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| September 18, 2023

Beretta 9000

Farmer holds burglars at gunpoint after he finds them creeping around property: police
Footprints helped authorities confirm two men as burglary suspects, a Washington sheriff’s office spokesman said

By Emma Colton
A Washington state farmer reportedly stopped a pair of suspected thieves in their tracks when he held them at gunpoint on his property until deputies arrived.

“We have many responsible gun owners here in Grant County and if they are outside protecting their property they can certainly hold someone at gunpoint and then call 911 to have us come and investigate and find out what those people are doing there,” Grant County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kyle Foreman told local outlet KPQ News.

The sheriff’s office said deputies were called to a farm in Quincy last Saturday at about 7 p.m. over reports of two burglary suspects.

The suspects were allegedly targeting two farm shops on the property but were stopped in their tracks by the farmer.

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Wrong farm. We had to keep a weather eye out for roaming tweakers looking to steal anhydrous ammonia. The best motion detectors have four legs.

We are alarmed that a known or suspected terrorist can go to a federally licensed firearms dealer where background checks are conducted, pass that background check, legally purchase a firearm, and walk out the door.
Stanley A. McChrystal

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

An opportunity lost. Here we have a farmer, with (presumably) a fair amount of land. And (also presumably) large equipment to plow and dig that same land.
Said farmer catches two sneaks on his land.
A perfect opportunity to multi-task; practice The Four Esses (Suppress, Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up), and fertilize the land at the same time.
What does this farmer do instead?
He calls the po-po to come and collect the two miscreants.
Who would have paid any attention to two gun shots? (just getting rid of two (undefined) pests)
The bodies could have waited until the next day for the burial (prepping m’ land for next spring)




Its a black Auto…mobile! No one needs a black Automobile. It probably has a 30 lite tank too!


#2 is KITT’S crush

RGR 4-78

suspected terrorist”

If you are a law-abiding U.S. citizen and meet the non-felon requirements, then buy your damn firearm. It is no skin off my nose.

Hey Stan, the last time I checked, suspected is NOT convicted.


The best disposal units have four (4) legs also…and they oink.


“…Beretta’s first and worst plastic pistol.” Is there a good plastic pistol?