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Colt Cobra .38

Man aims gun at woman in Phoenix, unknown person fatally shoots him, police say

Lillian Boyd
A man was shot and killed in Phoenix by an unknown person after witnesses say he aimed a gun at a woman early Saturday morning.

Phoenix officers responded to the area of Central Avenue and Illini Street to investigate a shooting death that happened at about 5 a.m.

When officers got to the area, they found a man suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The victim was taken to the hospital by Phoenix Fire Department crews where he was pronounced dead by medical staff. Patrol officers had detained several individuals in the area which detectives were able to speak with, according to Phoenix police.

Homicide detectives responded to the scene and took over the investigation. Witnesses told detectives that the victim had pulled out a handgun and pointed it at a woman, according to police. This led to an unknown person shooting the victim, police said.

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AZ Central

The victim, Lillian is the woman who was assaulted with a handgun. After stepping in the gentleman who shot apparently recalled he had pressing business elsewhere. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Unless there’s video of the event……
May the Unknown Shooter of Perps and Defender of Innocent (Women) stay unknown.




so… nothing lost?

Well, other than the brain cells from modern journospeak.

Naw. sweetheart. That’s a ‘turd’.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Not to give excuses to the FeeBIes, the 10mm system was still in the early stages of experimentation and development. The early 10mm rounds loaded by Norma were “hot”, and the early guns (Delta 10?) weren’t any prizes either for absorbing recoil (weak recoil spring?)
But I’m liking seeing that girl shoot that 1911 10mm one handed.


Ouch. That’s gotta burn.

Also a 10mm fan.


Bad guy with a gun is stopped by a good guy with a gun. May the Good Guy remain as elusive as Hitlery’s emails. Hope the “victim” suffered from his wounds all the way to hell.

Not only inflation kicking the buyer, we’re suffering thru “shrinkflation” too. Guess y’all noticing the package sizes are going smaller as the price goes higher?

God created man…Colt made them equal.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Soon……(when soon?)……want to pick up a 1911 in 10mm, a 1911 tanker in 45acp, and a 1911 tanker in 9mm.
That should warm the cockles of my flabby black heart.


Is you a soul man?

Diversity is your strength.