Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| August 8, 2023

Apparently Ol’ Joe can, on occasion, speak the truth!

Today I learned carrying a fetus isn’t womanly

So many threats to democracy

Child abuse

In my day as kids, we had to go under our dad’s bed to find porn. Now they give it to you in Kindergarten

Dieting is white supremacy


He also needs a rat to gnaw that thing off his forehead

Remember to vote Democrat next year!

What a hateful racist woman

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Thanks, left/libtards, this is why…


The Military Base in Texas that houses a Trans Clinic is Joint Base San Antonio in Lackland Texas.

This news came out over two (2) years ago, 25 June 2021:

“59th MDW Treats Transgender Service Members”


“Earlier this year, President Joe Biden signed an executive order making it possible for transgender service members to openly serve in the military, which further strengthened the Transgender Health Medical Evaluation Unit at the 59th Medical Wing.”


Are the masks because the picture was during The WuFlu, or because they don’t want to be recognized?

To that airman: its NOT lifesaving surgery if you need it to protect you from yourself. You threatening to take your life and/or self mutilation is the signs of mental illness.

Also, to that airman: she wants to be a guy until its time to guy shit. She’ll be as useful as screen doors on a submarine. I pity the command that ends up with her.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’d be afraid for that fetus in that mentally ill mother, that it would self-abort out of fear and fright.
The “guy” that impregnated “her” must have been dead blind drunk to get that close, no other explanation is possible.

Some guys will do ANYTHING. Or anybody.


You know Democrats these days:
comment image



comment image


Here’s the problem with Hil.


If it ain’t Joe or Newsom in 2024, be prepared for… you know they might try her again.

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Watch out for Mooch…


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Skivvy Stacker

“…making sure he, under the legitimate efforts of the Constitution…”

This makes the entire statement a lie, because they’ve been doing everything they can OUTSIDE the legitimate bounds of the Constitution to get ONE MAN.


“It’s different when we do it” — Other than white racists

(strike thru intentional)

Someone on the low should ‘borrow’ her DNA to see how much cave beast, chalk demon she be. FYI, getting someone’s DNA from a trash is legal in many jurisdictions.

Happy hunting!


Ma’am, ma’am. I understand being spat upon and threatened with struggle snuggle seems disturbing, but did you ever ask yourself that that may just be the way they flirt in his culture?

Not gonna lie, sounds pretty bigoted and xenophobic.