Nominee for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is asked questions related to transgender policy

| July 11, 2023

Air Force general, Charles Q. Brown Jr., was nominated by Team Biden to replace General Mark Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Naturally, one of the questions that senators asked him involved the military’s transgender policy. Many are blaming this policy as contributing to the military’s recruiting challenges. One senator brought up a specific instance where a female trainee had to deal with being in an open bay and taking showers with men.

From Fox News:

Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. made the remark after Republican Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota spoke about how “a young woman in the South Dakota National Guard experienced a situation at basic training where she was sleeping in open bays and showering with biological males who had not had gender reassignment surgery but were documented as females because they had begun the drug therapy process.”

“This 18-year-old girl was uncomfortable with her situation but had limited options on how to deal with it. If she raised her hand, she feared she’d be targeted for retaliation,” Rounds said, asking Brown, “If confirmed as the chairman, how do you propose to handle situations like this, which I truly believe may be impacting recruitment and morale by placing a disproportionate emphasis on gender-related ideology?”

“Senator, one of the things I’ve thought about in throughout my career — as you’re being inclusive, you also don’t want to make other individuals uncomfortable,” Brown responded. “And so… as we look at our policies and approaches and get feedback like this, we have to take a look to see if we can improve on how we approach situations like this. And as I’ve done as a service chief, as I’ve done throughout my career, if confirmed, I will continue to do so.”

Brown appeared on Capitol Hill Tuesday as the U.S. military continues to face an uphill battle to attract new recruits — a concern repeatedly brought up by senators during lines of questioning.

Fox News has additional information here.

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Governet at work, again.

Slow Joe

And this is the part when I ask if Carlie Q Brown made it that high due only to his achievements, or because of the color of his skin.
This is the part where you all call me teh racissss fo asking that question.


Interesting article reference Hunter Biden receiving a Direct Commission in the US Navy Reserves at the age of 43.

Was it because he is “White”?

A Democrat?

Or simply because he is a Biden?

You Be The Judge, Slow Joe.

“So, What Were Hunter Biden’s Connections To Get A Commission?”



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comment image


Ummm, was there an answer in that bunch of words?


Yeah, he said; “working on it”. “Bitches” was implied but not explicitly stated.



Maine Highlander

A General Officer named Charlie Brown! With that word salad he spit out, the General deserves to be the next CJCS. Kamala Harris is probably impressed as hell with Chuck’s verbal meanderings.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Word salad”
“all sound and fury, signifying nothing”

Deplorable Racist Neanderthals quote Shakespeare? You’ve never fooled me, Tox.


Us Deplorable Racist Neanderthals attribute that quote to William Faulkner, a good ol’ Mississippi boy.

Who’s this Shakespeare you speak of, Yankee Doodle? 😜 

“Word Salad”, you beat me to it. Also, meaningless word salad and corporate speak.


Isn’t this the guy who said the military was a white boy’s club, and he was going to change that? Also pushing DIE- which is counter to the idea of merit basis for recruiting, hiring, and promotion. This man is the opposite of what the military needs- but he is what Obama and Biden promote.


Between Idi Amin Austin and this guy, they’ll be serving Soylent Green in the Mess and it’s all White Meat.

If Barry only had a son…



idi amin.gif

Idi Amin reputedly enjoyed the wholesome pastime activity of beating white men to death with sledge hammers… 🙀 

Forest Bondurant

Rest assured; he’ll be nominated because there isn’t a vestige of conservatism anywhere in DC.

And tomorrow, FBI Director Christopher Wray is supposed to face questioning, which will be followed by fake outrage from the GOP. Nothing will come of it.


Rhetorical question to follow, break: if one can’t handle to be made uncomfortable, how can that person be productive?

But also, if that person is normal in an abnormal and amoral situation, is the discomfort earned?

Poles with poles, holes with holes. And anyone that that wants to be the other isn’t GI-grade.

These are not serious people and should be handled as such.

I won’t be taking requests for comment, or your comments.


Everyone who “identifies as male” required to register with Selective Service until age 36? (Fair’s fair, you know.)


He should have asked…
“What would you do to reverse the abysmal recruiting numbers of the current administration?”

A Proud Infidel®™

The current administration has an agenda they’ll stop at nothing to pimp and inflict; thus they’re looking for whoever they think will be their most compliant useful idiot.

Green Thumb

Yo, General CQB!

My butt hole itches, will you scratch it?

Benjamin Tech

Engage: DoubleSpeak!

Slow Joe

What did you expect from a Biden nominee?


I guess what we used to call “ticket punching” is now called “checking the boxes”/

What a freaking farce… and freaking freaks.



First and foremost, we have a 4 star General in the USAF with zero air medals. For the non-flyers, that means he never flew his aircraft (F-16) in combat. He has combat time in the back of aircraft transiting the CENTCOM AOR while the CFACC, but not actual bomb dropping/missile shooting. He is a skilled pilot, weapons officer, former Weapons School commandant, but that is fake war without the danger of real missiles. Do I think he avoided war…dunno? He’s intelligent, but a political fool. He cemented the CSAF nomination by making an ignorant video after George Floyd died. He, and the CMSAF, lost the respect of most in the AF with poor policy decisions that has led to a greater pilot shortage, and a sweeping cut to the TACP/JTAC community. Simply put, he is out of touch.


What happened to the warrior generals? Asking for a friend.


C-in-C Zero got rid of them.


So by catering to the .01% we will relieve the shortfall in recruiting from the other 99.9%? Got it.

Fred of the 173rd

Screw the trany stuff. The man is a racist and a commie. Has the military degenerated to such an extent that a clown like this can rise to flag rank?