Military Abortions? How many/who uses them, $ spent – no one knows

| August 21, 2023

Back about six months ago, DoD announced that service members who needed abortions or pregnancy treatments not available where they were station could get admin time off and support to go get it elsewhere. SEN Tommy Tuberville responded by suspending bulk promotions to high ranks, and the rest is a PR war.

As the hold drags on, about 300 generals and admirals have had their promotions stalled, and the Army, Navy and Marine Corps are all being led by acting chiefs, because replacements weren’t confirmed before the previous chiefs hit their legally mandated term limits.

Now, I have repeatedly read that if they really want to push the promotions through, they can – one at a time. Much slower, but it can be done.  However,  Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) said 16 July it attacks the U.S.’ “ability to lead the free world.” (ignoring that she pulled a similar stunt when Trump was in office.) NBC News

Asked Tuesday whether the Pentagon would be open to changing the policy in any way to compromise with Tuberville, deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh said, “No.”

Sounds compromising, no? Tuberville says 4,000-5,000 abortions a year will follow, from a Rand Corporation estimate of 2,573 and 4,136 active-duty service women have abortions annually. The Pentagon apparently believes the report authors who say going forward they expect the number to be lower, not higher. But who really know? Turns out… no one.

Tuberville contends that the Pentagon will go from paying for roughly a dozen abortions a year performed only in cases of rape, incest or when the mother is dying from the pregnancy, to potentially thousands of abortions performed for any reason.

Supporters of the policy, meanwhile, have cast the numbers of troops expected to use the policy as negligible compared to the overall size of the force and $800 billion defense budget.

“The cost is very much de minimis,” Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., told reporters last month, adding that the number of troops expected to use the policy is “very, very small.”

But the authors of the report have said it is likely fewer women would take advantage of the Pentagon policy since some are stationed in states without abortion restrictions and others will be uncomfortable disclosing health information to their commanders.

It is unclear if the Pentagon has a more accurate projection. Asked for a projection, the defense official who spoke to pointed to the Rand Corp. report figure, and officials did not answer a follow-up question on whether they believe every service member who gets an abortion will use the policy.

Still, once the Pentagon gets cost and usage data from the services, the numbers will not show how many troops used the policy to get an abortion compared with other reproductive health care. While service members who want to use the travel stipend and leave have to disclose they are getting some form of reproductive health care, they do not have to specify whether it is for an abortion.

Further, the military will track the number of instances of travel or administrative absences rather than the number of individuals who use the policy “due to privacy concerns,” the defense official said.

So on the one hand, we have holds without any real-world data to back them up. On the other, we have no idea what we’ll pay for, enablers who say “we’re already pissing away so much, what’s a little more?” (how about we pull it from THEIR paychecks then?) and no accounting how much is being spent or on whom, SIX MONTHS after the payout was authorized. And we wonder why we are in trouble…

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A Trojan 3-Pack costs about $6 give or take. Sure beats the costs and mental anguish of the alternative. Its not that difficult to prevent if don’t want to be pregnant.


No glove, no love. Before you deck ‘er, wrap your pecker. Too bad personal responsibility for your actions, on the part of BOTH parties, is no longer a thing.

I’ve had my fair share of female partners thru out the years. And never had an “unwanted pregnancy”. The taxpayer should not be responsible for your “piss poor prior planning”.


“Too bad personal responsibility for your actions, on the part of BOTH parties, is no longer a thing.”

Yep. You nailed it, KoB.

Unfortunately, in 2023, we still have Male Dinosours that still fail to realize it takes TWO to create a human being. They believe Women should take ALL the responsibility for a pregnancy…



I’ve been accused of being a sexist Neanderthal a couple of times, but holy shit!



You are NOT a Dinosaur…

When we speak of Dinosaurs, we are talking about guys who believe women should be barefoot and pregnant, stay home and cook and clean and raise children, have no say so in anything…and are expected to make their man his sammich at the snap of his fingers..

We do acknowledge there ARE women who do enjoy doing all of the above. More Power To Them. Some Faiths dictate that.

You’re Cool, SFC D. ALOT of TAHers are Cool. In fact, the MAJORITY are cool…

Meme is *sarc*


I was never accurately accused, indicted, or convicted. We’re in complete agreement. If a woman wants to climb the career ladder, go for it. If she wants to be a stay at home mom, do it. That applies to the male of the species as well. MRS D chose to be a stay at home mom for awhile after we married, after years as a hard working single parent



Once again, you NAILED it…

Thank You!



I was comparing myself to the dinosaur the meme was targeting, no offense was taken.


Hold my beer.
(see above comment)


Any female who is dumb enough to rely on the conscientiousness of a horny adolescent male is too dumb to be allowed in the military. As my dear daddy once told me, “A stiff dick has no conscience”. Or, as the late R. Reagan once said, “Trust, but verify“.

“They believe Women should take ALL the responsibility for a pregnancy…”

Until men can become pregnant, they do take all the responsibility. And liability. Unless the woman wins a paternity suit.

Loathe as I am to be crude, I will point out that, old as I am, I can still remember something of what it was like being an adolescent male with an iron johnson. Forgot the condom? No sweat. Not my womb, not my problem.


Wrap that rascal or pay 18 years of child support.


Also… Get a paternity test before you put your name on the birth certificate (discretely, don’t necessarily let the wife know if it’s yours, of course) but you don’t want to lose your house, half your income and custody of the kid you felt was yours for her to shack up with actual dad. Crass, but that’s how it is.


We live in a society where “feel good=it’s all good”. I told my wife that I was here come hell or high water over a quarter century ago, when our 18- and 19-year-old selves came together (ewwww, get your head out the gutter) and brought life into this world. During my time in the Army we had periods of separation, but I made it clear that my finances were her and kids’, and here we are with our oldest turning 25 next month. We made adult decisions, and now have two adults with three more rapidly moving towards that title.

Back to “feels good=it’s all good”. My best friend, back in jail and probably headed back to prison as of two weeks ago, is of that mentality. Multiple Baby Mamas, including one with the County Garden Tool, who had her first kid at 13 and has at least five with different Baby Daddies along with a few miscarriages and at least four abortions.

Young attractive and fit men and women are going to copulate, but that doesn’t mean the DOD’s budget should pay for their lack of planning. As I told my wife when finding out about our daughter in 1998, I don’t want the courts telling me how to be a father, and I don’t want our child to grow up without a mom and dad. We were both young, but mature enough to realize that life is precious and should not be terminated on a whim.


I remember the phrase as being “If it feels good, do it!”, and I heard and read it quite often in the 60s and 70s. The attitude contained in that phrase, “damn the consequences, full speed ahead”, characterized the childish irresponsiblity encouraged in that era. It is also an attitude characteristic of young males, like it or not. It is one reason automobile insurance rates are so much higher for young males. It may, probably is in fact, an attitude that dates back to Neanderthals and the dinosaur.


Very likely; I was on Hometown Recruiting during one of the hiatuses between my wife and me. She felt I’d abandoned her and the two (by then) kids. I had a 1989 Mercedes 560 SEC and was an E1 tasked to go to VCU with a female E2, so I tried to impress, doing 140mph in the emergency lane. Dumb, didn’t get me anywhere (and to be honest I wasn’t trying to get anywhere with her), but being in my early 20s with a Blue Cord and not much else on my Class-B uniform, it felt good!


“Irresponsible behavior, people smokin’ weird sh*t and way too much Crosby, Stills & Nash,” I once said about what the late-60s/early-70s era was like (my folks were in grad school and I grew up hip-deep in such sh*t and learned how not to live like that).


Condoms are free at every Troop Medical Clinic.


You get what you pay for?

Green Thumb

Just stay loaded.

Ain’t happening anyway!


Unit S1 wanted tp give my battery a pregnant, unmarried 1LT as XO. No way. NO. Not because she was unmarried. Not because she would set a poor example as an occifer. (The modern era and all, you know.) But because she didn’t know whobthe father was. No, on the basis of organizational ability as an XO, just NO.


OR, get your tubes (men and women) cut. (More severe with women.)


That’s a heck of an issue the military prioritizes.

Well, that and tran surgeries.


If you are female and join the military, you get an IUD. No exceptions. No pregnancies while you are serving and you are 100% deployable (just like men) for 100% of the time.




2banana’s requirements are too harsh, and only applicable to one side as others here have noted. Better to say, “These are the options, and here are the benefits or consequences to each of these options.”

I’m sensing some sort of animosity against women. I’ve tangled with this individual before, he/she does not appear to think about his/her actions through before engaging in those actions. We were handed lemons, here is one contribution to the lemonade stand…  😀 

Brainlet, soyjack, Wojack, how he thinks he comes across versus how he actually comes across.jpg

“only applicable to one side”

No shit. So is menstruation.

“I’m sensing some sort of animosity against women.”

No, only the recognition of the world as it is, with its regrettable lack of fairness. Mother Nature doesn’t have any particular animosity; it is what it is. You don’t have to like it, Mother Nature doesn’t care.
Females who have sex can get pregnant, and the male can walk away with no consequences.

“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.”


timactual: No shit. Your argument is full of shit. Hint: thoroughly read my comment, and the comment that I’m responding to, and get the full context of what you are responding to, before you frame a response. timactual: So is menstruation. [STRAWMAN] You missed the point. Nobody is arguing that there are specific things to women that could hinder certain women from performing at full capacity. The thrust of 2banana’s post was against women in the service. timactual: No, You’re WRONG, and my statement is correct. timactual: only the recognition of the world as it is, with its regrettable lack of fairness. No, that is not what 2banana is arguing. There are more instances of men doing things that ninja mentioned below, then women getting pregnant where the military is concerned. This had certainly been the case from my quarter of a century, cumulative, of military service. I have seen, and had to deal with, more non-deployable men than non-deployable women. From a mathematical standpoint, if you are concerned about having maximum chances of remaining qualified for deployment, you would want to focus on where the bigger issue lies. We do not see that in 2banana’s post. timactual: Mother Nature doesn’t have any particular animosity; it is what it is. You don’t have to like it, Mother Nature doesn’t care. [STRAWMAN] Did you not read my post? It is not as large as my normal posts, like this one. Certainly you should have been able to read it with the intention of understanding what I was saying. I was not complaining about “lack of fairness” in general. My statement, regarding animosity, had everything to do with the person I was talking about and nothing to do with what is the case with nature. Reading comprehension, it is a drug. timactual: Females who have sex can get pregnant, and the male can walk away with no consequences. [STRAWMAN] In the situations that you talk about, both genders are required. Read SFC D’s response below. The proposal would be “effective”, but could potentially violate laws. Guaranteed, if the military or the government… Read more »


Nearly every female Soldier I knew preferred norplant. And it was their decision, not the military’s. Your idea, while very effective, is also extremely unconstitutional and just plain wrong.


Because the purpose of the military is to be a non deployable single mother’s day care?

You can’t join the military with low IQ, disabilities, too.old, criminal record, drug use, certain tattoos, fat, eyesight issues, etc…etc…etc.

There is ZERO unconstitutional or wrong to expect those in the military to deploy and fight. And those who purposely become unable to fight are detrimental to those that have to pick up their slack.

It is the only reason the military exists. This ain’t Disney where failure means a box office disappointment.


Were YOU in the Military?

Ever had to deal with MALE AWOLS?

Overweight MALEs?

MALES that FAILED the PT Tests?

MALES who were Court Martialed/Kicked Out because they abused family members, murdered family members?

MALES who had alcohol/drug abuse issues?

MALES who neglect to pay child support?

MALES who had affairs?

MALES who abandon their families?

MALES who were too scared to be deployed?

MALES who did everthing to get out of a deployment?

MALES who faked sickness/injuries to get outta deployments or work?

MALES who ran a prostitution ring?

We Have. Our “Problem Children” were Enlisted/NCOs AND Ossifers…

Did YOU have ANY “Problem Children”? Were you in ANY Leadership position? How long DID you serve? And WHEN?

(Hmmm…those issues sound as if we are talking about Hunter Biden…



“Were YOU in the Military?…How long DID you serve? And WHEN?”

Pray tell, why does that matter?


Agreed with your comments to a degree.

Any female intending to start a family should have to apply to get a non-d assignment, if anything to allow for an outlet valve for their nature.

Failure to do so, mandatory and immediate chapter.

Have to get females the fuck out of combat arms and mission-critical service/support. They should have NEVER been there to begin with.

Female Brad mechanic? GTFOOH.

And if you don’t think that is at the least partially correct, you’re lying to yourself.


“Any female intending to start a family should have to apply to get a non-d assignment”.

There is no such assignment. Every military job is deployable. Not everyone deploys, but everyone has to be deployable. If, for some reason, a SM is permanently non-deployable, you thank them for their service and show them the door. For reference, I offer in evidence… Me.


Which is exactly why some of us were against the wholesale entry of females into the military, particularly the combat arms and the Navy.


“Any female intending to start a family…”

Roh-Dog, we luv ya…BUT…

Men don’t start families?

BTW, little ole me did NOT stay behind the wire during my deployments….if we are not mistaken, Women have been casulties of wars as well…

“Eight Women’s Names Are Among the Thousands on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Here’s What to Know About Them”

“Deaths Of 2 Marines In Kabul Underscore The Evolving Roles Of Women In The Military”

“The deaths of Gee and Rosario underscore the unique mission women in the military have played in two decades of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even as women were barred from officially serving in combat jobs until recent years, female service members were already on the front lines, exposed to the same danger as infantrymen and working in roles where risk did not discriminate according to gender.”

“Women Who Lost Their Lives During WWII”

“During WWII, more than 500 U.S. military women lost their lives while serving their country”

Physically, some Women CANNOT do tasks/missions that some Men can do.

Physically, some Men CANNOT do tasks/missions that some Women can do.

Mentally while in Combat? Emotionally while in Combat?

It all depends on the PERSON, NOT the gender.

My CO and I had to send home a Male, Navy LCDR who lost it when those Saddam sent those SCUDS to our compound. He broke down in front of our Soldiers (Enlisted/NCOs/Ossifers).

On another Compound, we had a MALE SSG threaten to kill himself with his weapon when he was ordered to go outside the wire for a “mission.” He freaked out in front of the Junior Soldiers.

Don’t know what these Dudes were thinking when they joined the Military…Did they really think they would never be deployed in a Combat Zone?



IMO, the issue is two-fold:
1) utility
2) morality

“Women have agency” is not open for debate.
“Women have done things in combat”, also not up for debate.

Past precedent is not an excuse for a continued wrong.

USMC ran a bunch of endurance tests blended versus all-male tasks. Do we have beat that drum again?

If we stick to the ‘every Soldier’ modality where a functional PT test is given and based on that near-sole determinate factor, sure, females look capable on paper. Modern warfare is heavier than it has ever been and we ‘need’ to do more with less. Training and integrating females is 180º from that necessity.

Is that up for interpretation?

Not in this environment where social metrics will allow non-hacks to get better Servicemen than they killed.
It took near two decades for the ‘medical’ ‘care’ system to decide with certainty Agent Orange exposure fucked up sperm.

And now we want to expose females to toxins, potentially leading to all sorts of unknowable outcomes and when they do get fucked up, or birth little retards, We have to pay for that irreparable harm?

I’m not cool with that.

Also, injury rates from humping (intentional, read: rucking) are way higher in females. Physics and physiology/kinesthetics don’t give a flying fuck about anyone’s feewlings.


This whole situation has gone too damn far and is the result of tolerance for basic human traits in order to pursue “a right to die in combat”.


(these are MY opinions and are not meant to attack or disparage anyones service, now or otherwise. “God save the Queen”)



You did not answer our question..

“Any female intending to start a family…”

“Roh-Dog, we luv ya…BUT…”

“Men don’t start families?”

2banana did not answer our questions as well…



If you can’t logic thru that I’m not going to waste all of our time.

Physically, some Men CANNOT do tasks/missions that some Women can do.”

Now you wanna be a pest, this statement by you I’m going to state back to you, perhaps to facilitate some them brain juices.

My work is done here.



You still did not answer our question about Men Intending To Start A Family…


Being The Queen Of Battle, You’re Cool…

Remember: One of us (the ninja family) was Queen Of Battle for over 30 years…the other got Commissioned as a 90 Day Wonder at Benning’s School For Boys…

Yes, Benning. NOT Moore. Benning.

Follow Me.



I didn’t down vote this.

I appreciate your rhetoric, in spite what is indicated by my acting like a snarky dickhead.

Yes, Benning. NOT Moore.”

Agreed, “I forsake not, my country, my mission, my comrades, my sacred duty.
I am relentless.
I am always there, now and forever. I AM THE INFANTRY!”


Men might
begat offspring, but they may not be around for family-anything.


“Men don’t start families?”

If they plan on being the fashionable presently “single-parent family” then the same policy should apply. I will go farther and advocate that only one parent be allowed to serve in the military.


I’m no lawer, but I’m about 99 44/100 percent sure you can’t force any kind of birth control on a female service member. Or ANY female. Climb down off your soapbox, take a deep breath, you’re wrong. I’m very familiar with picking up the slack for those who can’t deploy.


SFC D wrote:

“I’m very familiar with picking up the slack for those who can’t deploy.”


Been There. Done That…

In the ninja family case, we both had to pick up the slack for those who DID NOT want deploy…

We both remembered the beginning of OEF. We were amazed of the sudden retirement packets that were subnitted by Senior Ossifers and NCOs. NONE of them had ever been in a Combat Zone.

My Soldiers and I who held a certain speciality were STOP LOSS. I had no interest in putting in retirement papers…and neither did my Soldiers.

BTW, some of my Field Grade Ossifers wore Cross Rifles…were Treadheads and Cannon Cockers..they chose a Functional to work in after they were promoted to Field Grade or were promotable O3s BEFORE 9-11 occured.

We worked in a Purple environment. Did some of them get injured during OEF and OIF? They sure did. Purple Heart. Were some of them killed? Yes they were. Those IEDs did not care what Branch of the Military one served with.

Did we have AWOLs while serving in Korea with an Infantry unit? We sure did. Did we AWOLs while serving in a desolute area? We sure did. All Males.

Did we both have dirtbag Female Service members? We sure did.

There are Military Members who joined for various reasons, i.e. keeping a family tradition, employment opportunties, getting away from an environment, education benefits, etc. None of them were drafted.

Their true colors came out after 9-11.


“picking up the slack for those who can’t deploy. ”

Wouldn’t it be best to plan ahead to avoid the need to do so?


Yes. Now go find me a plan, any plan, that’s 100% successful. I’m a patient man, I’ll wait.


Don’t allow females to enlist. 100% of time lost for abortions and pregnancies is eliminated. Problem solved.


…our only 77F can’t even see fuel, let alone pump any, because she’s pregnant but we can’t request a replacement because she fills the 77F slot.

Been there, done that.


“There is ZERO unconstitutional or wrong to expect those in the military to deploy and fight”

You’re absolutely correct. But that’s really not the point of this exercise. You cannot force birth control of any kind on female service members as a condition of enlistment or commissioning. You cannot force birth control on any woman. Has it been done? Absolutely, along with forced sterilization. Wrong, no matter the reason.


Elaine prefers the sponge.




How about THIS idea, 2banana…

Why don’t we make it mandatory that before ANYONE joins the Military, that they get STERALIZED..

That way, they are 100% deployable. No exceptions.

That idea would save $$$ on Military members drawing BAQ With Dependents as well as cutting down on medical costs/care for dependents…


While we are at it, 2banana, do YOU have any kids? Grandkids? Daughters? Granddaughters?

Why don’t we just make it mandatory that if your daughters/granddaughters work in ANY occupation, that they have to have an IUD?


What decade were YOU born in? What planet have you been living on all of these years?

Should your thought process also include LEOs? Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs? Chefs? Truck Drivers?

Why don’t we just have ALL women be implanted with an IUD…and let the Dinosaur Men have their “fun” screwing off without taking responsibilty for anything???


*drops mike, gets off soapbox.






According to 2banana:

“If you are female and join the military, you get an IUD. No exceptions. No pregnancies while you are serving and you are 100% deployable (just like men) for 100% of the time.”

The Meme says it all…in other words, 2banaba puts ALL the blame on women…

Gee Whiz…🙄🤔


“puts ALL the blame on women”

No, no, no, no, no!
Morality is irrelevant. The practical consequences are the issue.



I was an official sperm donor during the late 1990s to the early 2000’s. The number of pregnancies that resulted from those donations is currently unknown.




BTW, 2 banana, my MALE Counterparts did EVERTYHING they could from being deployed during OEF and OIF…

I stayed in the frickin Sandbox for 2 years for Both OEF and OIF because those MALES SHIRKED their responsibilities as Soldiers.

Some of them decided to put in early retirements. The others ended up getting poor Efficiency Reports from our Chain of Command, thus ending their chances of getting promoted or continuing their “careers”.

Did we have pregnant Soldiers? We sure did. And guess what? After their pregnancies, they were deployed to the Sandbox with no complaints.

WHEN did you serve, 2banana? How LONG did you serve? Were you in any leadership positions? Do you have any daughters?

2banana. A Dinosaur. We thought dinosaurs were extinct…


“We thought dinosaurs were extinct…”

Nope. Still some of us around.

“WHEN did you serve, 2banana? How LONG did you serve?”

Again with the dick measuring? Or just a not so subtle (but still detestable) accusation of being a “chickenhawk”?


For the sake of our posterity I pray the number is zero. I want “Idiocracy” to remain a work of fiction.


That is a terrible way to insult yourself. You are one of the most idiotic people I’ve argued against in nearly 2 decades of arguing against people online. If I were to rank you against the other people, that I’ve argued against in nearly 2 decades, I would put you behind the pack runners… Towards the end.

However, with regards to your “zero”, you are colossally incorrect, you missed it by a long shot. If your luck with hitting the water after falling down from a boat were the same as your guess, you would completely miss the water if you fell off a boat in the middle of the lake.

I know this for fact in my situation. Sperm banks have been notorious for using the sperm from the same donor more than 10 times, in many instances 25 to 50 pregnancies. In addition to getting wind of biological children resulting from my donation, I found other evidence with my situation that matched these reports.

If you want “Idiocracy” to remain a work of fiction, then I highly recommend that you put the bong down, get help for your drug addiction, get help for your alcohol addiction, anger issues, etc., and that you also tell that one brain cell activity of yours to quit trying to take you over and to start doing its job so that you would quit posting as if a retarded ghost possesses you.


Who is that guy? And can he tell me the trick ’cause I just missed out?


As far as pregnancy goes, males are already 100% deployable 100% of the time.

The rest of your rant is just irrelevant.



“As far as pregnancy goes, males are already 100% deployable 100% of the time.”

I’m trying to find the relevance in that statement. Males also are 100% up to date on PAP smears according to MEDPROS. Make just as much sense.


Why is it unconstitutional? How about a vow of celibacy?


Sure, take a vow of celibacy. It’s your decision. YOUR decision. Forced birth control violates the 1st amendment if the female’s religion prohibits its use. Forced contraception has been ruled unconstitutional as a condition of probation, the same arguments can be made as a condition of enlistment.


“YOUR decision.”

Give me a break. Surely you realize that when you join the military you give up some rights as a condition of employment. I really would like to see someone telling their NCO that their quarters, lockers, etc. could not be inspected without a warrant. And my 1st amendment right to free speech?

“the same arguments can be made”

But would they be upheld? Entering into a voluntary employment agreement is also, as you insist it be, “YOUR decision”, not a unilateral government action.


My unit ‘ho who lster became a pornstar favored norplant, I can tell you that.


“you are 100% deployable (just like men) for 100% of the time.”

Now there’s an unattainable goal. 100% of men deployable 100% of the time? That’s a CSM’s wet dream. I’d bet dollars to dogturds that’s never happened in the history of the US military.

Green Thumb

Have seen a lot of women get pregnant to avoid deployment.

And not carry to term….

Just an observation.


I’ve seen it too. Repeatedly. But the Army didn’t pay for the abortion. Or give them permissive tdy, any sort of financial remuneration. And I had three pull that in 2010 when I was rear D 1SG. Guess what. When they were suddenly no longer pregnant and medically cleared for deployment, they were sent off to catch up with their company. I’m an asshole like that.


Along the same lines, was reading the Air Force, basically pushed through their first female Combat Rescue Officer after she quit the pipeline…. like twice. Yep, nothing but the best and brightest right Sen. Duckworth?

Old tanker

I imagine it is cheaper to provide birth control aids (pills, diaphragm, contraceptive jelly) than travel to kill the kid.


Don’t Forget This…



Slipping this on — BEFORE — slipping these off,,, is going to be physically difficult!!!


The premise is correct.I just couldn’t help but point out the normal course of events.


You’re spot on correct, yet there are people that would call you a patriarchal misogynist for thinking like that.


Yes, indeed; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Sadly, human nature seems to prefer the pound of cure option.


I’m a back-to-back-to-back x 1,000s pull out champ.

The ‘cure’ so many seek it right infant of them:

Don’t be a dummy, aim for the tummy!

Kids are expensive, I know math and no kids.

Now how to ‘cure’ the dummies?


The ‘cure’ so many seek it right infant [in front] of them

Happy accident?


“Tuberville contends that the Pentagon will go from paying for roughly a dozen abortions a year performed only in cases of rape, incest or when the mother is dying from the pregnancy, to potentially thousands of abortions performed for any reason.”

A pregnancy that jeopardizes the life of the mother shouldn’t be on that list, as it’s not considered an abortion although the procedure is nearly identical to an elective abortion.


” it’s not considered an abortion ”

By who? Justifiable homicide is still homicide, and still an unpleasant and unfortunate procedure, justified or not. And “A rose by any other name…”. Be a mensch, call a spade a spade.


It’s not considered an abortion by medical professionals because it will never be a viable fetus and the mother absolutely will die. Tubal pregnancy for example. The argument over military abortion is about elective abortion, and on that we absolutely agree. You don’t dispose of a baby because its an inconvenience for you. Abortion shouldn’t be a form of birth control.


“…shouldn’t be…”

“Aye, there’s the rub”.
It’s called “family planning” or “reproductive health care” instead of abortion for a reason.

“It’s not considered an abortion by medical professionals…”

That I wouldn’t know, but I am skeptical. Heck, as I wrote above, abortion isn’t even considered abortion in some circles. And I will continue thinking of it as “the killing of one human being by another” (AKA homicide).


MRS D is a pediatric RN. The “legal” and medical definition of abortion basically means there’s a fetus that could become viable. In cases where it’s medically necessary to terminate a pregnancy because it will kill the mother, the fetus also has no chance.


Back on the topic

The ninja family is Pro-Life.

We do not believe our tax dollars/the Governement/our Military should pay for abortions.

However, our hands are tied. All we can do is vote and let our voices be heard.

We live near a Military base that did abortions on women, most of them dependents, who chose to terminate their pregnancy based on the unborn having major birth defects.

In one case, the Doctor made the recommendation.

Turns out, the Doctor was wrong. The baby that was aborted was normal with no birth defects. The Military was sued. The couple won.

So Sad.


Young = dumb.

Think I’m old enough to make that connection, jury’s still out tho.

(What I’m about to say strikes me to my core, being heavily skeptical of all power and very much liberty-minded. That being said, the military is a closed society of contractually-indentured people that volunteer to be subjected to UCMJ in furtherance of the mission to ‘protect and defend’)

Most of these procedures are probably initial enlistees. Make MSO contracts contingent on yielding the right to possess a fetus until X amount of time.

If you can’t do drugs, zygotes are a no-go too. Test accordingly!

This will do three things, which I think are beneficial:
1)incentivize use of birth control
2)indirectly get the military out of providing the bulk of abortive services facilitation
3)lower the average age of the baby being killed inside of the reckless Service Member

You want to do a procedure to surreptitiously to not get caught in possession? Have at it.

After the dotmil has gotten their first pound of flesh then the senior Service Member is ‘authorized breeding rights’.

Radical? Perhaps.

Moral? Probably, maybe, but also DGAF (see initial parenthetical).

Killing should take place on the battlefield among willing participants, not in a policy cooked up by Kongress foisted upon an institution whose function is the aforementioned.

And dependents are shit out of luck in toto.

The fact we’ve gotten this far down this stupid road is indicative of an empire in decline.


Nice to see the comments have spiraled downhill so quickly. I think that what the military needs are men and women who are willing to make educated decisions and balance instinct and desire with a sense of duty and a yearning to accomplish the mission.

Most of us have seen Starship Troopers, with Dina Meyer’s shower scene standing out (or up in some cases 😅) in our minds. I’ll venture to guess that most of us here are heterosexual male veterans of varying ages, and we’ve all had our share of so-called “conquests”. It’s nice to think about, until the mission isn’t accomplished.

Putting the burden of pregnancy squarely on a female is why there are so many fatherless homes. While I don’t think that DOD should be paying for women to go TDY in order to get an abortion, I do think that people should just be adults. Want to have some fun? Use adequate protection, or if married or in a stable relationship, be prepared for the consequences.

I’ve always had a thing for woman Marines. I mean, not a thing in that way, but for some reason female Marine Vets and I have always rubbed each other the wrong way. No, not that way…dammit. Anyway, years ago I was at the VFW when a former Lance Corporal came in. The more beers she put down, the more she insulted the guy she was with, who’d never served. Further, she started getting upset at “Santa”, our Vietnam Vet Marine Sgt. who kept referring to her by her former rank. Finally, she confided in me that she’d have made Corporal, but wasn’t allowed to qualify due to getting pregnant by a Sailor, essentially ending her career.

Decisions have consequences, and no one should expect Big Army or whomever to foot the bill for those consequences. Women in uniform should take necessary precautions, while men in uniform should step up if biology gets in the way of a good time.


We’ll lighten the mood a bit bit with this little gem…Pro tip for you d’weeds that didn’t pay attention to the “training films” (do they still have those?). A wrapper is not only a back up to “her birth control” (and cover your ass in case she’s…gasp …clutches his LES), it can also save your joy stick…or your life!

Prepare…for anything.

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(Not that it matters at all) Approved! I was fortunate, being devoted to having a nuclear family come hell or high water. My wife, the mother of my children, was motivation for me to avoid the traps of Oak Grove, Clarksville, Columbus, Hinesville, and other areas. Those Southern women are easy on the eyes, but the ones in military towns learn early on that the Active Duty pay and BAH are an easy ride to something more than where they came from.

Green Thumb

Some (many) in MEDCOM are now “backdooring” and encouraging the use of contraceptives on the DL by women in service across the board.

Just an observation.


Why would they have to do it on the DL? Contraceptives are readily available through military clinics, no questions asked. Or are you talking about abortion-inducing meds?


Joe Bob’s abortions, you rape ’em, we scrape ’em. No fetus will beat us!


Wait, you mean to tell me DoD is hell bent on enacting a policy and committing money to that policy with jack shit in the way of data to either confirm or refute said policy?

I am SHOCKED. SHOCKED I tell you.
😮 (my shocked face)