Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| July 18, 2023

Shocked I am! Nobody could have seen this coming!

She just wants to really fuck whitey

The effort a modern leftist will go through to kill a baby

Dq fuq?

The bearded lady is selling makeup

“Time blindness”…the epitome of this self obsessed generation

What a creep

Keep this woman away from kids

Snow White ain’t so snow white and the dwarves are…not very dwarvish

What a creep

Leftist defends child sex trafficking

Chemical castration isn’t permanent, huh?

What a creep

Shocked I am! Nobody could have seen this coming!

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“Transgender Activist Wants Uterus And Ovary Transplant… To Get Pregnant And Abort A Child”


“It is a head scratcher in more ways than one. Even a surgically constructed “vagina” would not have the functionality of an actual, biological vagina/vaginal canal. Aside from this, the activist would apparently have to be sexually active with other biological males identifying as females (who are still biologically intact males and possibly not even on hormones)… and one of them would somehow need to get the activist pregnant using the donated eggs, ovaries, and uterus of a biological woman who identifies as male.”

“And each of these people would have to be willing to help create a baby with the sole intent of killing that baby.”

“The likelihood of this all happening is slim to none, of course. While the first uterine transplant in the United States in 2016 failed and the uterus had to be surgically removed after the 26-year-old female recipient developed a serious complication, about 30 have been carried out in the U.S. since then. However, none have been carried out on a biological male, whose body is not designed to grow or birth a child.”

“Getting pregnant requires a complex balancing of female hormones. If even one factor is off, it is difficult for a biological female to achieve pregnancy — nevermind a biological male taking a cocktail of estrogen, progesterones, and testosterone blockers.”

“Of course, that doesn’t mean transgender activists and money-hungry experimenting doctors won’t try.”

“The fact that any person would want to get pregnant specifically to kill an innocent child just to make those who disagree with them “scratch their heads” points to an internal narcissism and evil that is difficult to comprehend — as commenters to the video pointed out.”


“The one upping of sick and twisted is so obvious it’s a cry for LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! Exhausting and boring at this point,” said @Cheri_Kentucky.”

“@LegalBlondy52 wrote, “Absolute satanism. What an abomination” and @LibertyDentOn called it, “Literal evil. We should not be tolerating these people as a society.”

@Steve ethereum.hbar said, “This legitimately might be the most evil thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Frankly, whether this transgender activist’s video is meant to be a joke or a serious statement, it is heinous to discuss preborn human beings as if they are simply objects to be created and then intentionally destroyed.”

RGR 4-78

Good luck to this fellow when he starts adding the anti-rejection drugs to his chemical cocktail.


Thank God it cannot breed.


You can’t fix stupid, but it can be medicated.


Left/libtard traumatized and butthurt from having debate due Libs of Tik Tok exposure:

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The Tiktocker who claims to suffer from “Time Blindness” is from Soldotna, Alaska:

“Connections Honors More Than 100 Graduates”


Guess Who Else Is From Soldotna, Alaska…😆😅🤣😂


Yep. Ole Alaska Bob.

He definitedly has “Time Blindness”.

He has yet to share his DD214 proving he served in Vietnam.



The ‘stache alone is worth an Achievement Medal.

Green Thumb

His fat ass is holed up in some roadside bar drinking up the donation money.

Probably hanging with Phil Monkress to boot….


The Snow White Movie?

This Is All We Gotta Say…😉😎


The hits just keep on, what?


Keep going “woke,” keep going broke.


Randi Weingarten wants kids to read “banned books”?

What about this one?



Now I want pancakes.


With butter.


Pretty sure I still have that book somewhere..


All editions of the book are worth a bit. Some editions are worth a pretty penny…up to USD 5K. As well as JCH Uncle Remus and “Song of The South”. Coming up in Mid GA during the 50s and 60s, attending school, church, and playing with black kids, we had no “racial issues” and those kids enjoyed the books as much as we did.

By dividing the races the politicians intend to conquer us all.



This Story Sounds Fishy…

“North Korea Detains US Soldier Who Crossed Military Demarcation Line, Official Says”


“An American soldier has been detained in North Korea on Tuesday after crossing the Military Demarcation Line…”

“The U.N. Command earlier said that a U.S. national on a tour to the joint security area between North and South Korea crossed the Military Demarcation Line without authorization and is now believed to be in detained in North Korea.”


Bergdahl 2.0?


He’ll enjoy forty years of making propaganda films and a kidnapped Japanese wife.


“An American soldier crossed the heavily armed border from South Korea into North Korea, U.S. officials said Tuesday. He went “willfully and without authorization,” the U.S. military said, becoming the first American detained in the North in nearly five years at a time of heightened tensions over its nuclear program.”

“The American-led U.N. Command overseeing the area tweeted earlier Tuesday that the detained soldier was on a tour of the Korean border village of Panmunjom. The soldier purposefully separated himself and ran away from the rest of the group, according to a U.S. official who was not authorized to comment. The official added that it’s “not normal” for active duty service members to go on such tours.”

“The U.S. military in South Korea also said in a statement that he “willfully and without authorization” crossed the military demarcation line into North Korea.”

“There have been a small number of U.S. soldiers who went to North Korea during the Cold War, including Charles Jenkins, who deserted his army post in South Korea in 1965 and fled across the DMZ. He appeared in North Korean propaganda films and married a Japanese nursing student who had been abducted from Japan by North Korean agents. He died in Japan in 2017.”



“In January of 1965, twenty-four-year-old U.S. Army sergeant Charles Robert Jenkins abandoned his post in South Korea, walked across the DMZ, and surrendered to communist North Korean soldiers standing sentry along the world’s most heavily militarized border. He believed his action would get him back to the States and a short jail sentence. Instead he found himself in another sort of prison, where for forty years he suffered under one of the most brutal and repressive regimes the world has known. This fast-paced, harrowing tale, told plainly and simply by Jenkins (with journalist Jim Frederick), takes the reader behind the North Korean curtain and reveals the inner workings of its isolated society while offering a powerful testament to the human spirit.”


“US Army Sergeant Who Spent Four Decades ‘Living Like A Dog’ In North Korea After Crossing The Border Drunk Because He Feared Being Forced To Fight In Vietnam Dies Aged 77”



Anyone Remember THIS Guy?

Edward Donald Slovik.



“Forty-two years after Slovik’s execution, his remains were reburied next to his wife, Antoinette.”


I remember watching this. Pretty good, as I recall. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Execution_of_Private_Slovik


 “The official added that it’s “not normal” for active duty service members to go on such tours.””

Bullshit. The USO used to organize DMZ tours all the time.


Every time I’m there, I keep turning down opportunities to go. (Ain’t changed any since I seen it, ya know.)


Every time I see a nose ring, I need to control the urge to grab a 9 volt battery and test their mental illness rage. The shock test range is either positive or negative numbers!


Use a fluorescent light starter capacitor. Bigger jolt.


Just in… Female divorce lawyer (a likely left/libtard) declares jobs where people have or seek responsibility and have the authority to produce results for that are “narcissistic” and men holding them should be avoided: fireman, cop, soldier, doctor, pilot.

Responsibility (including personal responsibility) and taking initiative to do that are dangerous and bad. (Just take what you’re given and be good boy, comrade!)
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The irony is that she is a Lawyer and forgot that Women can be Firefighters, LEOs, Soldiers, Doctors and Pilots…


Nor will she appreciate “Hey, who’s sexist now?!”


She is not a lawyer; she is a Prog propagandist with a law degree.


Stolen Valor Story About James Vasquez Worth Repeating And Reading:

“The Making Of A Fake War Hero: An American Who Reinvented Himself As A Social-Media Soldier In Ukraine Is Accused Of ‘Stolen Valor’:


“Vasquez often spoke about his military background, claiming that he was a sergeant and that he had been in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm and in Iraq after 9/11.”

“A Pentagon representative, however, told Insider that Vasquez was never deployed to either of those places — or anywhere else.”

“Vasquez was a fuel and electrical systems repairer in the New York National Guard from July 1992 to July 1993 and in the Army Reserve from July 1993 to August 2003, the Pentagon said. He left the Army Reserve as a private first class, which is one of the Army’s lowest ranks.”

“When confronted by The New York Times in March, Vasquez acknowledged misrepresenting his military record and said he’d been kicked out of the Army, but he would not reveal the circumstances of his discharge.”

“Not only did he apparently lie about his military background to join the fight in Ukraine, but it turned out he had lied about his service for much of his life to even those closest to him.”


Didn’t we mention him a few months back?



That is why we said the story is worth repeating and reading!



Still a douchebag loser.


Just me, or is this post getting longer each week?


SOMEONE’S Gotta Do It…




President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



KoB, off the top rope for the takedown! And the crowd goes wild!


Clean tone, target in the open…Just another day at the office, My Good Man. May need a working party for a clean up on A Deck. Awaiting counter battery fire.


It’s About Time!

Where Are Their Parents?

“German Woman Drags Radical Climate Activist By Hair For Blocking Traffic As Public’s Anger Mounts”


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

More and more, I want these EcoNazis to be hurt when they’re being removed from their blockades.
But first, as a Good Citizen, WEAR A COOF MASK. After all you wouldn’t want to spread your Deadly Disease among the Eco Terrorists, would you? (wink wink)
THEN pull the hair. HARD! TWIST! Make the protestor say OUCH!
Grab backpacks, pull them off, throw them FAAAR away.
Go after the camera people. Knock the cameras and cell phones from their hands, step on them. “OOps. Did I do that? Must be because I’m missing out on my psychotropic med appoint due to your blockade.”
At the end of the linked article, there’s a pic showing two burly men dragging off an Eco Terrorist. To me they’re doing it wrong. The protestor should be face down (not face up), and the Two Burly Men should drop the arms enough to make the Protestor eat asphalt (maybe even loose a tooth or two) once in awhile.

Being stoopid should hurt.
Not enough is being done to make these protestors Feel the Pain.


drag by the ankles, not the arms…


Ok, I confess. When I first read the link I thought it said “…blocking-road-hair-pubics-anger-mounts” and I was wondering how they managed to get ahold of the short curly hair.

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That kid in the front has a bad case of gingervitis.


Due to the cost of diesel fuel for the MorBark Machine, a shortage of hemp rope, and not wanting to waste freedom seeds on the trash I
have an old piano that still has the wires in it that I am willing to donate for these fools.


See how fail this one on here


I’m not liking you very much right now. Excuse me while I go poke out my eyes.


Spell check is still a issue with me
But yes I should have posted a 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Alert on this meme


I also don’t need validation from white people.

Or anyone really.


I only need validation for parking.


We see a common theme in socialism: justice and media. Social Justice Warriors flock to social media to get their moment of glory. Some are truly brainwashed feel-good Lefties with a sense of “gotta do something!” Most are clout-and notoriety-chasing narcissists who just want to gain some level of fame. They’ll gladly take infamy in its place, so long as people know their names and faces. After all, people like me are proclaimed to be “on the wrong side of history”, so they’ll get their due rewards in time, while I’ll be relegated to the dust bin.

There is an attempt to make gender bending the norm. Ten years ago, it was accepted that some people experiment sexually, and questioning sexuality was normalized to the extent that nearly every facet of society now has the resident LGB person. Now, it’s the TQIA+ types that are being promoted as normal. There’s the totally legit Rachel Levine, the completely sane and normal Sam Brinton, of course the athletes in competitive sports and even in MMA, and now the stunning and brave beauty pageant contestants. Funny, most of these people are male-to-“female” transitioners. A recent comment I made on YouTube had a response where the term autogynephilia was suggested. Sounds pretty accurate when I think of weirdos like Mulvaney, Clymer, and Manning, who have all allegedly decided to become “lesbians”.

It’s likely that the so-called “MAPs” are the next in line to be considered as a protected and even promoted class. We already have people proclaiming that they’re coming for our children. If that’s the case, we need the anti-justice DAs and judges to continue refusing to prosecute and sentence. Let the “MAPs” meet the Felons and others who can’t stand a weird chomo looking POS, and we’ll see how things pan out.


Where all the sex-freakiness is going for our aspiring Leftist overlords:
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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I take it that she hasn’t seen “Starship Troopers”?

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Perhaps not– she’s supposed to know it’s the other way around in our enlightened future. /sarc
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Bleach Demons:

She hates white people! All of you/us! She’s not gonna let you on her side! Quit trying! Go live your life, and let her live her’s!