Russian Army finds out, a second time, that regular open formations during hostilities is not a good idea

| August 5, 2023

Russian officers felt safe enough to have regularly scheduled open formations. They were in the Kherson area. The Russian leaders in charge of this area went garrison mode, holding troop formations in plain view of Ukrainian aerial drones. Then, one day, the Ukrainians worked with their drone operators to coordinate HIMARS strikes, taking out the mustering troops. This is the second reported incident where the Ukrainians targeted Russian soldiers standing in formations. Approximately 200 soldiers became KIA during each event.

From Business Insider:

The Russian units targeted in a Ukrainian HIMARS attack this week flouted a key wartime rule, military experts told Insider: Don’t gather in big, open spaces.

Ukraine on Tuesday said it launched a HIMARS attack on five Russian units gathered on a beach resulting in 200 casualties and destroyed equipment. Insider couldn’t independently confirm the number of soldiers killed in the attack.

Ukrainian media outlets reported that the strike took place on Dzharylhach island, a 26-mile-long sandbank in the Black Sea that’s part of the Russian-occupied Kherson region. The country recently set up training grounds for active military units to recover and train on the island, The Institute for the Study of War reported.

The country’s National Resistance Center, overseen by the Ukrainian army, posted drone footage of the strike on Facebook, showing Russian soldiers who appeared to be stretching and standing in plain sight on the shore just moments before HIMARS munitions struck.

“Massing your troops within striking range of the Ukrainians is unwise,” said Simon Miles, an assistant professor at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy who is a historian of the Soviet Union and US-Soviet relations.

“I don’t know whether the Russian military believed themselves to be far enough away that they enjoyed some kind of sanctuary, but obviously that was not the case,” Miles told Insider.

The Business Insider provides the balance of the story here. YouTube channel “Reporting from Ukraine” provides a detailed account of this event:

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Once burnt twice learnt. Don’t think so


What part of “Don’t bunch up!” don’t you understand?


Russian Navy’s Guided Missile Cruiser Moskva is unavailable for comment.

A Proud Infidel®™

Tuffski shitski for the Ivans once again!


Proving, once again, why The King of Battle IS THE King of Battle. You can’t run or hide…’specially when you try to hide in the open. Odd how the hard learned lessons from previous conflicts aren’t remembered. Also proves that “some” ossifers are not worthy of their shoulder boards. The FIRST (ht2 CW) of leadership is to take care of your troops.

This kinda, sorta ties in with my comment on the Artillery Thread from yesterday “…updating fires strategy…”. The modern battlefield is way yonder different than it was “back in the day”…or even 5 years ago. Just as you can’t “come at them in the same old way”, just to be killed “in the same old way”, you cannot feel safe “in the rear with the gear”. There is no rear anymore. The battlefield is evolving and technology is defeating “The Art of War” as it has been in the past. Cameras are everywhere and everything you do that can be seen, is seen. Somebody should have some ‘splainin’ to do, but it will be brushed off as “the hazards of war”.



China Beach it was not.


“Don’t bunch up.” A fundamental rule in a combat zone. In the Viet of the Nam, I used to tell my RTO’S, “if we hear gunfire, stay away from me; I’ll come to you if I want to use the radio.” More than one company commander was shot with a handset up to his ear and that radio antenna sticking up from the rucksack of his RTO.

Anna Puma

Adds new meaning to “reach out and touch someone.”


comment image


“Massing your troops within striking range of the Ukrainians is unwise”. Thank you, Professor Obvious.


AI wars have AI consequences.

Waffles and Dada sauce on the promenade at high noon, yah rabbits.

Most importantly, why is russia letting this happen?

Must be some of that unrestricted warfare.

Get ready for the launch


If you gonna be there when the canned sunshine is opened, the best place to be is at ground zero. You may see the flash but you won’t feel the heat.



I’m making it thru, bon Reb.

I got scores to even and chillens to manufacture.

You do you, but I’ll always have enough for friends, Lite’s on.


A long time prime target of a great big can of sunshine is about 20 air miles away, as the crow flies. I’m sure it’s still targeted for a Big Boy. Who knows, my little ‘ville may even still be targeted, there was a Nike/Herc Site here back yonder. EMP strike or grid shut down, I’ll be semi ok long as I can keep the unprepared eaters away. Calculated freedom seed quantities on what the local population was. Teaching the widow women lady friends how to reload stripper clips and mags. Welcome South Brother.


Hack Stone

So the only Russian soldiers to survive the missile strike are the slackers who do not adhere to the 15 minute rule?

Pave Pusher

E-4 Mafia 4 Lyfe.

Literally, in this case….

Pave Pusher

Aaaaahahahahahhhaaaaaa…… Baaaahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa…


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