Navy Centenarian Flys Again

| July 27, 2023

Donald Muncy, 100 Years Young

Sent by a fellow flyer.

Navy veteran airman, age 100, flies again on vintage World War II pilot-training biplane

‘I live to fly,” Donald Muncy said after soaring over central Ohio with Dream Flights

By Kerry J. Byrne | Fox News

A U.S. Navy veteran airman who served the nation in two wars took to the skies over the heartland again yesterday.

“I live to fly,” Donald Muncy, 100, told Fox News Digital after soaring over the cornfields and town square of Urbana, Ohio.

“I was raised on aviation. It’s always great to get in the air. It was a beautiful flight,” he said.
Muncy, who served the United States in both World War II and in Korea, took cell phone video and snapped photos from the front seat of the open-cockpit 1942 Boeing biplane piloted by Dream Flights founder Darryl Fisher.

The tandem took off from Grimes Municipal Airport in Urbana to celebrate the organization’s 6,000th trip with an American World War II hero on board.

Fox News

I’d rather be flying, too. Mr. Muncy could have told our intrepid reporter the name he is searching for is “Stearman.” Great story, thanks Mick.

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Awesome story. Some one born in 1923 would have been 18+/- at wars end. Not many of those chaps left.


A greater birthday present could not have been given.

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Next flight, he’ll have his own personal set of wings.
Happy flying, airman Muncy!


Can only dream of having that much left in the tank at 100.


A real nice warm and fuzzy kind of FGS. A BZ and Salute to Dream Flights!

I get paid in satisfaction. And I’m overpaid.” — Dream Flights founder Darryl Fisher


Yeah, and maybe this gentleman can provide his opinion on a certain series of Naval aviation documentaries…🤣


AW1Ed and Mick:

THANK YOU both for sharing this wonderful story about Mr. Muncy!

Isn’t this him in the video?

Please see the write up about him that is included in the video.