Tuesday quickies: JR-15, E-car fire, vaccination reinstatement

| August 8, 2023

Illinois legislators want to ban gun advertising for “assault weapons” and to kids, citing as an example the ads for JR-15 youth rifles (it’s a lookalike AR-15 chambered in .22 LR. What we would have formerly called a training rifle.)

“Some of the ads I’ve seen are just stomach-turning,” Don Harmon, of Oak Park, who sponsored the legislation.

The ad for the JR-15, a smaller, lighter .22-caliber rifle, was among them. An emailed statement from the manufacturer, Wee 1 Tactical, said the gun has safety features found on no other gun.

“The JR-15 .22 youth training rifle is for adults who wish to supervise the safe introduction of hunting and shooting sports to the next generation of responsible gun owners,” the statement said. AP

Looks to me like it’s marketing at the PARENTS of kids. But we all know the libs claim to want gun safety – then do everything they can to subvert it. I’m starting to lose count of the amendments they keep trying to violate.

Boston reports an electric car fire that burned…was doused…restarted…drowned again…etc.

According to Wareham Fire, the blaze appeared to have started spontaneously, as the car had already been charged.

“If this vehicle had been parked in a garage the results could have been disastrous. Additionally, electric vehicle fires are difficult to fight and present unique challenges,” Incident Commander Chief John Kelley said.  Boston 25 News

In all, took 11,000 gallons of gas water to put it out.   Call it a good chunk of a home swimming pool for ONE car fire.

I have seen seemingly hundreds of articles lately on huge energy breakthroughs – recyclable batteries made with shellfish chitin, sand batteries, cooler/longer-lasting batteries from damn near anything – reminds me of a few years ago when some guy was claiming to hydrolyze seawater with radio rays for inexhaustible free hydrogen – don’t think they mentioned the energy consumption required to generate those mega-radio rays. But yeah, I think if I paid for an e-car I would be unhappy if I had to park the thing in the driveway to keep from burning the garage and house down. (Disclaimer – I like the concept of electric cars a lot. But early market samples have been – disappointing.)


Let’s close on a good note. Remember folks getting fired for not getting vaccinated?

Massachusetts State Police must reinstate seven troopers who refused to be vaccinated for COVID-19, an independent arbitrator has ruled. The troopers have been on unpaid leave, but the arbitrator’s decision means they can return to work with retroactive pay if they choose.

The arbitrator concluded State Police violated a collective bargaining agreement in the way they handled the cases of eight troopers who cited religious grounds for refusing to take the vaccine. The agency summarily dismissed the troopers instead of reviewing their accommodation requests, the arbitrator said Friday.  Boston-25 again

Two years’ back pay…suh-weet.



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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’d take the back pay, then tell ’em, “I quit”.
Who would want to work for such an asshole organization?

Guaranteed, each will come back to work for one day.


One day and maybe more if they close are to a pension.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

While doing as minimum as possible….shuffling and filing papers….

Well, they probably can’t do much more, given their prolonged leave of absence. They won’t be permitted to simply hop back in their Police Interceptors and start enforcing the law again. They’ll spend weeks training to get up to date with new laws and procedures and to get recertified as LEOs.

But, I agree, they should make a statement by going back to work for a brief period, just long enough to get back pay and potentially retirement benefits, all while doing the absolute minimum possible.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

And then resigning/quitting/retiring.


If their bosses didn’t like their work speed before, they darn sure won’t like the new work speed.

Back pay, any raises due them per contract, no loss of seniority and any vacation and sick time they would have accrued. Any medical needs that would have been covered were they still employed should be reimbursed as well.

Hammer them as hard as they were hammered .
If I was at or over retirement eligibility, as soon as my money came into my possession, I would announce my retirement and begin the paperwork.


No desire for an EV…
They’re are NOT just a car, a conveyance…
They are a lifestyle…
Hard pass

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Golf cart.


They are a religion.


Left/libtard sex fetish item.


They are a doomsday cult as accurately described by Wikipedia:

“A doomsday cult is a cult that believes in apocalypticism and millenarianism, including both those that predict disaster and those that attempt to destroy the entire universe.” 

Doomsday cult – Wikipedia


Not Hardly. Hardly Ableson, that is.


Well, at least it won’t mark its spot every time you park it somewhere.


Just once.



“ They’re are NOT just a car, a conveyance…
They are a lifestyle…”

That’s a Jeep.




In all, took 11,000 gallons of gas to put it out.  Call it a good chunk of a home swimming pool for ONE car fire.

There’s your problem right there. If they had been using water or something other than gas it would have gone out a lot faster.


That’s exactly what I was going to say…beat me to it.


Those old American LaFrance pumpers use a lot of gas…..


Do not, those are diesels.

RGR 4-78

Not the old 1970’s models that my department had for many years.

They were gas with manual transmissions.

I got spoiled real quick driving the first ladder truck they purchased that was diesel with an automatic transmission and AN AIR CONDITIONER. Good times.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

My first rig was an American La France 1500 gal/2 stage waterous pump. Stick shift. Had to use the stick to put the rig into pump. Was one of the rear step riders hanging on to those subway car straps. I moved and went to another dept and we had a Maxim automatic trainee 100 ft rear mount open cab yellow paint job. Lots of fun driving in the rain and snow with the tip of the bed ladder moving back and forth everytime you made a turn or hit a bump.


11,000 gallons at around 900 gpm is one hell of a flamethrower.


The problem with the electrical fire from EV batteries is that sparying water on it does not seperate the fuel from the fire…it bridges it. The car in the photo looks like a Prius, not sure how new. (Speculation) this might be from a rebuilt or none OEM battery being installed since Prius have been around for a while. People in the industry say that the fire fighters should have moved the vehicle to a safe area and let the fire burn out. Newer battery packs actually have seperators that will limit the number of cells that burn (i.e. contain the fire). By continuing to spray water on this fire, it is possibel the firefighters actually helped it spread to other cells in the battery pack.

In other news…yeah, not surprising in Illinois the legislature wants to ban safe rifles. Just like the National Education Department wants to take money from schools that teach Hunter Safety course and the safe use of Bows and Rifles!


Water is still the most commonly recommended way. It is going to typically take a 30-40X the amount of water of an ICE vehicle to put it out. Class D extinguishers don’t typically work because the battery box is sealed and smothering agents don’t work because the battery doesn’t need an oxygen source to burn.

There is no easy way to put one out. Sometimes the best solution is to let it burn.

RGR 4-78

Porche and the old Volkswagens burned like mad and were hard to extinguish because of the magnesium motor and transmission cases.

We used one 2.5″, two 1.75″ and a booster line on a Porche fire once, took over an hour and a massive amount of water to cool the magnesium down enough so it would go out.


Burning magnesium and water. What a combination.

Oil and water, electricity and water…. water doesn’t play well others sometimes.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

A lot of machine shops have a can of MetlX by their lathes for magnesium chips that fall to the floor burning. Take the scoop and cover the chips and end of story.. Talking about water and electricity, I wrote the same thing yesterday on the site. Here it goes. When I was taking a fire extinguisher course at the fire training center the instructor says that if you shoot some water out of the 2 and a half gal pressurized water can and hit a live elecetrical circuit , your ball bang together and play stormy weather as flames shoot out of your asshole

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We had a car fire that started out as leaking gas so we went to a foam operation but then magnesium parts started to burn so if we mixed the foam with water then the foam dilates so we got the gas out then ran water over the mag parts and cooled it down which did take time. We never carried a can of metlX on our rig. I deleted over 100 Lith battery fire IPN texts on my cell phone that took place in NYC from late 2022 till a month ago. Most were E bikes and e scooters. An Ecar uses those 18650 Lithium batteries with as moch as up to 7,000 cells. The NMC is currently the most popular and seen on e bikes, power tools and some Evehicles. I see in Fire Engineering that there is a piece of long pipe that is attached to the nozzle/hose with a bent tip on the end that is pushed from a distance under the vehicle. Years ago there what was called a cellar pipe but there was a longer one called a sub cellar pipe so what is new is actually old. We carried a bresnam distrubiter and a celler pipe on our rig along with 2 low velosity fog applicators. The batteries I was talking about came from The January 2023 Fire Engineering.. It looks like the Chi-Coms don’t have to nuke us, they just can sell us the batteries and burn the country down. This battery fire problem really spread and NFPA 921/1033 plus John Norman’s 5 edition of Fire Officers Tactics doesn’t mention the batteries. Will have to see in edition 6.

RGR 4-78

Nope magnesium.

Aluminum doesn’t burn like magnesium.

Skivvy Stacker

“Some of the ads I’ve seen are just stomach-turning,” Don Harmon, of Oak Park, who sponsored the legislation.

That’s because you’re a liberal wimp, Miss Harmon.


That dude:


I was unable to locate the bill on Illinois Legislature on line. If anyone knows the name of it could they post it? I’d like to see it.

Personally when I was teaching my kids to shoot we went:

  • BB Gun
  • 10/22 (I let them pick out the dressing)
  • Bolt Action CFR
  • AR15
  • Pistol

I didn’t bother with the pistol until they were at least 20, as you have to be at least 21 to carry in my state. You don’t need a special sized AR for kids, just an adjustable stock. With the above firearms they had everything they would need for life as well, unless they want a shotgun.


If you know the House bill number, just type in Illinois HBxxxx, whatever the number may be. It will bring up what you’re looking for.

I unfortunately do not know the number.


Logical sequencing. I start them pistol shooting with my MK-III Target sporting a fat red dot on top as a confidence builder.


My kids are extremely divergent when it comes to firearms. The oldest doesn’t own any, but my son is really into them and probably owns a dozen or so already (and if he can swim to the bottom of Lake Pontchartrain, he can have the 100 or so I used to own before that horrible kayak incident with the narwhal). For better or worse, the 15-year-old is the only kid still at home with an interest in firearms, so naturally, I bought her a couple of Chiappa Little Badger rifles. Interesting and fairly inexpensive little single-shot .22 LRs, but officially she only has the desert sand one (or did her mom see the olive drab version with the scope? I forget.) She handles recoil really well also, so even the .44 Magnum or a 12-gauge shotgun is just a fun day at the range. Even so, I’ve mostly followed a similar pattern. I will be buying her a .22 pistol soon (18 is the carry age down here; by that time, she’ll have whatever she wants for self-defense), but for now she has the BB gun, her .22(s), and a bow. The latter will be upgraded soon, and she wants a crossbow. I’ll also eventually start getting suppressors. I can shoot in the backyard but only do so rarely since moving back to avoid being a nuisance. Suppressed .22s will alleviate that problem. Like most gun legislation, the advertising ban is just plain useless propaganda. Like you, I don’t see the need for a dedicated AR-platform for kids. Also, most .22 LR “ARs” aren’t true ARs–we sell S&W, Hammerli, and HK lookalikes that don’t use the Stoner design, being pure blowback in operation. We do sell a (CMMG, I think) .22 LR conversion for actual ARs, though. The thing is, gun safety, proper handling, and what to do if a gun is found unattended, will save many more lives than banning certain guns or restricting advertising. While only two of my children are “gun people”, all five know not to touch a gun unless absolutely necessary, and how to clear… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by fm2176


We typed in “guns” under “search”.

Maybe that will help.



You wipe that smirk off your face right this minute, you heah me boy? 😉 

Last edited 3 months ago by Poetrooper

psst…Ol’ Poe…our very own ninja is a girl…shhhh; mum’s the word. Not everybody knows that. 😜


As mentioned, that was of course the first thing I tried.

It seems Illinois just loves gun laws like a hooker loves crack. Several hundred results. Tried “advertising” no joy there either. Although I did learn they are now not going to allow weed to marketed to kids either. That should be even more successful than the gun thing.


The first weed dispensary in my area went in next door to state Police headquarters. They had to make no parking signs for their parking lot.

Patrons were also surprised to learn they couldn’t bring their purchases onto county run bus line since the bus is owned by the county and considered govt property.

Coke in the white house… fine
Weed on a bus….. no good.


This is the website that popped up when I typed Illinois hb…..

My cut copy paste skills suck on this tablet.


The Incandescent Light Bulb Ban went into effect on 1 August 2023….*Sigh* 🤔

If ya don’t follow the rules, the FBI is coming to get ya..😉😎

“FBI Sends In Heavily Armed Tactical Team To Unscrew Incandescent Light Bulb”


“BIRMINGHAM, AL — In an extraordinary display of efficiency and ruthlessness, the FBI’s crack tactical team descended upon a sleepy suburban neighborhood after receiving reports of an active incandescent light bulb.”

A deafening sound of helicopters filled the air as the FBI’s Tactical Light Bulb Unit (TLBU) descended upon the home of Mark Johnson and his family. The elite team, clad in full tactical gear, executed a precision landing on the Johnsons’ roof, then rappelled down and smashed their way through every window of the house.”

“Neighbors watched in bewilderment as Special Agent Lark, leader of the TLBU, commanded his highly trained team to secure the perimeter. “This is a Code Edison! I repeat, a Code Edison! We have an incandescent situation here!” he shouted into his radio. “If met with the slightest resistance shoot first and ask questions later, men. The stakes are too high!”

“The team moved with lightning speed, taking positions around the dining table and assessing the situation. After a tense standoff with the active burning bulb, the TLBU deployed Agent Patterson, the most experienced incandescent technician on the bulb squad, to delicately diffuse the volatile, slightly less energy-efficient incandescent bulb. As the nation held its breath, Patterson successfully unscrewed the bulb, triggering a round of applause from neighbors nearby.”

“At publishing time, Agent Rodriguez had tactically dismantled the chandelier to prevent any future incandescent light bulb situations from ever occurring again.”


Thank You for sharing that info, David!

The ninja family started stockpiling incandescent bulb for quite some time. We noticed it was/is getting harder and harder to find those bulbs…😠

Maybe your lamp is exempt?

Check This Out…

“The ban on incandescent light bulbs isn’t the only action the Biden administration is planning to take regarding light bulbs and energy efficiency.”

“Inn December 2022, the Biden administration and DOE announced a rule to double the minimum light bulb efficiency to more than 120 lumens per watt for bulbs commonly used by consumers – which would effectively ban compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. The rule is expected to take effect before the end of 2024.”




Compact CFL’s were only a bridge until cheap LED bulbs were available. CFL’s were never a good lighting solution.

My only compliant is that incandescents do provide heat and therefore where one desires heat and light they provide a good solution. For example two 100w bulbs will heat my sailboat up enough in winter to keep the pipes and tanks from freezing. This is way cheaper than running a space heater.


Gorebulbs suck.


I get heat-lamp bulbs to forestall freezing in my well-house pipes or chickens.
Still available for us country folks at least.


“For example two 100w bulbs will heat my sailboat up enough in winter to keep the pipes and tanks from freezing.”

Yeah, but what happens when you don’t over-winter in Key West? 😜 


1 August 2023.

“Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Now In Effect: What to know”


“The federal government’s ban on incandescent light bulbs took effect on Tuesday, more than a decade and a half after such a rule was first proposed intending to promote energy efficiency.”

“A federal regulation to ban incandescent light bulbs was initially issued in 2007 following the enactment of the Energy Independence and Security Act during the Bush administration. Implementation of the ban was delayed from its initial date of 2012, then the rule was broadened during the Obama administration before it was reversed by the Trump administration.”

“The Biden administration in April 2022 moved ahead with a new rule from the Dept. of Energy (DOE) banning incandescent light bulbs starting on August 1, 2023. The rule requires that light bulbs must emit at least 45 lumens per watt (a lumen is a measure of brightness). It also bans the manufacture and sale of non-conforming bulbs – but not their use, so consumers may use such bulbs that they already possess.”

“The rule effectively bans most incandescent light bulbs because they typically produce about 15 lumens per watt according to Philips, a leading light bulb maker. However, the rule contains exceptions allowing incandescent bulbs to continue to be manufactured and sold if they’re used in things like household appliances or certain types of lamps, including those for bugs, plants, or marine signals, among others.”


Incandescent bulbs are purely resistive loads and used
in many applications because of that feature.
Zero radio noise being one.
They have unity power factor unlike all the modern planet
saving magic light bulbs.
They will probably ban electric baseboard heat next.
Cheap to purchase and install and 100% efficient.


I’m calling bogus. It’s not an official FBI raid if no one shot a dog.

RGR 4-78

I thought that was the ATF that were the dog shooters?


No matter, do not identify as a dog. That guy in Japan who had surgery to look like a Border collie would be in a world of hurt here.


All letter agencies, cops and deputies too!

Viscous Pomeranian and tail wagging pupper, oh my!

NSFW, gun play by idiots against man’s best friend (what is looking like our only friend, tbh…)

Poor excuses for LEOs.


He was afraid for his life… from a pomeranian… and still couldn’t hit it. Dolt– Barney Fife had more sense/balls.

Last edited 3 months ago by Anonymous

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “turning money into smoke and noise”.


Seen pics of what happens in the cargo hold of an auto-carrier when one of those cooks off? All the crew can do is seal the bay off and hit the “Snuff” button. Complete loss inside.


It’s always “…for the children.” No, it’s not. It is always about more control over “We, The People”.

EVs have a place in the market…they work for some, but not for everyone. Buddy of mine that has a Tesla said he was advised by his insurance company (in FL) to NOT park the EV in the garage. Make of that what you will. Maybe some of y’all saw the article in the news feeds in re another ship transporting vehicles has been burning for several days. The fire started in one of the EVs being transported.

Another article in various news feeds, buried in and amongst the hysteria over the Orange Man Bad news, where a Pfizer whistle blower testified that shipments of the “vaccine” destined for certain government employees was NOT the same that was sent out for use on the general population. Horizon Corp grins.


Here’s a nice little tidbit to enjoy.



None of that matters to our beloved President, because he knows what pain is. A geriatric man losing a middle-aged son to cancer is exactly the same as a mother losing a son in an extremely poorly executed withdrawal from a war carried on by that President and his three predecessors. Also, it’s instinct for a career hand-shaker to extend a hand, even to someone who lost an arm under that career hand-shaker’s watch. Situational awareness is for younger men who lack protective details and haven’t made it to the highest levels of power.

We all know the Big Guy is a joke, projected into power at the end of his usefulness to make a point: play the game for long enough, and/or have powerful enough backers, and you’ll make it to the Big League. Even if you don’t win the presidency, you’ll get a nice Cabinet position (see Clinton, Kerry, Kamala, Buttchug, etc.).

Grieving families come together and can emphasize with one another, hence the point of the America’s Gold Star Families and other organizations. Those of us fortunate enough to continue living without losing immediate family members sympathize for those who must endure such pain. People like the Biden’s are far too self-important to feel true empathy or sympathy, after all, it is their ilk that caused such families to suffer in the first place.


Knowing that Joe is a selfish asshole doesn’t make the pain any less real.


Knowing that Joe uses these moments to project his kids as saints is disgusting.

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Another family of the 13 killled (Marine Ssgt. Taylor Hoover) ain’t happy about it:

Green Thumb

I wonder how much the False COmmander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) and All-Points Logistics skimmed off the top from COVID?

I imagine a pretty good chunk of change.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m sure that Don Harmon sucks his thumb every time he gets a bedtime enema from his Mommy.


Near Casa de Sparky Western Annex, a solar farm (you know, green power) battery storage facility caught fire. Not only did it burn for days but the local FD had no way to put it out, and the topper, nobody knows what blew into the air or leached into the water and soil around the plant.

Green power, kids.