Legally disgusting

| September 5, 2023

Guess this one is more of an opinion piece than anything resembling (occasionally snarky) commentary.

I read this morning that a pensioner in England spent hours with the cops for a hate crime… for taking a photo of a sticker. Per the article, someone plastered a “Keep males out of women-0nly spaces” over an LGBTQ “Stand By Your Trans”poster.

Last night, the woman said she had stopped to take a photo with her phone because she agreed with its message that transgender women – who were born male – should not be allowed into women-only spaces such as changing rooms. She did not share the image on social media and only took the photo to show to her partner when she got home.

But several days later, while she was caring for her seriously ill female partner, two uniformed officers from West Yorkshire Police came calling.

‘They gave me a long lecture about the sensitivity of the issue, and how something like this could cause harassment and alarm to the community,’ she said. ‘They were investigating it as a hate crime, which is outrageous. I was in a state of shock.’

West Yorkshire has the second-highest crime rate in the UK, but more than 90 per cent of cases go unsolved in the area, according to official figures. The same force provoked outrage last month when officers arrested a 16-year-old autistic girl in Leeds for suggesting that a short-haired police officer resembled her ‘lesbian nana’. Viral footage showed seven officers manhandling the girl, who cried out in distress as they took her into custody for a suspected ‘homophobic public-order offence’

Daily Mail

Despite not having put up the sticker, and not having shared the image on-line, she was perceived as having committed wrong-think. See this coming here?

And on this side of the pond…  In LLano, TX is trying to pass an ordinance against people TRANSITING the county headed somewhere to get an abortion.

While the procedure was now illegal across Texas, people were still driving women on Llano roads to reach abortion clinics in other states, the residents had been told. They said their city had a responsibility to “fight the murders.”

…ordinances like the one proposed in Llano… make it illegal to transport anyone to get an abortion on roads within the city or county limits. The laws allow any private citizen to sue a person or organization they suspect of violating the ordinance. Texas Tribune

The primary targets are I-20 and Rte 84 into New Mexico, where abortion is still legal. So they are  regulating intent to commit a legal act because they don’t agree with it.  Those travelers aren’t committing abortion in Llano.  Sounds a lot like Alabama’s AG saying he thinks helping a woman go out of state to get an abortion is “criminal conspiracy”.   Reason

Now, I am not a particular fan of abortion, but I see this as a HUGE overreach. Not to mention a bit of a jurisdictional issue – if where someone is going the act is legal, ‘conspiracy’ or abetting is a moot point, isn’t it? No matter what: this concept of restricting travel is anathema.  I don’t think we need to go in much detail on the kind of places that have them, or how alien that idea should be to anyone with even a superficial knowledge of the Constitution.

What’s next – “Ausweis bitte!”?


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Good to know. Thinking about committing a make-believe crime is illegal in this part of England. You know the part where the officers can read your mind and imagine the crime you may be thinking about committing so they can arrest you before you commit it.
Now it’s somehow spread to Texas.

Name edited.


Has anyone else beside me given any thought to the corruption of the English language at play here? When we speak of individuals who were born male having an XY chromosome but now identify as female shouldn’t we be referring to them as trans men?

Trans as used here is an adjective which I learned in school modifys a noun. A noun is a person place or thing. What is being modified (literally and figuratively) in this case is a man. So proper English is trans-man.


Orwell called it.


Plus… tranny confronts teenage girl, then trashes/craps in her car for being “transohibic”:


That is one very ugly (wo)man. I don’t think his chances of getting laid improved any by pretending.

Anger and bowel issues. Is that male menopause?


His is the face of mental illness.


Ausweis? Wir brauchen nicht, kein ubel riechend ausweis!

I find Britain piece even more funny that they are lecturing a woman with a female partner (whether she admits to being lesbian or not).


New Jersey and New York State Police will arrest you for buying cheaper cigarettes in Pennsylvania or a scary gun.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Years ago when a new shopping mall went up on the new jersey side of the Holland tunnel, nyc had their peeps going over to the mall and take pictures of cars with ny tags then send letters to the car owners that they have to pay ny taxes on the stuff that they bought at the mall. Does anyone remember that deal???????

Peter the Bubblehead

They do something similar at the Walmart and similar stores close to the NH/MA border.
If they catch a MA plate at one of the Seabrook fireworks stores, expect to get pulled over before you reach Newburyport.

Slow Joe

Well, there is a cultural civil war going on in our country right now, and any push back against the Left is a good thing in my book.

They keep moving the goal posts. Lets give them a taste of their own medicine and push the goal posts back. Now they have to fight simply to access a road in Texas. The pendulum is not going to be back in the center unless we push back pass the center.


Once your government has your guns, your opinions, ideas and beliefs no longer matter.


Commies’ whole plan.
comment image


My how this site has changed…


There oughta be a law against stupid laws.

It’s just gonna get worse…Prepare

Prior Service

Remind me to go back to the UK for one last visit before it becomes the Former UK. Will their last vestiges of normalcy try to escape to Red America? Sort of a Tea Party in reverse…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We were berthed at the Portsmouth Naval base in 1964 after Op Steel Pike off of Seville spain so when we got into a taxi and drove down the road, one of the guys yells to the driver that he was on the wrong side of the road. The pub also had cold beer for us Yanks




If I want to pick a fight with my wife, I can either mention Trump or abortion rights. I don’t get it, we have five kids together, but maybe it’s not too late to abort the 12-year-old, like Cartman’s mom tried to do to him in one South Park episode.

To me it’s simple, let the women make their choices, but pass sensible laws that prevent late-term abortions unless the life of the woman is in danger. Simply put, you made your bed, laid in it, did your thing without protection, and now you have a few weeks to figure out if the dad’s a keeper and you’re really ready to spend 18 years (more like 30 for many parents these days) raising a productive member of society. My potentially soon-to-be ex-best friend has a kid with the County Garden Tool. She had her first kid at 13, had four more by her early 20s (with one dying in a house fire), and has had at least four miscarriages and five or six abortions. At least six kids, with 16 or so pregnancies. So, my stance is backed up by trailer trash science: give women the opportunity to make a decision early on, maybe within the first trimester.

But I’m a dumb man that somehow managed to have all of my kids with one woman. Also, there are plenty of bible thumpers down this way that will assure me I’m going to Hell for my wrong way of thinking.


As for the government overreach… Working in the firearms business, we have company SOPs, and we have federal law. I got a bit heated last week when a customer called and I told him what I knew based on law, only to find out that there’s an unwritten store policy that prohibits it. When Washington passed their assault weapons ban, we got notice that Washington State residents were not permitted to buy anything that can be used to build a prohibited weapon. Most of the stocks, Magpul accessories, and so on are verboten up there. Fortunately, my GM saw eye-to-eye with me, in that I’m not going to ID every customer buying something that a state 2000 miles away declared illegal. He called up the chain and got it clarified that, no we aren’t expected to enforce out-of-state laws.

No governmental agency should have the ability to enforce their jurisdictional laws based on assumption. I’ve read about people passing through Maryland, having their tags run and their license info flagged with the fact they have a CCW from their home state, and being pulled over. Police get permission for a search, driver’s gun is found, and driver is suddenly facing charges hundreds of miles from home.

On a final gun-related note, we Americans have property rights and the ability to outmatch authorities, at least on a temporary basis. I support the police and would never want to harm someone doing their job, but anyone coming onto my property, regardless of badge or uniform, will be treated respectfully but firmly. Investigating a local incident not related to me? I’ll invite you in, offer a cold drink, and try to help out. Questioning me over a made-up “hate crime” because I thought a sticker was funny? Go get your warrant, or if I’m being charged, arrest me. I want to have a day in court over that nonsense. Worst case scenario, get stupid, and I’ll get outright ignorant.


It all boils down to the question of “when does that unborn fetus become a child?”.

At the point that the baby becomes a baby and not just a clump of cells it is naturally endowed with all the rights of any other human being…including the right to life.

At that point abortion is only morally acceptable to protect the life of the mother (self defense). Any other reason is murder.

So, it comes down to when do you believe that the life becomes a baby? I believe that life begins at conception, and my stance on abortion is rooted in that belief.

Does a woman have the right to choose what to do with her own body? Of course…she can choose not to engage in the activity which results in creating a life. After she’s made that choice and the life is created, it’s no longer a matter of her choosing what to do with HER body, She has no right to choose what to do with the BABY’s body; that baby has the same right to life as anyone else.

“But what about rape and incest?”

In what other crime do we punish one of the victims for the acts of the perpetrator? “Your father raped your mother so we’re going to execute you” makes sense in what way exactly?

The consequences of being victimized don’t necessarily end when the attack concludes and punishing one of the victims in an attempt to ameliorate the consequences to another of the victims is an injustice. Leaving aside the strictly moral aspect, such an act violates the baby’s Constitutional right to due process of law.

So, yes, I’m a hard liner when it comes to abortion, but with all that said: The Texas city trying to criminalize traveling through their area to engage in an act that is not illegal at their destination is patently unconstitutional and downright stupid.