San Diego Sailors Provide Military Intell to China, Charged

| August 4, 2023

Two U.S. sailors charged with sharing military info with China

By Geoff Ziezulewicz, Navy Times, and Julie Watson and Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press

Two San Diego-based sailors have been arrested and charged with providing sensitive military information to China, U.S. federal officials announced Thursday.

Machinist’s Mate 3rd Class Jinchao Wei, 22, assigned to the amphibious assault ship Essex, and Construction Electrician 2nd Class Wenheng Zhao, 26, of Naval Construction Group 1, were charged in separate indictments.

The two sailors were charged with similar crimes, but they were charged in separate cases, and it wasn’t clear Thursday if the two were connected or if they were courted or paid by the same Chinese intelligence officer.

Wei was arrested on a charge relating to espionage involving conspiracy to send national defense information to a Chinese intelligence official not identified in his indictment.

Zhao is accused of taking bribes in exchange for providing sensitive U.S. Navy photos and videos to a Chinese intelligence officer, according to U.S. officials.

Navy Times

Ship’s technical documents and schedules may be a low-level take for their Chinese handlers, but doubtless they had much bigger plans for these two bright fellows.

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Time to bring back keel hauling until they are shredded to pieces and then hang them from the yardarm.

It’s time to stop fucking around and start executing these traitors. Leave their bodies hanging on a pier as a warning to others who are thinking of doing the same thing.

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The Two Culprits…I mean Traitors…

You Be The Judge…


Nothing to see here, keep the line moving.


I have no doubt investigators did their due diligence and collected more than enough evidence to prove their case.

They will be judged on the actual evidence, not their ethnicity.



Yes, you are correct..!

(Not Sarc)



The question is whether their CCP handlers approached them because they might vulnerable due to their ethnicity, or did they seek out The CCP Intel because of their feelings about their ethnicity/”homeland”, or was this just about money, or a combination of two or more of these factors?

My guess is young sailors in a financial pinch (who isn’t with Bidenomics) that were targeted for the ethnicity and exploited by soul-less intel officers that know what buttons to push. Its my experience that immigrants/first generation American individuals are VERY patriotic. My neighbor from Trinidad is the most Pro-Trump person I know.


Gift cards for their X-BOX, perhaps?


These guys weren’t from Trinidad or even Iraq.


Jinchao Wei’s mother encouraged him so he could get a Chicom gov’t job later:


UCMJ 2.5

R (13).jpg

According to this story,
Wei wasn’t even a US Citizen.

[Wei, who was born in China,
was approached by a Chinese intelligence officer
while he was applying to become a naturalised US citizen,
prosecutors said, and admitted to the officer
that he knew the arrangement could affect his application.]

South China Morning Post
[US Navy sailors Jinchao Wei and Wenheng Zhao
charged with providing sensitive military information to China]

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UPDATE (4 days later, August 8).
Non-citizen Jinchao Wei’s MOMMY told him to.

[The mother of a U.S. Navy sailor charged with providing sensitive military information to China encouraged him to cooperate with a Chinese intelligence officer,
telling her son it might help him get a job with the Chinese government someday, the prosecution said Tuesday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Fred Sheppard made the accusation at a hearing in federal court in San Diego in urging the judge not to release Jinchao Wei,
who was arrested last week on a rarely used espionage charge.]


Chicom family values.


Remember THIS guy?

“Navy Officer Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison For Selling Guns To Chinese”

We guess those two traitors never heard about LT Fan Yang…

“A Navy officer will serve four years in prison after being convicted of selling weapons to a Chinese national convicted of conspiring to smuggle military engines and small boats to China.”

“Lt. Fan Yang, 37, was convicted last November and sentenced on Wednesday. Trained as an anti-submarine warfare officer, Yang had flown on the P-8 Poseidon aircraft.”

“Born in China and emigrating to the United States in 1999, Fan Yang initially served in the Navy from 2005 to 2007, becoming a naturalized citizen in 2006. After obtaining a degree in electrical engineering, Yang returned to the Navy as a flight officer in 2012.”

“While a few Zodiac boats and a couple of engraved pistols may not seem like much, at least we know that someone is checking all those endless pages of documents required to acquire a security clearance.”


Let’s not forget that a****** pilot sitting in Australia waiting extradition. He thought it would be a good idea to teach the Chinese US air tactics. He must have been one of those guys that didn’t have any friends while he was in the service


He has fewer now I would assume.

Herbert J Messkit

I’ll bet the chicoms threaten to harm relatives still living in China. Not an excuse but a caution for opsec


If you have personnel of Asian descent with access and any derogatory issues (cheating, money, booze, etc.) get on that sh*t ASAP because the Chicoms will be (and thanks to TikTok, OnlyFans and social media in general probably already know). Just sayin’. Nothing person, they’ll go there first.

Prior Service

But won’t I be a racist???? Said with sarcasm.


Left/libtards already feel Asians have “too much” and are evil oppressors like white people now, so it’s cool. /sarc

Old tanker

Sounds like maybe a couple of these idiots may have actually been planted rather than recruited after the fact of arrival. I am wondering if this is a follow along to the dementia in chief’s open border. If so then perhaps another treason indictment should be filed.


Max prison sentence followed by deportation.


Thor, Bubba and Tyrone like ’em slightly better than pedos but not much.


The problem with Chinese is that 30 minutes later, you want another one.


Ding Ding Ding… we have today’s internet winner.

No general tso chicken for you, but a bucket of wings, American, your choice of sauce and hotness.


Since the max is death do we send them back in a box?


A box, an urn, whatever’s cheapest to ship.


Chicoms exploit “Asian-first” ethnic solidarity like a mofo– they’ll target people of Asian (especially Chinese) first and hardest.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I hate to sound racist, but its way past time to start implementing the same rules within the entire US (military and civilian) as was implemented by the US Army in Korea – it didn’t matter what the position, NO Koreans were to be hired/etc in a US Army position. There was no way to reliably trace any/all influences and family relationships to make sure no one was under Nork influence.
We need to do the same with the Chinese. Period.
An updated version of the “No Irish Need Apply” (but with better justification).

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I ain’t too sure about that, Tox. We Irish are some shady sumbitches! Remember… we invented the VBIED.

Dennis - not chevy

Although there wasn’t much shade, let’s not forget 9 of the defenders of the Alamo were Irish from the Auld Sod.


This Never Gets Old…😆😅🤣😂


“Going For Broke: The 442nd Regimental Combat Team”

“The 442nd Regimental Combat Team, a segregated Japanese American unit, is remembered today for its brave actions in World War II. Despite the odds, the 442nd’s actions distinguished them as the most decorated unit for its size and length of service in the history of the US military.”

“Today, the 442nd is remembered as the most decorated unit for its size and length of service in the history of the US military. The unit, totaling about 18,000 men, over 4,000 Purple Hearts, 4,000 Bronze Stars, 560 Silver Star Medals, 21 Medals of Honor, and seven Presidential Unit Citations.”


USMC Steve

That stuff was just the hook to get them on the string.

Prior Service

Navy has ships. Ships have yardarms. Yardarms have ropes. Sailors have necks. Pick the highest one yardarm and hoist those sailors up high. Gives “Captain’s Mast” a whole new meaning.


It doesn’t have to be a real tall pole, yard arm or tree. Tie secure knot, Hoist them high enough to stand on tip toes only. Sooner or later, they will get tired and and be unable to hold the position.
Done deal, eventually.


No mention of their security clearance level. It seems we no longer restrict foreign-born servicemen, especially those born in hostile nations, like we did during the cold war. There are many news articles of Chinese-born engineers working at defense contractors, giving our technology to China. BTW, good job by NCIS, FBI, IRS-CI.


I had a young Chinese Soldier in 2003, legal resident alien, college degree, spoke a half-dozen different dialects, just an all around good kid that wanted to be a citizen. Would’ve been an excellent MI asset, but couldn’t get a clearance. He was a generator mechanic. Our awesome CSM dangled citizenship out there on a string as a re-enlistment perk, he basically told her (very politely) that he’d find another way rather than be extorted that way. Bitch. Drove a good Soldier out of the Army

Dennis - not chevy

In ’83 I had a legal resident alien who was fluent in every Latin based language and some Germanic languages. I asked why he was working for me; why wasn’t he in Intelligence. He said he wasn’t a citizen but he had applied and it was taking forever to become one. I complained to my boss who complained to his boss who called the Congress. In about a month a new citizen was on his way to his assignment in Intelligence.

I lost a good mechanic but the next one might have been better. The Air Force got a troop who could read and write Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, etc without sounding out the long words and knew what accents went where.

I say piss on each and all NCO’s who don’t help their troops become the best they can be.


The CE2 had a Secret and is a US citizen born in US.


Eric Swallowswell will vouch for them……


Yeah he will…or his girl friend fengfang…or DiFi’s driver. /s/ Gonna agree with Old tanker above, too. IMO, sleeper agents and there are plenty more of them out there, plus hundreds of military aged “refugees” of Asian descent that have poured thru the open borders. “refugees bring their families, terrorists come alone. Not really sure why the ChiComs need sleeper agents, now-a-days, other than to have a back up plan in case the PINO and his handlers are got taken out somehow. They have bought and paid for insiders that are at the top tier of our grubermint. The ChiComs have been playing the long game of World Domination since at least 1949 and are closer to attaining that goal now than they ever have been. We will see a direct conflict with them in our lifetimes…soon. Watch



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Skivvy Stacker

How much information could a Machinists Mate, and Construction Electricians Mate HAVE?
They fix machines and electric things for crying out loud….


I don’t know but Blue Prints and Electrical schematics of Okinawa Defense Radar system and Securlty movements of Pacific Navy Surface warfare center and testing center could be gold in the right intel Add a list hands. Just saying.


Also had info on San clemente island, you know place where SEAL Teams and other SOF conduct work ups for Deployments. Again Basics to us can be intel gold for the right person putting together an Intel package.


Spying, espionage, intelligence operations…whatever we call it now days, it’s old news. They spy on us, we spy on them. Wasn’t there something in the news a few years ago about the US tapping the phone if the UK Prime Minister? Anyway, you say China is spying on us? No shit? Really? Next!