south side of Indianapolis.

Just after 3 a.m., Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers were called to a domestic disturbance with a weapon.

The female caller reported a man, later identified as 37-year-old Eric Taylor, was going to “kill them all,” IMPD said in a release.

Officers found the female caller near the intersection of Madison Avenue and East Southport Road.

She told officers someone called to tell her that her ex-boyfriend — identified as Taylor — was on his way to her house to kill her. She said that she left her home with her kids and Taylor followed her, IMPD says.

Officers found Taylor’s vehicle in the area and tried to stop him, but he refused to pull over for officers and a chase began.

IMPD says the pursuit ended at the Bradford Lake Apartments on Portage Terrace near Stop 10 Road and Madison Avenue when Taylor stopped driving and got out of the vehicle with a gun in his hand.

“The suspect repeatedly said, ‘Shoot me,’ to the officers. Officers gave the suspect multiple commands to put the gun down and get on the ground.

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Thanks again, Gun Bunny.

Americans need not fear the federal government because they enjoy the advantage of being armed, which you possess over the people of almost every other nation.
James Madison.

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Its the season.


Its official, I hate the player and the game.

Didn’t know that was possible.

Thank you?


The season in Arizona where the line at Starbucks is composed of young women in booty shorts and Ugg Boots. And it’s 90 degrees. That’s how we know it’s officially autumn. This is merely an observation and should not be construed as a complaint.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Do we have “rock” in our 3″, three ring binder set of T2NB2AGF?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The guard needs more range time.
Unless he deliberately missed.
Which is a waste of ammo.
And not a tactically sound decision.

Tox, we’ve had rock and cement block before this, but don’t think we have specifically had a “concrete rock” aka, construction de-bree (debris?). One does have to have rocks in his head to bring anyone of those to a gun fight.

Good to see the popo are following the requests of citizens. “Shoot me” “Yes Sir, whatever you say!” BANG One less abusive parasite.

The current grubermint fears an armed citizen because they are planning on doing things that would make the armed citizen want to shoot them. Prepare

Lubs me some wheelie guns! Our beloved AW1Ed knows how to keep his Gun Bunny busy and out of his hare by posting articles with multiple rabbit holes for him to explore. Well played, KS,…Well played.


Probably like this drunk stripper asking to be tazed…didn’t really comprehend the magnitude of what they asked for


Self inflicted Golden Shower? She IS kinky.

Not.with.IDC SARC’s.junk.with.SFC.D.pushing!


I cannot even begin to thank you for your concern!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

The bottom line is that when the rock throwing perp goes on trial, their is now Concrete evidence that he threw the rock.


Handsome revolver.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Is it acceptable to send in pics of our personal guns for posting on the daily FGSs” (but anonymously)


Thank God for Senior Chief Don ‘The Hair®’ Shipley!

Doing what doing what he do bestest!


Some much doing what I mentioned it twice?

John Seabee

To Taylor… Be careful what you wish for.