Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| August 22, 2023

Welcome to ‘Merica!

It takes a real man to smash women’s records

For when you need fresher breath after sucking -ock

It’s not the same military we served in

Victims of white supremacy

Even the Navy’s gone gay

Pronouns should be oof/woof

The tolerant left

Not education, indoctrination

So much empathy

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As if you needed more evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder..


One cure for what ails them…

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Joe arrives in Maui to the accolades of the residents.
Believe that’s the Hawaiian Good Luck sign.


They’re just telling Joe he’s number one in their hearts.


Saw this earlier. So far, nothing on the msm news feeds. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking on my part. But if they wanted to paint Biden in a bad light, here’s their chance.


As a pseudo-doctor with a self-granted degree in everythingology, I’m prescribing that poor OK librarian to have baby, a 9-month period of shoelessness, and confinement to the food making room.
‘Operating room’ is open, appointments are available!
Payment in the form of: Jameson, fifth, Quantity 1; Bag, paper, Qty 2; Gag, ball, Qty 1; will be required no less than one hour before treatment.

Oh, Ohio… top surgeries and an affront to The Creator?

Tolerating the intolerable does not have a good longterm prognosis. Grow some stones, ffs.




Also acceptable. As is Hellcat Maggie, if you can find it.


Jameson to work up the nerve, 2nd bag in case first falls off, and a ball gag 1 hr before beginning?

Oh wait, never mind.


Berlin 1936: Rick Busselle would be burning books, throw rocks threw the windows of Jewish owned businesses, beating up queers because, ya know, the government said so.
Fuck him, fuck his “vaccine”, fuck any parent that votes for that fascist authoritarian, fuck his mask, and just another general fuck you to Rick Busselle.
End transmission…nothing follows


For the record, I don’t like him as much as HT3 does!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“If you’re not vaccinated, fuck off”
My rebuttal;
“If you’re vaccinated, die off”


Want more crazy?

If Trump wins 2024, the Donks will claim he won 2020, thus is ineligible.



I absolutely need more of this! Straight into the vein, no chaser. If you schizoarcan me we’re fighting.

Ballot harvest these nuts!


Apparently Sam Backman fried not happy with his treatment



Senator and former-Vice ‘President’ Joe Whofuckingcares Xiden laughs while hundreds of kids are unaccounted for, presumed dead.

Not saying I hate this iteration of ‘governance’. What I am saying having none is way more preferable.

Fuck this giant piece of shit.

Pray for peace and the safety of our fellow citizens, yet….

“Prepare.” –Battle, King of, 1 Ea.

joe is dumBster.jpg

“Fire hydrants were dry.
Fire Marshals were out of town that night.
The Mayor and the Governor were out of town.
People who were trying to evacuate were told it was not time to evacuate and to turn around back into the fire.
No cops on bullhorns. No firefighters in the streets.
Must robust emergency siren system in the world did not sound.
No warnings whatsoever.
Anomalies with reported wind directions that don’t scientifically add up.
Tourists evacuated by bus, locals locked in and told they can’t get back in if they leave.
School was canceled. Children were home while parents worked.
Hundreds of children burned alive. Can’t be identified.
A perfect circle of fire around Lähainä.
Molten metal next to intact trees.
Media reporting FRACTIONS of real numbers.
NEW insurance policies taken out on Lahaina before the fires.
WHO OWNS LÄHAINÄ BESIDES THE HAWAIIANS? The ocean front property? The government.
Wild how all this new uninhabitable land that only big developers can afford to clean up opened up for the plans of turning Maui into a smart island with billionaire funding.
How many do you need?
It goes on and on and on
But I’m sure it was just the power lines that they did not cut the power to in a hurricane as a precaution. Nothing to see here , move along.”

Stolen from a comment on Bacon Time. These points have been raised elsewhere and then went “poof”. Another is a law passed just a few weeks ago in rebuilding after a “natural disaster”. The Police dude was in charge of the “Vegas Shooting”. sniffy joe’s FIRST (*grin*) answer to the questions was “No Comment”.

File under; Things that make you go…Hmmmm



Just because it’s man’s “law” don’t make it legal.

Time for some folks to call the big blind, even if holding 3/8 off suit.

“Prepare”? Sheeeeeeeeit, homie. A year’s worth of calories for me and mine.

Let us insure The They never see the ashes they lust to rule over.


Jus’ sayin…

comment image?w=447


Just in… Tucker Carlson talks the war in Ukraine with Douglas MacGregor who ain’t optimistic:


As KOB says here quiet often……Prepare.


KoB doesn’t say a damn thing quiet. Cannon cockers are incapable of quiet.


Rambo has a response to naive left/libtards:


Something I found interesting to read. Circling the wagons as it were it seems.




“The position in which the pendulum of our nation currently resides has resulted in the Tree of Liberty becoming quite dry. It thus stands to reason that whenever the pendulum swings at last to the other side, it will end up in a position that will ultimately see a long-overdue flood of nourishment for the Tree.”