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| July 21, 2023

Several articles lately that apparently some folks are misspelling .mil on some unclassified mails and by omitting the i. sending to .ml.   .Ml is a Mali domain name, and Mali is not one of our bosom buddies.

“Since 2015, the Department of Defense has been aware that typographical errors could result in the misdirection of unclassified emails intended for a ‘.mil’ recipient to the ‘.ml’ domain,” Lt. Commander Tim Gorman, a U.S. Department of Defense spokesperson, told ABC News.

OK, they are unclass mails, so no harm/no foul, right?

Some of the emails sent to Mali reportedly reportedly contained sensitive Pentagon information such as diplomatic documents, passwords and the travel itinerary of top defense officers.

Sensitive information? Lord knows the Pentagon will classify rat crap given the slightest opportunity – diplomatic documents and travel plans don’t qualify?

Johannes Zuurbier, a Dutch internet entrepreneur who has a contract to manage Mali’s county domain, said he identified the problem almost a decade ago. Zuurbier, who said has been collecting misdirected emails since January in effort to flag the issue to U.S. authorities, said he has close to 117,000 misdirected messages.

None of the redirected emails were marked as “classified,” however some are reported to have contained “highly sensitive” data including information on serving U.S. military personnel, official itineraries, contracts, maps and images of bases, he said.

Sounds to me like some of those mails might oughta been marked classified and protected even a little somehow?

He added, “By 2023, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) was blocking outbound emails to 135 .ml domains and subdomains. In July 2023, DISA began blocking outbound email to the entire .ml domain with the ability to allow legitimate emails.”  ABC News (all)

Sounds to me like the DoD guy needs to chat with the Dutch fella .

Speaking of the Pentagon – it is now the world’s SECOND largest office building. The new Diamond Bourse in Surat, India, is supposed to be 7,100,000 square feet. The Pentagon tips the scales at 6,500,000 square feet.  CNN

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Good Morning, David!

We think our beloved AW1Ed covered this story the other day?

It is still worth repeating!

Thank You!


What we noticed was this:

“None of the leaked emails that were reported came from a DoD email address,” Singh said, adding that the department discourages individuals from using personal emails or credentials for official work.”


Skivvy Stacker

Yeah, it was covered, but it was sent to Mali.



Folks gonna folk.

No doubt PVTs/LTs Snuffy have help from the dependapottomii in their lives. But probably not as much as their own dances with the Good Idea Fairy.

Funny how the “OPSEC” acronym contains the words “except me of course”


Explains much…


Eh, I’ve witnessed field grade officers post flight times on Facebook then laugh when called out on it. Mali is far less feckless than our own leadership.

Private Snafu died long ago and is hopefully too buried in USO pussy in cartoon heaven to bother rolling over in his grave.


Break out the snuff cans and some string…or bleach bit and a hammer.