Holiday Open Thread

| September 11, 2023

The Fall of Kabul to the Taliban and the subsequent withdrawal of U.S. forces has many seeing the War on Terror as being over. However, Operation Enduring Freedom is ongoing in other locations, specifically in Africa. To our enemies, the war has been waged for centuries and will continue. It began when Arab Muslim forces started to conquer territory. Despite disagreements among the adversary, their goal remains, the whole world united under the banner of Islam. Never forget.

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Dang. Missed first by 8 seconds or so.

Good job KoB


Missed first by 8 seconds or so.” More like 11 minutes or so. *grin* And the “Be the First to comment” sat there for several minutes before I jumped in. Wasn’t sure if I was seeing things or not, being as today is not a Holiday per se…though it should be one as a Day of Remembering when a group of people whose religion dictates the destruction of others did their dirty work. The war started when they began killing one another and I personally think that they kill for the shear pleasure of killing. The Religion of Pieces.

Just got lucky, let the FIRST sit there for a minute or two before striking as I was distracted by another call. Getting a HOT FIRST is a nice backup to the coveted EARNED NEVER AWARDED vaunted TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread FIRST, scored thru skill and ability on Friday past. Now all I need for this week is the dropping of a ROT (Random Open Thread), and a MOT (Midweek Open Thread) FIRST giving me the chance to tie a broom to the Prime Mover showing a clean sweep of FIRSTs!

Cat heads stuffed with Applewood Smoked Bacon and Irish Coffee for all hands.


Irish Coffee? Nah, try café corretto a la grappa.


A Holiday Day? No, A Somber Day, Yes, one to ponder the connections of Islam and all it’s Fellow Travelers, both foreign and domestic.

Or Not.


Technically, “Patriot Day”. Flags should be flown at half-staff if possible.


The “War on Terror” will never end. Islam will not allow that.


Princess asked me this morning: “Did they do as much for Pearl Harbor day when you were young?” and got me to thinking.
For perspective, Princess and Favorite Son-in-Law were married 22 years ago on the 8th. They were on their honeymoon.
But I was remembering my childhood as the son of a WWII Combat Infantry vet. I remember Dad taking me to the Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day parades in downtown Houston. Learning to salute the flag as it passed, and remember what had been lost. I do remember Pearl Harbor day being remembered and spoken of in school.
But I realized that as the years passed, as the task of raising the next generation progressed, that the overt celebrations lessened, and the remembrances became more private. In our house we were exposed to the after-action memory book of Dad’s Company, with the photographs of the holocaust victims when they liberated the concentration camps. We flew the flag, and spoke of the wars, but I don’t remember going to the remembrances. In fact, I doubt that AB Brother, as the youngest boy, was ever taken to the parades.
I also realized that the commemorations of the prior sacrifices made by my ancestors in the Revolutionary War, the War Between the States, and World War I had likewise faded with the passing of the generations.
In the aftermath of this next attack by these worshipers of Σατανᾶς (or, if one prefers, שָׂטָן) and we sought to defend ourselves from the sons of wickedness, AB Son decided to join the Army. Just before he deployed to OIF, my father had the stroke that was to eventually kill him.
I remember AB Son weeping over my father’s bed, saying “I’m going to be just like you, Grandaddy. I’m going to be just like you.”
Perhaps the overt remembrances have faded or been perverted by our corrupted “elites” but as long as the family histories continue to be told, the faith in the One Eternal God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob continues to be taught, the love of Christ continues to displayed, (cont)


as long as this continues, then there will arise a generation to stand up to evil, to step up to the breach and make the sacrifice necessary to defend the freedoms that are ours by right of being made in the Image of God, and to resist by all means the sons of evil.

In one sense, we do let memories fade with time, but in another sense we do not forget prior sacrifices when we, and our children, make our own sacrifices in the cause of Truth.


God bless you Grey Beard! Not all memories fade and not all that has been won by our ancestors will be lost by later generations!


Pearl Harbor day and Veteran’s day were absolutely a big deal in my little town. Many of our teachers were WWII vets or old enough to remember. We always had an assembly and some sort of presentation to the students. As the son of a WWII / Korea / Viet Nam veteran, it meant a lot to me. We can’t allow younger generations to forget.


Well said.


Written much better than I would have said it.

I know we have ladies that visit this site, and though they have probably heard the phrase, they don’t need to read it.

Screw our “betters”.


More incompetence from the not so great state of Pennsylvania.

Killer on the loose,
escaped from prison,
now evaded Pennsylvania State Police search,
stole wheels from a nearby dairy farm
(who left it unlocked despite the dragnet),
and has now fled the immediate area of Southeast PA.

BONUS – Photo of PSP officer scratching her head.

[Escaped murderer Danelo Cavalcante flees search area,Pennsylvania police preauthorize deadly force]


Maybe the escaped convict should avoid where this kid lives.


Good stuff.


Deja vu:
comment image

jeff LPH 3 63-66

My former LPH 3 was involved in that evacuation.

Hack Stone

And he is still pushing the “lying dog faced pony soldier” movie non-quote. Maybe John Wayne didn’t say it, but Corn Pop did.


I’m waiting to hear how his son died on 9/11.


He went one better. He claimed he was in New York the day after 9/11. Joe Biden is a lot of things,. But firstly he’s a lying cock sucker.

Old tanker

When ISN’T biden an embarrassment?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

RIP Brink’s co worker “Joey” Trombino, Lost on 9/11
RIP LBVFD Mike Ornaur unit 233 Post 9/11
RIP Capt Terry Hatton FDNY/LBVFD R 1, Lost on 9/11
RIP FF “Igor” Kenny Marino FDNY/LBVFD R 1, Lost on 9/11
RIP FF John Elgis FDNY/LBVFD Post 9/11
RIP FF Billy Quick FDNYLBVFD Post 9/11
RIP LEO NYPD/LBVFD Richie Wentz Post 9/11
The Long Beach Volunteer Fire Dept (Long Island NY) is remembering you guys tonight at 7PM.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Forgot to add that the FDNY post 9/11 deaths are now up to 341 Fire Fighters.


Condolences on the loss of your friends Jeff.

Hack Stone

The Biden-Harris Administration building back better. At least she didn’t steal their luggage.


We the peasants can pound sand.


…while we eat cake.


That would make it a balanced diet.


Well, with the vast distances involved when traveling from North Carolina to Tennessee some human sacrifices have to be made. They can always have another kid but Granhplms will only get one career.


Remember Benghazi.



The blacked out southern tip of the island.

Generators humming all around the Jagged Pieces reaching back towards the heavens they’d just occupied.

Lights and equipment, men scramble, blindly searching the pile for horrors unseen.

The inches of dust…

All directions.

Every street.

Unguarded and ajar office lobbies turned into moonscapes.
“Why is this door open?”
Light from window or a lighter: You can see It hang in the air like a nightmare.

…who asks dumb questions like this on a murder scene?

The smell that you’ve never smelled and will never be able to describe.

When the air turns faint autumn in September, you can smell it still.

You can see the grey.

Generators pumping.

Feel the weight of that empty sky.


Your dust is my soul.


Oh oh.
Another one running for office claiming it’s everyone else’s fault.

[Virginia Democrat candidate posted sex acts with husband online while soliciting tips: report
Susanna Gibson, 40, is a nurse practitioner and mother of two]


Kinda sorry I missed the show. At a time like this, you just gotta ask yourself…

“What would IDC-SARC do?”


IDC SARC would be FIRST…after me!

Army-Air Force Guy

‘Spreading the videos could be a violation of the state’s revenge porn laws” Hey, you put it out there for everbody else to see.


I’d say it’s probably “public domain” right about now. Or should I say “pubic”…


A good video if you have about 40 minutes. Some of you may have already seen it on conservative tree house.