800 lb Leg Presses Not Compatible with VA Claim

| August 2, 2023

An Army veteran who claimed to the VA that he “reported difficulty getting out of bed some mornings and an inability to stand for extended lengths of time,” but was also found to be posting videos of his 800 lb leg presses to his Instagram account.

Vet who leg pressed 800 pounds on Instagram admits to VA disability theft
By Jon Simkins | Jul 31, 2023

Charles Adams never skips leg day — not even when filing claims with the Veterans Affairs for service-connected disabilities that would render such exercise impossible. And though thick thighs may save lives, Adams’ quads are now costing him wads.

The 50-year-old Army veteran pleaded guilty July 25 to theft of government funds after he admitted to stealing $106,245 in VA payments for disabilities resulting from fraudulent claims, the Justice Department determined.

According to court documents, the St. Louis, Missouri, resident applied for increased disability in 2017 “due to service-connected degenerative disc disease with degenerative arthritis.” As part of that application, Adams “reported difficulty getting out of bed some mornings and an inability to stand for extended lengths of time,” claims he maintained during ensuing medical evaluations.

A VA medical examiner noted in the court records that Adams walked with a noticeable limp during the evaluations and demonstrated “severe limitations in his range of motion, rotation, and other use of his back.”

Such claims soon became difficult to validate, however, when they were juxtaposed with the gym routines Adams shared to his Instagram account.

Adams is now required to giving back 100% of the disability funds he stole, in accordance with his plea deal. He also faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Now he’ll potentially get three hots and a cot and can do all the leg presses he wants.

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Too much muscle between the ears?


And not enough of what matters between the ears.


Good follow up.
Sentencing can be another.
Adams is scheduled to be sentenced October 25.


It’s all good, sbalm. Nothing at all wrong with a duplicate post on a co@ksucking, embellishing, thieving POS. Even as much time as I spend lurking here, I miss a post now and again. Had missed the one from 2 May on Timlin when it FIRST (ht2 love sick Chippy) posted. Very unusual for me, but I was on a TAD Mission then had a week or so of connectivity issues.

May the next “leg press” this POS, Charles Adams, feels is when the “middle leg” of the Boys in Cell Block D press against his squeak hole.


“let it ride” Brother that brings back memories:

Prior Service

Sweet Justice! However, it is stories like this that make me dread going to my almost 35-years of service retirement physical. Pretty sure all this stuff going on is service-related….


Good sturdy legs. He will need those in the big house when he is bent over the bunk.


My cousin is a PI in the NYC Metro area and at one time specialized in insurance fraud. He told me his already shaky faith in humanity was totally destroyed by the shit people will do for the love of money.


The exact plot of this 1949 short by The Three Stooges.

Check out the last minute.

Fraud exposed,
when The Three Stooges (bad quality stunt dummies)
break the (pencil?) flagpole,
butt plant the building,
yet magically fly through the window,
causing the female fraudster to jump out of her wheelchair,
witnessed by the insurance guy with the big check.




Let me see if I understand this.

A -licensed doctor-

Presented with a patient with long term -difficulty moving-

Failed to notice gym-rat legs capable of an 800 pound squat?

Was the doc using a white cane for the exam?

Green Thumb

I am sure the doctor has some prior training at All-Points Logistics.


jeff LPH 3 63-66

“three hots and a cot” was NYC Guardian Angel founder Curtis Sliwa’s commonaly used saying.

tom reynolds

It’ll be more than his legs getting pressed the next few years.


I’ve been “going to the gym” for a couple of years now, despite my service-connected disability. I mean, I pay Anytime Fitness monthly and checked out the local facility once in the past year, spending about 20 minutes on the elliptical, so that counts, right? No, physical pain and a slew of other ailments keep the gym fresh in my mind but out of sight for now. You can bet that if and when I actually start making positive lifestyle changes, though, workouts will be planned around what my body permits. Oh, and I won’t be sharing workouts online, because who the hell would want to see fm2176 working out? Well, if I decide to, I’m starting an OnlyFans.

Nowadays we benefit from having something we largely didn’t have until 10-15 years ago–social media. Narcissistic and self-important phonies are gonna post what they’re gonna post online. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 70-year-old “Special Forces Recon SEAL Vietnam Vet” or a 50-year-old “Disabled Vet” with more physical capability than most people half his age. Charles Adams can eat a bag of d!cks, and probably will in prison.

I have a strong disdain for those who file fraudulent claims. This is just one reason I don’t speak to my brother, an “80% Disabled Vet” who got booted from the Army in 1991 after less than six years in, managed to upgrade his discharge, and spends his disability check on meth for himself and fellow methheads. Yeah, his claims are mostly post-service injuries and lifestyle choices but are consider “service connected” now that he’s gone from an Other Than Honorable to an Under Honorable Conditions discharge.


“Adams “reported difficulty getting out of bed some mornings and an inability to stand for extended lengths of time,”…
A VA medical examiner noted in the court records that Adams walked with a noticeable limp during the evaluations and demonstrated “severe limitations in his range of motion, rotation, and other use of his back.” ”

Wow, those VA examiners sure are tough.

FFS, I have all those problems and more, and I guarantee there ain’t no videos of me leg pressing 800 lbs. 200% disability pension, here I come! PLUS free meds and commissary privileges, I may actually have to pay some income taxes.


wow…they made me show them the MRIs, Xrays, etc from 20 years of treatment while still in the Army…


I provided my Army medical records and got maxed out from the get-go, but I can guarantee that there’s no way I’m lifting, pressing, or doing anything else at 800 pounds. I’ll be having a good day, taking stairs two at a time, then suddenly a knee will buckle, or a pain will shoot up reminding me that the rest of the day is going to be limptastic. Similarly, I’ll be in a good mood until a customer says a swear word or anything negative, then I’m disappearing and thinking about clocking out. I guess you can say I’m not exactly a people person these days. I’m not sure what his rating is, but I know one guy who legitimately should receiving every benefit he can despite being a bit physically imposing. I went through OSUT with Jason Pegg, and while waiting for one of daughters to finish cheerleading practice years ago I stopped into a store and saw none other than John Morrison (WWE wrestler at the time) on the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine. Being fresh back into watching wrestling for the first time in over ten years, I picked it up and saw a cover note about a Vet who’d almost lost an arm but had recently performed a 1000 lb. deadlift. Sure enough, it was Pegg, a former corrections officer turned Airborne Infantryman who had to fight to keep doctors from amputating his arm after being wounded in Afghanistan. This guy is an inspiration, albeit one I would never try to emulate. I last spoke to him while waiting for the plane to arrive at Dover AFB for a Dignified Transfer ceremony and found out he’d been messed up bad. When I saw that magazine, I somehow knew it was him that was the subject of the article. Some people can work through pain and drive themselves to perform great feats that most of us can’t. What separates the great people from the physically strong but still inferior people is the ability to be honest and to not rip off the taxpayer for fake or… Read more »


yeah…as one with the degenerative disc disease and degen arthritis I can tell you…there are no leg days in my life anymore.

Back pain can be something where you have “good days” and “bad days”…but the good days are not what most folks experience and the bad days are debilitating.

Lock this turd up and toss him from the shithook at about 7500 feet.


Phony “US Marshal” charged for impersonation.

It’s not “free speech” to flash lights to run red lights,
then pull out a marshal badge when pulled over by local police,
claiming to be a marshal from Texas, on special assignment.

Plenty o’ Stolen Valor type bullshit and lies in the 2nd half.
(Florida, near Ocala).


Yeah, he was HAF on Diazepam.


Isn’t the whole point of the leg press machine that it removes the back from the equation?

If he was actually squatting 800# (or even half that), I could see an argument….

Is there more than a leg press involved?


Don’t try to rip-off the VA or you’ll be trying to claim that 100% disability is mental. Fraud is a felony.

Last edited 4 months ago by Anonymous

Office Space remains the most realistic film depiction of military life.


Once ticked-off an O6 by having a red Swingline stapler dummy-corded to my desk by ten feet of 550 cord…


Being a Gen-X kid, I happily placed the POP! figures on top of my cubicle in the JFHQ. I even have the exclusive Sticky Note Man (from the movie art).


Well, that explains all the
“pieces of flair”.