Charles Adams, hard time getting out of bed, easy time doing exertion exercises

| July 27, 2023

Ninja brings to us one Charles Adams, a veteran who successfully obtained VA benefits for “serious” disabilities. He appeared at his examinations showing physical limitations that convinced the examiners that he rated the disability that he desired. Unfortunately for Charles Adams, he saw the need to demonstrate his strength on social media while engaging in strenuous exercises. High level resistance workouts for the internet, low level physical performance for his compensation examinations.

From the United States Attorney’s office:

Charles Adams, 50, of Berkeley, pleaded guilty in front of U.S. District Judge Henry E. Autrey to theft of government funds.

Adams underwent multiple medical evaluations after he applied for increased disability benefits due to service-connected degenerative disc disease with degenerative arthritis. In April 2017, he reported difficulty getting out of bed some mornings and an inability to stand for extended lengths of time. A Veterans Administration examiner noted that Adams walked slowly and with a marked limp. At a November 2017 back examination, Adams demonstrated severe limitations in his range of motion, rotation, and other use of his back. However, soon after the examination and again in March 2018, Adams performed various strenuous exercises with high levels of resistance, including deep squats, leg presses with over 800 pounds of resistance, rope pulldowns, and other high intensity exercises or movements that were inconsistent with the level of back limitations he demonstrated at his examinations, his plea agreement says.

Videos posted to Instagram, under the username @tlf_trainer, show Adams lifting heavy weights and squatting, in late 2017 and March 2018. The videos contradict Defendant’s claims that he was limited in his abilities to lift, squat, bend, stand, walk and sit, his plea agreement says.

Adams filed for Veterans Administration individual unemployability benefits in February 2018. Included in his application was a statement from a doctor stating that he was very limited in movements including bending, stooping, twisting, lifting more than 25 pounds above shoulder height, kneeling, running, jumping and standing.

Adams also applied for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in August of 2019 after a January 2017 application was rejected. In his second application, Adams represented that his medical conditions affected his abilities to lift, squat, bend, stand, walk, and sit. He never reported going to Club Fitness for workouts, however. Adams checked into Club Fitness the day before a July 7, 2020 hearing for his second disability application, later on the same day as his hearing and the day after.

Adams continued to work out at Club Fitness in 2020 and 2021. In June 2021, Defendant attended a medical review for the VA. Investigators watched as Adams walked normally and lifted and carried bags of trash before going to his examination. When he arrived for the examination, he used a cane to walk and did so at a much slower pace.

Additional information can be read here, here, and here.

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Green Thumb

I imagine he was pumping iron at the gym at All-Points Logistics.


There is a euphemism there that I can’t quite put my finger on, and wouldn’t even if double latex gloved in MOPP level 1,000.

{shudders with a blank stare affixed}


…or without Descovy for PrEP.


That 100% disability is clearly mental.


These Jack-Waggons are what makes it hard for deserving service members to be believed when applying for deserved benefits. I know several that were denied for actual service related claims, and others that were full of s*** but got it anyway

Like the guys that are 100% for PTSD, but never left the FOB!


This is what happens when you monetize pussyfication.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

I hope he bursts into flames the next time he takes a shit.


That is an oddly specific curse…🤣


Yeah… and I’m stealing it 🙃


Dining at Taco Bell can do that in some cases. Refried Confusion and Brain Salad Surgery on the menu.


…weapons of ass destruction there. I


If this is actually possible, I’m going to start eating ice cream after each meal!


And the Oscar goes to…. Not Him


Betcha the Boys in Cell Block C can help him with his bending and squatting exercises, Prolly supplement his diet too.


You must be referring to those BJ&T deli sandwiches with extra man-mayo.


Ask Subway’s Jared…
comment image


Thank You, thebesig, for posting the article and your thoughts and insight on that Crook.

“Videos posted to Instagram, under the username @tlf_trainer, show Adams lifting heavy weights and squatting, in late 2017 and March 2018. The videos contradict Adams’ claims that he was limited in his mobility.”

Pretty sure his picture is at this link..


Thanks for the link. Why am I not surprised?




“Retired Army Veteran with a lengthy passion and experience for beauty, health, and fitness, coupled with my background in athletics led me to becoming a certified personal trainer. I strongly believe in the necessity for an active lifestyle, Encompassing a balance of all the compulsory components of fitness. Over many years, it has given me great satisfaction to pass along my existing knowledge and enthusiasm with the highest standard of service, safety, and professionalism to those wanting to adopt a lifestyle of physical and mental well-being.In addition to being an avid personal trainer and nutritional coach participating in many avenues of health, beauty, and fitness, Utilizing my over 25 years of real-world experience, I aspire to continue broadening people’s understanding of the importance of a healthy existence. Credentials: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer CPR & AED”

His Instagram account:


More appealing than “Stupid *sshole who lies about my service to get laid and sound cool.” but that’s not saying much.


I wonder
IF his website(s) and social media
undergo any changes,
or go POOF,
between now and the October sentencing.

Some don’t get the time to do all this…
but Adams has the time.

Amateur Historian

I’ll repost tomorrow morning in case anyone missed this.


Supposedly, the family has debunked this by saying the DoD has reimbursed them for the $60K.


I am getting the opportunity to interview a gentleman this Monday that wrote in his resume that while serving as a USMC Recruiter he was able to enlist 15 Marines a month. Very interested in hearing how this legendary recruiter was able to overcome any and all obstacles. 🇺🇲 


I pay for a gym membership but have gone exactly once since retiring. I want to, but life gets in the way. My 100% P&T rating came as an absolute surprise to me, but I’m constantly reminded between arthritis, other joint pain, nausea, and a lot of other symptoms as to why I shouldn’t protest over getting maxed out upon retirement.

If I get it in me to start going to the gym, and somehow work through pain and discomfort to start getting “gains”, I’m not advertising. I mean, just five years ago I was doing PRT with Soldiers less than half my age, and one year ago I was leading the Preparation Drill for field grade officers. I’m sure that some of my physical issues are due to a lack of exercise these days, but working through them does not make necessarily make me able-bodied. Even so, if I renew my fitness regime and things get a little better, I’m not going to post my progress on social media while getting paid for pain.

That said, if you can handle the physicality of working out but still decide to play up “disabilities” for the sake of increasing or keeping a disability rating, you’re a piece of absolute garbage, probably worse than what Adams was seen carrying out before his examination.

Jack Mehoff

I don’t think the issue is that he was lifting “heavy” weights. It was the other stuff, like limping into appointments with a cane. Hell I’d even goes as far to as to say not even the limited range of motion without discomfort was the problem. It 100% the cane shit. Had he not done this he would be fine.

I’ve seen some people in the comments say “this is why you shouldn’t lift weights or post it” and that’s dumb. Look at guys like the 1leggedmonster, Derek Weida, etc who Hans very clear physical disabilities and yet still lift heavy ass weight. Exercise is medicine and actually helps with symptom management. From personal experience it’s when I don’t lift weights that my neurological pain shows it’s face. I manage my pain everyday, it’s never gone but it’s managed. Is this guy a clown, yes but if your reservation against lifting is the at itll impact your VA paycheck, just don’t lie about it and you’re fine. You can let press 800lbs and still have the pain and limited ROM issues.