Satiddy Shorts: Rooshian shenanigans, Biden admin against shooting safety, AF Spec Ops staying put

| July 29, 2023

Okay, they are Polish. But they are MiGs.

Let’s lead off today with a bit on how Russian pilots over Syria are continuing their actions against US drones. This is the sixth time recently.

A senior Air Force commander said the move on Sunday was an attempt by the Russians to knock the MQ-9 Reaper drone out of the sky and came just a week after a Russian fighter jet flew dangerously close to a U.S. surveillance aircraft carrying a crew in the region, jeopardizing the lives of the four Americans on board.

Are they doing it because they are upset over out Ukraine aid? Supporting Iran? Various reasons are offered.  AP News

Kinda wonder what it would take to put a short-range training rocket with an inert nose on a drone. MiG-boi trips his flares, the drone sends  one past his cockpit – somehow I would think that pilot would lose his enthusiasm for screwing with our drones. Especially if there were two missiles mounted on the drone. “Gotta ask yourself, Ivan -??????? ?? ????  (Do I feel lucky?)” Nothing says they both have to be training rounds….

And in another example of Biden administration arm-twisting, the Department of Education, those conservative folks we all love (maybe a little sarcasm there, have determined that if a school has a marksmanship, gun training, or archery program that it  is no longer qualifies for funds for them, despite having received such funds since 1965.

They are hanging this on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) passed last year

The legislation included an amendment to an ESEA subsection listing prohibited uses for federal school funding. That amendment prohibits ESEA funds from helping provide any person with a dangerous weapon or to provide “training in the use of a dangerous weapon.”

However, in a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona earlier this month, Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Thom Tillis, R-N.C., expressed concern that the agency is misinterpreting the provision which they said was included in the BSCA last year to withhold education funds for programs training school resource officers, not for hunting and archery classes. School resource officer training was funded under a separate provision.

Tommy Floyd, the president of the National Archery in the Schools Program…  his organization boasts 1.3 million students from nearly 9,000 schools across 49 states who are enrolled in archery courses.

“It is ironic that the U.S. Department of Education is actively denying young Americans the chance to educate themselves on basic firearm and hunting safety so that they can go afield knowing how to keep themselves, their friends, and family safe,” Ben Cassidy, executive vice president for international government and public affairs at Safari Club International (SCI), told Fox News Digital.

“At best, the department’s policy appears to be singularly geared to ensure hunters are less safe when handling firearms or bows and, at worst, are leveling a direct attack on hunters’ ability to pass down hunting to the newest generations,” he continued. Fox

Once again, a misrepresentation by the Department of Children’s Propaganda. And you wonder why gun folks seem a bit paranoid. Heck, we KNOW they’re after us.

Air Force Special Operations Command will remain at Hurlburt Field in Okaloosa, FL. About 600 of the 900 members will, however, transfer to Arizona’s Davis-Monthan AB over the next 5 years to establish the 492d Special Operations Wing there.

US Sen. Rick Scott released a statement on the changes after a conversation with Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall.

During a Wednesday conference call, Scott and US. Rep. Matt Gaetz vowed to be “very aggressive” in fighting to keep the Special Operations Command intact at Hurlburt Field. They had been informed that Kendall wanted to speak to them Friday to discuss “programmatic basing actions” involving Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

The base is home to 26,000 active duty service members, their families and contract workers, Scott said.

“I’ve been fighting all week against the potential move of the Air Force Special Operations Command and asking for transparency from the Biden administration,” Scott said in his Friday news release. Pensacola News Journal

Oughta make the Florida folks happy.  However, I think they stole that motto from an esteemed former girl friend…

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I was more than surprised to hear DoD contemplating reducing or even doing away with certain Air Force Special Operations MOS ‘s. With the recruitment crisis, is not like millions of 18-23 year olds are knocking down doors at Air Force recruiting offices. JTAC and PJ MOS’s are hard to fill in the best of times.


Had to look up programmatic. The recurring definition on the word seems to relate to music or advertising. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough.

And also, what else does Davis-Monthan AFB do besides store aircraft in the driest climate available? Kind of like a U Wrench It for planes.

Old tanker

DM does all the A-10 training for new pilots to the airframe. They also have some sort of secret squirrel C130 ops. You know the bird with mega electronics. When I wintered there at the fam camp on base a few years back the signal that bird put out would disrupt Sat TV in the rig. It simply drowned out the signal even when on the other side of the base in the pattern. If it was on your side there you might as well just forget it until they stopped flight training.


I’m sure all the direct TV subscribers were plenty happy with that going on.


11th Signal Brigade had a field site on a corner of DM for 30+ years. That went away when Tucson expanded and subdivisions went in just across the fence. We were banned forever after we jammed the entire neighborhood. 2k watts SHF from 4-6 parabolic antennas shooting through your suburban paradise seriously jams your satellite TV, radio, possibly your cordless phone and garage door opener. Oops.


Not to mention all the FLKs.


Those secret squirrel EC-130Hs (COMPASS CALL) are being replaced with ones based on the Boeing 737 platform.

HQ 12 Air Force was based at DM on my last visit there. Among oter things it serves as the Air Force component of Southern Command.


I may not be up on the latest version, but I had an infiltration ride to Southern Germany in a C-130E in 1973. It had a cargo area that was about a quarter occupied with a series of electronic consoles that were curtained off. The aircraft was painted in that flat black radar reflective paint, and it had the twin booms for the STARS recovery system. The aircraft was designed to penetrate the radar and anti-aircraft systems of the Warsaw Pact nations. That night it dropped an SAS team with dirt motorcycles and two four-man SF teams. It was quite a ride as the plane simulated avoiding enemy AA batteries at 200 feet AGL.


Our own Old Tanker sent this along. It’s not really an FGS or SPOTW. The dude is indeed a thug, but he really, really didn’t want to talk to the Po-Po.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I want to know what year/make/model car the perp was driving? Anything that could take that much licking and keep on ticking…..I want one.

Looks like the perfect car for teenage drivers.

Skivvy Stacker

“Steven went to Mora
When he had the madman blues,
Had the madman blues.
Steven went to Mora
When he had the madman blues.
Well, they put him in St Peter
and they took away his shoes.
They took away his shoes
and they took away his belt,
took away his belt.
They took away his shoes and
they took away his belt.
They thought they knew all about
how a madman felt..

[Madman Blues, “From the Ladle to The Grave”; Boiled in Lead, 1990]


Did anyone else notice how he used his blinker? While fleeing the police? I was crying laughing every time the blinker signaled


And we’re still in Syria, because….? I repeat…good thing Orange Man Bad wasn’t re-elected or we’d be in a shooting war somewhere and running low on ammunition stocks.

How many of us old geezers remember school parking lots in the 60s with various and sundry firearms hanging on racks in the vehicles? Remember all the school shootings that happened back then too? Nice profile on Wilma Tell there, Davy Boy…and she’s a brunette.

“…asking for transparency from the Biden administration,” Only thing transparent about the xiden admin is that it is full of grifters and crooks that are continuing oblowme’s mission to “fundamentally change the face of America”. When the JEF says he blew a tranny it doesn’t mean that he’s having car problems. And his motto, too, is “Anytime Any Place”.


comment image?w=480&ssl=1


I remember. There was also no controversy over Aunt Jemima syrup or Uncle Ben’s rice. Any claim these products were demeaning to Black people would have been considered absurd.


I thought that archery babe looked familiar- Geena Davis. Heard she was a hardcore archer, who almost made the Olympic team.


And in another example of Biden administration arm-twisting, the Department of Education, those conservative folks we all love (maybe a little sarcasm there, have determined that if a school has a marksmanship, gun training, or archery program that it is no longer qualifies for funds for them, despite having received such funds since 1965.

I find it interesting that the State of the Art Marksmanship facility on The Citadel Campus is the Daniel K. Inouye marksmanship facility.

The Citadel is one of six Senior ROTC colleges in the country reciving federal funding


The Party is Mother. The Party is Father.



Back in the day, all Land Grant colleges and universities that had Army ROTC programs had marksmanship programs and facilities. At mine, we had an indoor small caliber range, and we had access to a KD range at an adjacent Army reserve base. One of my high schools had Army junior ROTC. We had a basement range where I learned to shoot a Remington model 40X, and was on the rifle team. Everything good seems to be destroyed or impaired by progtardism.

USMC Steve

Both missiles live rounds. Engaging the drones is still an act of war. Think how embarrassing it would be to get shot down by a drone.