Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| July 11, 2023

It does say a lot

I thought they were against gun violence?

The camps will fix these recalcitrant kids

This is some seriously disturbing mental illness

Poor kid is going to be so confused

Good God

What is this abomination?

This dude is officially the hottest chick in The Netherlands

Child sex trafficking is good now?

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Sex Ed Summer Camp? A movie about stopping child sex trafficking is bad? WTF?


More Ben & Jerry’s fallout- parent company Unilever stock has lost 8.4B, as in brazillion, USD in market cap between 3 and 10 July.

Ben & Jerry’s ‘Ice Cream Month’ Video Melts Down
By Lee Barney
‘Late-night TV personality Greg Gutfeld of “Gutfeld!” suggested the “virtue signaling” ice-cream maker ought to come out with new flavors recognizing its hypocrisy…

..Ideal new Ben & Jerry’s flavors, Gutfeld suggested, could be “Reservation Ripple,” “Smoke Signals Sorbet,” “Peace Pipe Pistachio,” or “Dylan Mulvaney Munch.”‘

Ben & Jerry’s ‘Ice Cream Month’ Video Melts Down | Newsmax.com


I feel like I have to go take a shower after just reading these on here.
I guess I’ll just go wash my hands instead.


Agreed– ick. COL “Bat” Guano had their number:
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If y’all have 8 minutes of free time, recommend you watch the video below:

“The Erasure Of Women Continues…Africans React To Transactivists.”

This is in reference to the Dude who is seeking GOFUNDME to buy a breastpump because HE wants to lactate and give infants “Transgender Milk.”

The two gentlemen in the video NAILED IT with their comments/feedback.

IMHO, the wannabe “lactater” has SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUES and needs pychological help. It seems he only wants to fulfill HIS want…HIS need…HIS desires.

So obvious he is not sincerely interested in “helping” infants by providing them “breastmilk”.

Once again, our children are being used as science experiments.

Hitler, Stalin and Mao tried to do the same with innocent children.

Please pray that sensible folks do not give in to this erractic, sick behavior to appease a few.

Here is the video:


21049 (1).jpeg



Couple of thoughts:


The camps will fix these recalcitrant kids- any teacher that has to do this to kids, need to be the hell away from kids. They aren’t there to teach!

Lactating, trans dude- SIR, you still won’t lactate, you can’t produce milk and you never will. Parents, keep this weirdo away from your babies!🧟‍♂️

Raises his children as gender neutral- poor kid has 2 moms!🤦🏼‍♂️

Male models female swimwear- better be careful, there could be some slippage! 🤮

Common sense has to take over at some point!!!


“Common sense has to take over at some point!!!” We can only hope!


There is still common sense out there, but all too often it is portrayed as raysis.

You can still be charged for buying a minor alcohol or cigarettes, but nothing is done to those that parade naked in front of children.

There is a boat load of other examples, but I don’t have the energy to hunt and peck my response. Plus, I only have about 1600 or so words left according to the counter in upper right screen.


It’s “racist” now! /sarc

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The Chippers, they hunger.


That ominous roar you hear in the background is just the gardener spooling up a MorBark.


Funny Man Bill Hader does his best impersonation yet…

Bill Hader V Miss Netherlands.png