Joe Biden does not want to talk about Hunter Biden or Donald Trump

| August 21, 2023

During campaign meetings with his campaign staff, Joe Biden appeared to have placed limits on two topics. One of them involves the legal challenges that Hunter Biden faces, and the other one involves the legal challenges faced by Donald Trump. Both are news items that Joe Biden wishes to avoid when discussing campaign updates and strategy.

From Fox News:

“Hunter Biden is not a topic of discussion in campaign meetings,” a senior aide told CNN. “It’s just not addressed.”

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny detailed this reporting on Thursday and said that aides “do wonder if there will be a blind spot about this because it is simply not mentioned or discussed on the campaign.”

New York Times reporter Shane Goldmacher told the panel that the president was effectively remaining silent on two of the “most talked about issues in the country.”

“But between Trump’s indictments, which also Joe Biden doesn’t want his team and the DNC talking about, and his son’s investigation, he’s now basically issuing an order for the top person in the Democratic Party not to talk about two of the most talked about issues in the country politically. That’s a tough place to be on both of those counts. It’s hard to never answer questions about his son’s investigation. It’s hard to never talk about the former president and the front-runner to-be rival’s criminal charges. And so it makes them not active participants in two of the biggest story lines,” he said.

Hunter Biden was expected to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of willful failure to pay federal income tax before his plea deal fell apart in a Delaware courtroom.

He pleaded “not guilty” in late July as federal prosecutors confirmed the president’s son was still under federal investigation.

Former Obama White House adviser David Axelrod told CNN that the Biden team would have loved to have the Hunter Biden drama behind them.

“So I think that anything that extends the Hunter Biden case into the election year is not welcome news for Joe Biden,” he said.

Fox News has additional information here. There’s also information that Hunter Biden’s Lawyers threatened to call Joe Biden as a witness if the trial went underway.

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81 million vote…most votes ever for a president.

Totally free and fair elections. No even a smidgen of fraud.

For a candidate who couldn’t fill a phone both on the campaign trail and commonly ended the campaign day at noon.


If he didn’t call a lid before that. I don’t believe I have ever heard that term before this administration.

Maybe that’s because I didn’t hear it as often before this guy.


No, no fraud whatsoever…merely a populace tired of Orange Man Bad making hurtful tweets and giving mean nicknames to people who disagreed with him.

Ol’ Joe is at the stage where he needs to focus on himself and whatever his handlers have him saying and doing. Trump, while only a few years younger, runs circles around him and must not be permitted to be a distraction, while Hunter is an overwhelming shadow on Joe’s consciousness which, if discussed, would quickly capsize any chance of a second term for Bi-Dems Biden.


Barry Bananas got 69M then 65M votes.
Hildabeast also 65M votes.
And they want you to believe Robert L. Peters got 81M?
Trump got 62M and then 74M
But yeah…everything was on the up and up


And then there the rippin’ Inaguration as the liberal media covered:
comment image


Installed — not elected.


So what exactly does he want to talk about. Tutorials on how to climb stairs? Ride a bike? Launder money? Start a proxy war?


The weather – how to make it rain bribes into his families’ LLCs.  🇺🇸 


The “Ironic” flowers growing at the Grand Canyon last I heard.


The nearly 500 killed in the Hawaii fire was a big old “no comment”.


Scratch that question from the debate about how he would handle a disaster.


Wondering who the Dems will run for President, ’cause it won’t be Joe.


Moosechelle will be (s)elected. That way we can finally have a black male prezzy. Watch.

“…loved to have the Hunter Biden drama behind them.” I bet they would. Drama?!?? DaHell??!? This ain’t a prime time teevee show, more like a never ending soap opera. The sewer rats will protect their own, as they always have. There is so much evidence that has leaked out showing just how crooked these bastards are and NOTHING will ever come of it. Think how much more is being hidden from We, The People. Laptops, emails, hard copy letters, flight manifests to private islands…”oh, look…UFOs…RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA…”



So we’re now using the word “drama” in place of “felonies”?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It will be Alfred E Neuman on the demoRat ballot


Well, Alfred E. Newman looks more like he knows what’s going on.

Wait until the spy v spy games begin.

Old tanker

In other words, the peasants do not get to think for themselves. You will only consider what your master decides you should know about. Silly serfs, learn your place!


Unfortunately, I have to give a thumbs up to your comment.

Forest Bondurant

They’re abandoning.Rule #1? “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

That will not bode well.

(sarc off)


D-rat progs tend to ignore any crisis that makes them look bad. Especially if it is a scandal that will damage their bogus “narratives.”


Rule #1: Never let suspects sit together.

Oh, wait, that’s Gibbs’ Rule #1


Wonder if he will talk about the relief for cause of the Commander of the USS Howard? Curious about that.


I don’t believe Joe Biden is capable of discussing any topic. He’s not in charge of anything, so his opinion is irrelevant anyway.


He can talk about beau. Can’t or won’t talk about grand child #7.

Did you know Beau was killed in Iraq during the battle of the bulge while fighting the Japanese? True story.


And Joe was there when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. I ain’t lyin.


Don’t interrupt him, he’s on a roll.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

And I thought that the battle of the bulge was fought at the golden Corral’s dessert section.


I think that’s the sequel.

Buffet is an acronym for Big Ugly Fat Fukkers Eating Together.


The “under federal investigation” is just a smoke screen. The prosecutors requested the dismissal without prejudice and the court granted it, “in the interest of justice.” They had to do so to remove the case from the court’s case management system and movement of his case toward trial, as Hunter pled not guilty, after his plea deal imploded.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

This shit can’t get any better, I love it.


Just in… Russkies are putting in a base and long-range cruise missiles (capable of hitting the USA and, I’d guess, nuclear-capable) in Nicaragua, but the liberal media will ignore it and not embarrass the current admin to address the matter:


P.S. Monroe Doctrine, Cuban Missile Crisis, etc. anyone?
comment image


1,400 miles as the crow fly to Barksdale.

RF has been working on a nuke-powered hyper-cruise missile.

Don’t know if this is just saber rattlin’ but Iain’t playing:

“Prepare.” –Ace of Aces

(I thought D.So:HILtSWaLtB was suppodabe fiction?)

turd advice Dr Stanglelove.jpeg

Do you think Joe will talk about the thousands of former Afghan officials killed by the Taliban after his highly successful withdraw?


After his vacation. Which one is yet TBD.


PINO finally gets to Maui, and mostly talks about himself. Cracked jokes while people were grieving. He even seemed to doze off at a gathering to honor victims of the fires. Bite-Me’s motorcade got lots of one finger salutes & signs that read ‘Trump Won’. This is democrat stronghold Hawaii. As a democrat you really have to suck ass to get that kind of reception.


I saw the clips. Void of empathy, trying to compare the real and very recent loss of those in Maui to his own experiences, almost like he’s telling Gold Star families about the loss of his son in Iraq.

I’m full of myself and like telling stories, but I’m a nobody and definitely not the “leader of the free world”. While I admittedly like trying to compare life experiences with others, there’s a time to simply shut your mouth and listen to the pleas of others.

If this changes voters’ minds whatsoever, it’s a win for our side. Trump was divisive and a lot of people voted for Biden just to ensure he didn’t get a second term. Hopefully, Biden’s actions and inactions get him the same treatment next year.


He doesn’t want to talk about this either…


comment image?resize=520%2C401&ssl=1


I am the threat to their democracy and so should you!

In general, when pushed upon by the enemy, reserve your fire till they approach very near, which will then put them into the greatest surprise and consternation, and give you an opportunity of rushing upon them with your hatchets and cutlasses to the better advantage. — Number 12 of Major Robert Rogers, Rules of Ranging

demonrats say a lot of silly things.jpeg

“…and so should [too]!”

My spell check algo hates english not proper and no know turn off how but dee feet is annoy much.

Suck it tim apple (but not really.)


I have a plan…Prepare

comment image


Buy ammo, canned food and gold. Others may beat you to it if you wait.