New York City to pay around $13.7 million in damages to George Floyd rioters

| July 21, 2023

New York City settled a class-action lawsuit filed in federal court. The George Floyd rioters behind the lawsuit argued that the New York Police Department violated their rights via “unlawful” tactics. The 1,380 individuals who were arrested and or experienced force in the hands of the police officers will receive $10,000 each. Many of these rioters argued that their first amendment rights were impeded.

From the Post Millennial:

According to the New York Times, under the terms of the settlement, the city would pay around $10,000 to each of the 1,380 people who were “arrested and/or subjected to force by NYPD officers” during the 2020 riots in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

While a number of those involved in the class action lawsuit had been arrested, many were not, and simply claimed that they had had the ability to exercise their First Amendment rights impeded.

In an interview with Business Insider, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, Elena Cohen, said the goal of the lawsuit was to protect peoples’ rights.

“This is about people in New York City being able to protest, being able to be in the streets, being able to say what they think about the government,” she said, “and to do it without being afraid that they’re going to be physically hurt.”

Lawyers for the city argued that the protests were often not peaceful, highlighting that some “devolved to looting and rioting.”

“Protesters set police cars ablaze; vandalized precinct houses; threw rocks, bricks, bottles at officers; stabbed, punched, bit officers; and hurled Molotov cocktails at officers,” they added.

The Post Millennial has the rest of the article, and a link to an interview, here.

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“The 1,380 individuals who were arrested and or experienced force in the hands of the police officers will receive $10,000 each…”

After paying lawyers and NYC tax and NY State tax and Federal Taxes, wonder how much those individuals will actually receive after $9,950 per person.

Speaking Of NYC…You Reap What You Sow, Eric Adams!

“NYC Issues Posters Telling Migrants To ‘Consider Another City,’ Warns Of Sky-High Prices”

“New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced Wednesday that his administration is putting out new posters telling migrants to “consider another city” and warning of high costs for housing, food and transportation in the Big Apple as it struggles to deal with its share of illegal immigrants.”

“We have no more room in the city,” Adams stressed at a press conference, calling for economic support from the federal government and a “decompression strategy” across the country.”

“Adams rolled out the posters, which outline how over 90,000 migrants have hit the city since April last year, and said, “There is no guarantee we will be able to provide shelter and services to new arrivals.”

“Housing in NYC is very expensive,” the posters say.”

“The cost of food, transportation, and other necessities in NYC is the highest in the United States,” it says.”


Elect leftists, get sh*thole.
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Couple this with the settlement paid to the minorities who couldn’t pass the teacher’s exam and it sure seems NYC has some real dumbasses working these issues. Reason 15,493 why I left.

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Zeros in the wire… I say again:

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ooooohhh….Some poor babies had their panties twisted and their 1A rights “impeded”? (I prefer the word “violated”, with all that implies)
And what about all the citizens, shoppers, and store owners that had their rights “impeded” by the “mostly peaceful protests”, with all the rioting, looting, burning, and property damage?
If I had my druthers, the street lamps all up, down, and around the burnt areas would be decorated with the bodies of the “mostly peaceful protestors”.
And the only thing the city would have to buy would be more rope to replace & augment what was used. A bargain at twice the price.


Their 1st Amendment “expression” meant violent looting of high-end Free Sh*t in protest of Capitalism by their definition, course. Anyone who didn’t like that was “racist” and violated their Constutional rights.


Violence is “speech” according to their Leftist logic (as they learned from progessive academics) and so anyone with a different opinion was violent against them (especially if they tried to keep ’em from looting, rioting and arsoning against others) and must pay!

They got some fancy lawyer and proggie judge happily bought the consequent legal BS argument.

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pookysgirl, WC wife

No one paid for my plane ticket and cab fare so I could show up in person and give these idiots my best Jim Carrey impersonation, so clearly my 1st Amendment rights have been violated!

AT1 ret

Sooo past the time for AR2.


It would seem that NYC could’ve benefitted from some Rooftop Koreans.

Prior Service

I prefer to call that a support by fire position utilizing elevated key terrain, manned by a multinational force. But RK works, too.


That’s the schoolhouse definition.

Forest Bondurant

That’s a hefty chunk of change to be awarded to somebody who was hired to lay waste to private property and destroy businesses – under the guise of “peaceful protest.”

Something tells me George Soros and/or BLM funded this too.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Replies of the goblins; “MO’ FREE SHIT, GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!!!”

Amateur Historian

Rioting is a fist amendment right?! No, it’s not!!!

Current mood: incredulous

Amateur Historian



$10,000! More drugs, more credit debt, more money.


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As long as they keep this crap in places like NYC, Seattle, LA, etc…


And they say they don’t have any money to support our uninvited guests from the South.


We usedta use the phrase “non-electric pop-up targets.”


NYC needs to pay out and pay out big. Maybe eventually the city will bleed dry and become the Detroit of the Eastern Seaboard. Let the five boroughs petition for independent governance away from a collective NYC, as voters continue electing people like AOC who chase away big companies like Amazon. Big business leaves, Wall Street relocates (let’s be inclusive and have them relocate to Tulsa, OK, home of Black Wall Street before the riots of 1921, because…reparations), and we let a Detroit-ized NYC become the homeless capital of the East Coast (if it isn’t already), like LA seems to be on the Left Coast. Druggies in the bus terminals, tents on the sidewalks, and excrement everywhere. Free money, free drug kits, fentanyl distribution centers, and if you try to earn a wage or pay taxes, you’re part of the problem.

Glad I live on my own little parcel of a poor and undereducated, but mostly anti-woke Southern state.


7.62X39 rounds are running ’bout $0.47 these days. Jus’ sayin’.

See my Home Boy Jason Aldean for his take on this kind of activity