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| June 17, 2023

Florida sheriff puts drug dealers on notice after bust of ‘methed up’ mom-daughter duo: ‘Lock your butt up’

A Florida sheriff warned criminals that his deputies “will lock your butt up for being a drug dealer” after a “methed up” mother-daughter duo was arrested during a traffic stop.

“Well folks it’s time for this week’s episode of ‘Methed Up and Found Out’ as this past Saturday morning, Deputy David Guzman arrested Michell Cannon and her daughter Jazmine Cannon for being ‘Methed Up!!” Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said in a Facebook post Monday.

The mother and daughter were busted Saturday morning when Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy David Guzman pulled the pair over in Port St. John for an expired car tag, according to Ivey.

During the stop, Guzman and Deputy Darien Fedro saw “drug paraphernalia in plain view” in the car and conducted a more thorough search, according to Ivey. The deputies found a lockbox containing “a clear sandwich bag with a large amount of a crystal-like substance,” as well as scales to ostensibly weigh the drugs, and other “drug paraphernalia.”

“??Deputies Guzman and Fedro both looked at each other and said, ‘Man, that’s methed up’ as the crystal-like substance field tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed approximately 17.6 grams. Also located were several used syringes and one specific syringe that contained a yellowish liquid which later field tested positive for fentanyl,” Ivey wrote of Saturday’s arrests.

The deputies determined that the more than 17 grams of meth allegedly belonged to mom Michell Cannon, leading to her being transported to the local jail, which the sheriff dubbed “Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge.” She was booked on a $34,000 bond for trafficking in methamphetamine, possession of fentanyl, driving while license suspended with knowledge, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Deputies also found Jazmine Cannon had less than a gram of meth hidden in her bra and a used syringe in her pants. She was booked on a $2,500 bond for possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

“On a positive note, Michell and Jazmine qualified for the ‘family plan’ at the ‘Iron Bar Lodge’ which doesn’t really do anything for you other than get you a framed ‘family booking photo,’ which makes for a great conversation piece during the holidays!!,” the sheriff quipped.

“If you don’t think we will lock your butt up for being a drug dealer in Brevard County… just ‘Meth Up and Find Out!!’” Ivey concluded.

Source; Fox News

National Parks Service Hilarious Guideline For Tourist Wildlife Safety

Staying a safe distance away from wildlife should be common sense. National parks and state parks provide plenty of signage instructing visitors to stay a certain distance away from animals but it seems like we can’t go a week during the summer months without a story of people blatantly disregarding these rules and regulations.

In response to the released this simple to follow guideline about wildlife safety. Here’s an idea, if you’re headed to a National Park save it as the visual reminder screensaver on your phone so you’ll have a quick reference for proper protocol if you see an animal and wonder if it’s safe to approach.

Here’s the NPS’s message to visitors encountering wildlife:

National parks offer a unique experience for watching wildlife. But with that privilege comes great responsibility. Visitors are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of the animals, too. Simply put, leave animals alone—no touching, no feeding, no harassing. Just remember to keep your distance, and enjoy your experience watching wildlife.

This message is not for those followers who know what’s up and would never dream of getting too close to wildlife on purpose. Thanks for leading by example! Think of this as a message to share with others you know heading out to a park. “Vacation brain” sometimes takes over, and people may let their guard down, or get taken in by bear’s ears and other cuddly thoughts, only to have a less than pleasant experience in nature. It happens. Every year.

Infographic entitled “Wildlife Safety” with a chart of two columns. First row has an illustration of someone feeding a squirrel “nope” example next to an illustration of a person distanced next to no feed sign as “better” example. Second row has an illustration of a person taking a selfie next to a bear as and the word “nope” next to an illustration of a person far away from a bear with words, “good job”. Third row has an illustration of a person next to a moose with the word “nope” next to an illustration of a person far away from a moose with words, “now you got it”. Fourth row has an illustration of a person about to touch a bison as a “nope” example next to an illustration of a person running away from charging bison herd with words “Good luck”.

Source; Unofficial Network

Plus-size influencer Jae-lynn Chaney rips plane seat policies after demanding other flyers pay for extra seat

A plus-size travel influencer is demanding that airlines change their “discriminatory” policies that make larger flyers pay “twice for the same experience” — admitting that making such a change may make fares for everyone more expensive.

Jae-lynn Chaney, who made headlines in April after starting the petition “Demand for the FAA to Protect Plus-Sized Customers,” doubled down on being discriminated against while flying due to her size.

“People with smaller bodies get to pay one fare to get to their destination,” Chaney, who has to buy an extra seat while flying, told CNN Travel.

“We have to pay two fares, even though we’re getting the same experience. If anything, our experiences are a little bit more challenging.”

While Chaney has held firm in her demands, in April she admitted that if her petition’s demands were met, ticket prices for all customers would likely increase due to demand.

“It is difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all answer to the question of who will pay for the policies mentioned in the petition,” she told Fox News after her petition gained traction.

“However, what is clear is that the mistreatment and discrimination of plus-size travelers is unacceptable and must be addressed.”

She added, “Implementing policies to accommodate plus-size passengers may come with associated costs, but these costs must be weighed against the benefits of creating a more welcoming and inclusive travel experience.”

In her petition, Chaney urged the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to mandate that all airlines create a comprehensive customer-of-size policy that “prioritizes the comfort and well-being of all passengers.”

Chaney, as well as other plus-size travelers and travel experts, are calling on airlines in the US to standardize their policies.

Canadian air passenger rights advocate Gabor Lukacs told CNN he considers the practice of charging larger passengers for two seats a human rights issue.

“Being a large-size person is not a choice, as many people mistakenly believe,” Lukacs said.

“There is, unfortunately, a lot of negative attention and prejudice against plus-size people.”

Lukacs noted, “It’s not as if someone is getting up in the morning and making a decision that they’re going to be a large person. So through that lens of human rights, I don’t see any justification for charging these people a double fare.”

He went on to say that airlines don’t provide discounts to smaller-size passengers or children.

Aside from the financial burden of purchasing two seats, Chaney says there are many other difficulties she faces as a plus-size traveler, especially when faced with hostile passengers or flight attendants.

“The stereotypes that surround plus-size travelers, and the hostility towards us when we’re traveling by plane is honestly horrendous,” Chaney said, noting that she receives similar hostility when sharing her experiences online.

Source; NY Post

Orlando police officer arrested after speeding through traffic, swerving around car in bodycam video

A Florida police officer was arrested when he was caught speeding on his way to work before arguing with a sheriff’s deputy and driving off last Friday.

Orlando Police Officer Alexander Shaouni allegedly drove 80 mph in a 45-mph zone in his marked patrol car without any light or sirens on, according to dashcam footage.

After seeing Shaouni race past him down a local road, the sheriff’s deputy activated his lights, turned around in a nearby driveway, and pursued the speeding squad car.

By the time the deputy got turned around, Shaouni was nowhere in sight — and the deputy was forced to hit triple digits driving down the two-lane road.

“Over 100 miles an hour trying to catch up to him,” the deputy says during the chase.

When the deputy finally caught up to the fleeing patrol car, Shaouni seemingly turned his own lights on and briefly pulled over before he drove off again.

The pursuing deputy yells out the passenger window, asking Shaouni if he is going to pull over once he finally stops.

“What are you doing?,” Shaouni asks. “I am going into work, my man, why are you trying to pull me over as I’m going into work?”

“Because you are going 80 in a 45,” the deputy answers.

“I am going to work,” Shaouni responds, before showing off his uniform, with an Orlando police vest. “What does it look like I’m dressed for, what does it look like I’m dressed for.”

The deputy then asks Shaouni for his driver’s license as he attempts to conduct the traffic stop.

Shaouni hops back into his patrol car and takes off after refusing to hand over his driver’s license, with the deputy once again giving chase.

Shaouni was charged with resisting an officer, reckless driving, and fleeing/eluding a law enforcement officer with lights and sirens active, according to a booking report viewed by The Post.

Following the failed traffic stop, officials were able to identify Shaouni through his badge and police cruiser number, while bodycam footage also showed his name written across the chest of his police vest.

Shaouni was relieved of his duties from the department shortly after the arrest, pending a review.

“The Orlando Police Department was notified by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, June 9th that OPD Officer Alexander Shaouni was involved in an incident that occurred in Seminole County that resulted in criminal charges,” the Orlando Police Department said in a statement to WESH 2 News. “Officer Shaouni has been relieved of duty pending the Seminole County Sheriff’s criminal investigation and OPD’s Internal Affairs investigation.”

Source; NY Post

A family who found 800,000 pennies in their basement tried to find a million-dollar coin, but gave up and now want to sell the lot for $25,000

After stumbling across a hoard of 800,000 pennies in the basement of an old family home, a couple set out to find a million-dollar penny — but gave up after an hour and listed the whole lot for $25,000, news outlets reported.

The needle-in-a-haystack search began when John Reyes and his wife were clearing out her old family home in Los Angeles, KTLA reported.

In a basement crawl space, they found an unusual trove that belonged to Reyes’ father-in-law before his death: a stash of roughly 800,000 copper pennies.

The US reduced the copper content in its pennies in the 1980s, prompting Reyes’ father-in-law to save the older coins, with the belief that they would appreciate in value, The Washington Post reported.

The stash was so vast that it took a whole day to remove it from the basement, the couple told KTLA.

Moving the haul to a second location also turned their pickup trucks into lowriders, Reyes told The Washington Post.

After making the discovery, Reyes contacted his nearest Wells Fargo Bank branch to see whether it would take the pennies, but the manager said there wasn’t enough room in the vault.

Hearing of the size of the hoard, she said they should pore over the coins to see whether there was a treasure in their midst that collectors might pay top dollar for.

“You probably have a million-dollar penny in there,” she told him, according to The Washington Post.

Indeed, some mint-condition Lincoln pennies from 1971 can be worth up to $1,000, while much-older rare pennies have gone for up to $1.7 million.

Doing some basic research, Reyes set out to find such a treasure, The Washington Post reported.

But the family gave up after an hour of looking through roughly 300 pennies, the paper said.

“We had no clue what we were looking for,” Reyes said.

They’re now pinning their hopes on a $25,000 sale of the whole lot, KTLA said, which is still roughly three times the coins’ face value.

Reyes said he’s talking to “a really serious buyer” who’d then have the tantalizing possibility of finding a treasure or two among the 800,000 coins.

Source; Insider

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The Fat Power activist can’t lose weight? She might have to pay double on a plane for a reason– like actually needing two seats. Put down the Ho Ho!

A Proud Infidel®™

Who forces her to eat an entire pizza in one setting and complain about not losing weight because she washed it down with a diet soda?


Either Trump or The Patriarchy… not sure which she’d pick here.


Well, this is clearly Trump’s fault. Afterall, she probably squirrelled away all those Ho Ho’s and Ring Dings when his office had the cost per pallet of Hostess products way down.


That fat ass is lucky they don’t charge by the ton or she wouldn’t be to fly at all.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

You may be having ONE “experience”, but you’re taking up TWO seats to do it. So “pull your own weight”, and pay for the TWO seats.


From a distance who was the bigger idiot- the 80 mph cop or the 100 mph cop?

Here’s a pic from SI’s Swimsuit Edition.

si plus.jpg

I think most police would assume that if they saw an out of jurisdiction police car running twice the speed limit with no lights and sirens there would be something wrong, like the car was stolen or the driver was drunk or both.


The answer is both.


Now that’s just wrong, Big Dawg! Knowing as many news feeds I cull thru daily and avoiding click bait articles that have talked about this issue, you could have at least just put the linky addy instead of a copy image post. DaHell I do to piss you off? Oh…wait…never mind. That 2nd Naval Aviation Documentary had a mention of “Payback”.

Teh stoopid…burns as it should!


Speed up! Speeeeeed upppp!


The Orlando cop video must be seen to be appreciated. As a walking lawsuit, he was literally begging to be fired.

Old tanker

I saw the video and concur. Later an article came up indicating he was booked then released on bail. That kind of development is pretty much the nail in his job coffin. It is better to be late for work than to lose your job and end up in jail.

Unfortunately we have to recruit LEOs from people and sometimes people do stupid things.


Unfortunately we have to recruit LEOs from people and sometimes people do stupid things.

Ya, they frown on knee capping jaywalkers, that’s when I knew I couldn’t be a Cop.

A Proud Infidel®™

I wonder how long he was on the Force? sounds to me like he had the attitude of a Rookie Mall Security Guard.

A Proud Infidel®™

As to those who JUST HAVE TO get close to large wild animals despite the warnings, I say DARWIN AKHBAR!!!

Old tanker

Sometimes the fluffy cow gets a bit feisty.


No-one needs an “Armored Assault Cow!”


Custer State Park in SD and Fort Robinson State Park in NE have herds of those woolly beasties that will come up to you looking for a handout. Park Rangers get pissed when people will pet them. Beasties get pissed when they DON’T get a handout. Don’t ask how I know…I admit nothing…call my lawer.

Visited an Elk and Bison Farm in Niobrara NE a while back (2017). They were still running a daily “covered wagon” tour where the flatland touristers could get up close and personal with the elk and woolly cows. The tour guide (tractor driver) had buckets of carrots for folks to give to the critters. and tho they would tell folks not to try and pet them, people would not resist. Don’t ask me how I know this either. The beasties would lick the folks and rub their heads against the hands that gave them a treat. I think some of the female tourists were making lewd, crude, and socialblly unacceptable remarks on the length and breadth of buffalo tongues.

Ewe toob vid here;


That was the name of my high school improvisational modern psychedelic jazz band, Seventeen Grams of Meth!

I played drums on a 1987 Chrysler New Yorker and back up bagpipes with a kazoo in one of the nozzles. Our first album Denistry by David Lynch’s Mother didn’t do too badly.

The rest of the fellas developed a scratch off lotto ticket habits, couldn’t pay their portion of the tour transportation costs, in fact our lead abacus clanker Mikey Ikey pawned burro number 12 while in Intercourse Pennsylvania for a fix of that sweet, sweet coin-on-card stock action. So sad.

By the time our soft-more album dropped, Paving the Parking Lot in Kraft Singles, improvisational modern psychedelic jazz had peaked, so had we…

What an amazing threepointonefour fortnights of a musical career!!!


What da hell is wrong with people? An American man visiting Germany reportedly attacked two American female tourists he had encountered near Neuschwanstein Castle in southern Germany. The two tourists were pushed off a steep slope near the castle. One ended up eventually dying from her injuries. The 30-year-old American was apprehended by German police.
American man assaults 2 women near castle in Germany, killing 1 of them | Fox News

Skivvy Stacker

My German is a little rusty, but I think Neuschwanstein means either; “yonda lies da castle of my fadda”, or “my new dick is the size of a three liter beer stein”.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Looking through 800,000 pennies for a valuable one makes a lot of cents


A lot tougher than you’d zinc…


$25k for 8K face value? I’d only charge ’em 1K to haul them off. There is no US coin called a “penny” BTW.


$20k melt value, presuming pre-debasement (aka ’82, link).

Honestly not a bad opening bid to find that large of a stash all at once, ask Kyle Bass (link).

I know a guy doing the same, just on a micro scale comparatively.

FED aint reserving SHIT.jpg
Last edited 5 months ago by Roh-Dog
RGR 4-78

There is no US coin called a “penny” BTW.”

I’d zinc that would make cents.

Last edited 5 months ago by Roh-Dog

I’d break them up into 1,000-count batches and auction them off for $100/batch. Plenty of amateur numismatists out there who would love the opportunity for a low-adventure treasure hunt.


A couple decades ago I searched through a bag of 5000 pre 1959 Wheat cents. As a reasonably knowlegeable coin collector, it took me a couple evenings to do I sorted them into red solo cups based on dates to scope the problem and then spent extra time on smaller bins that might bear fruit.

Unfortunately nothing earth shattering.

I did when an auction for a 1909-S VDB but neither an O9-S Or 09-S VDB in the bag. Though there were a couple 09s including a couple better grading specimens

Slick Goodlin

A penny for your thoughts on this?


I’m in Omaha sitting through a weather delay. I assume it’s lightening in the AO since the tarp isn’t on the field.

Anyway, during this delay I decided to catch up with my favorite site – TAH/VG.

After perusing the Stupid People I’ve concluded that NO ONE is immune from catching a case of the Florida Mans…