“Oh, My Stars, My Linda’s Gone to Mars” – David Grusch again

| August 12, 2023

We talked ad nauseum about that ‘whistleblower’ who accused the US government of hiding concrete evidence of UFOs and alien artifacts recently.  Air Force veteran and former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency David Grusch testified as such to the House Oversight Committee.

“It has come to my attention that The Intercept intends to publish an article about two incidents in 2014 and 2018 that highlights previous personal struggles I had with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Grief and Depression,” he wrote in a statement shared by Australian UFO journalist Ross Coulthart.

As The Intercept‘s Ken Klippenstein reports, the former intelligence officer-turned-whistleblower has had a turbulent past, suffering from PTSD and severe depression.

According to records obtained by Klippenstein, Grusch appears to have been committed to an inpatient psychiatric program after making a suicidal statement to his wife.

Coulthart, who has since come out firmly on Grusch’s side, called Klippenstein’s report — which was based on records obtained through a simple Freedom of Information Request — an effort “to try to discredit an American patriot by leaking his struggle with PTSD.”

“The intelligence community and the Defense Department clearly accepted there was no issue because he was allowed to keep his security clearance,” Coulthart told NewsNation‘s Chris Cuomo in a Tuesday interview that aired before The Intercept published its report.


Given the number of embarrassing folks who have attained and held security clearances despite clear flaws over the years (look in the mirror, some of ya!) I am not sure “he was allowed to keep his clearance” is a hook I would hang my hat on. If indeed he is suffering from PTSD to that level, though, he has lamentable personal demons.

They call him a “decorated Air Force Afghanistan officer” – apparently he got out as an O-5/Major and some sources refer to him as a Colonel (Futurism, possibly due to his having stated he became a “GS-15,equivalent to a Colonel”). Might be interesting to find out what he actually did in Afghanistan. Conspiracy theorists who want to claim this is all disinformation to discredit him, please line up on the left. Thank you.


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O-5 is Lieutenant Colonel not Major.

Old tanker

Yup that’s what I was going to say. Or as a buddy of mine said when I got promoted, an O-5 is a field grade 1st Lt.


“Journalism” these days.


Look away from FJB?


You get it.

edit: wrong spot

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I don’t know who “they” are but his shadow box shows major rank. I don’t have a shadow box, I do have an “I love me wall” in my office. I imagine if I did have a shadow box it would have the correct rank in it.

That way when I am talking about all the anal probing the aliens did on me they would know I already had a lot of experience with it before encountering the aliens.

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A short scene from the movie Independence Day,
about crop duster pilot turned savior of the planet Russell Casse.


How come we never hear about hot women getting probed? Might be a sign aliens are actually real.


They are from the left side of the galaxy.


Ghey aliens?




But, of course!




Given the number of embarrassing folks who have attained and held security clearances despite clear flaws over the years…

He ain’t heavy, he’s Alexander Vindman?

Everyfreakingtime The Machine pulls this crap I wonder if they are really that stupid or they think we’re stupid.

Aliens have clearly been here for a lot longer than The They admit, at least according to the codex Futurama:


When Jadzia Dax shows up Imma outa here. Do a little probing of my own.

Of course we are not the only creatures amongst the vastness of the cosmos. The others may and/or may not look like us, and their technology is far more advanced. We think that just because we can’t zip from galaxy to galaxy now, that no one can. Hell, we ain’t even figured out how the pyramids, Mayan, Aztec, or Inca peoples temples were built, using the supposed technology available to them then. Maybe if the Spanish hadn’t of destroyed the writings of those peoples in their quest for Earthly riches, we’d of had a better understanding of it all? Just look how much our tech has advanced in the last 50 years. Where did the inspiration/knowledge of it come from? Remember, Elijah and his “Chariot of Fire”?


A new meme base to use to troll people with.  😀 

Klingon, I

I please to aim!

Growing up that show was a favorite. With age comes wisdom (debatable) and now it just hits different. Many many meme templates from it and fortunately it traverses much generations.

Btws, Have you heard about this whole AI thing? The late Frank Sinatra covering Pixies (below).

I’m starting to get scared, blurring the line between fake and ghey.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Maybe he DID get abducted, and then was anal probed to the point where it gave him brain damage?

BlueCord Dad

I like this explanation…


McBarf has the rare good point, unfortunately for him that ego and condescending attitude makes him unwatchable.

It would take every fiber of my being to push him down the stairs given the circumstance.

IIRC he claimed to be an AT Infantryman (or ‘expert’ something) and has made some interesting observations about the SMO.


I was impressed with his exercise equipment on static display.


“It would take every fiber of my being to [NOT] push him down the stairs given the circumstance.”

You know what I meaned.


I’ve watched some of his content, and still watch some of his Shorts, but yeah, he seems incredibly condescending and egotistical and I cringed my way through one or two full-length videos before deciding I’m not a fan. Not trying to hijack this thread too much, but he’s a member of the Bunker Branding circle (I believe it’s owned by the Demolition Ranch guy and most of their earlier “influencers” are/were GunTubers) despite seeming to be a little off from most of that circle. I guess that brand has grown a lot, though, with comedians like Ginger Billy on it now, but I digress.


Excellent video. Thanks for this. I’ll be passing this on to everyone on my distro list.


So for 50+ years the government’s been lying to us about aliens.
NOW they’re telling the truth?
Color me skeptical.

Is it Fermi’s Paradox that says “Proof of intelligent life in the galaxy is the fact that they haven’t stopped here.”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I don’t know if it was Grusch but they had someone explaining the UFO deal with the Gov’t on TV and a body language expert who watched the guy talk said that his body language didn’t look right. I didn’t see the UFO speaker but this was what was brought up on the radio or Newsmax. Was awhile ago when the gov’t was looking for another distraction.


A good friend of mine called me from the hospital at Ft Carson where he had been admitted after he had attempted to drive himself off a Colorado mountain road when he found out his wife had been running around on him. After his physical injuries were healed up and his emotional ones were treated. He was returned to duty. As a result of this documented suicide attempt he was permanently grounded and not permitted to fly again. However, he retained his Top Secret SCI clearance for a further four + years on active duty.