Phony special forces man accused of punching his girlfriend

| June 12, 2023

Drew Donal Ireland claimed to be a member of the Australian Special Forces, and that he was in Indonesia training an Indonesian sniper team. He presented himself to the Indonesians as if he were in the special forces. However, the Australian consulate identified him as being a technician in the private sector. Ireland is in trouble with the Indonesian law for allegedly assaulting his Indonesian girlfriend. When the police tried to interview him at the station, he was not cooperative. Ireland’s lack of cooperation included damaging furniture.

From the Daily Mail

Denpasar police chief Bambang Yugo Pamungkas said investigators also uncovered Ireland had allegedly told his girlfriend he was part of the Australian Defence Force, which is false.

‘He claimed to be a member of the Australian special forces, that he is here training an Indonesian sniper team,’ Pamungkas told reporters on Tuesday.

‘He met the (alleged) victim five weeks ago on Tinder. Their status is that they are in a relationship. When we checked with the (Australian) consulate the information we were given is that he is a technician, in the private sector.

‘He presented himself like he is in the special forces but he wasn’t. We still don’t know why he has all these weapons.’

Kuta police chief Yogie Pramagita said the 33-year-old woman claimed he was drinking on the night she was allegedly attacked.

‘He was drunk, so when we tried to detain him at the police station he refused and some of the police (chairs and table were damaged). No officers were hurt,’ Pramagita alleged.

The Daily Mail has the balance of the story. The West Australian also has information on this event. Thanks to our ninjas for providing us these links.

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Daisy Cutter

Ridin’ the Phony Pony!


He’s got The Thousand Yard Stare.

Last edited 1 year ago by tshe

No, it’s cataracts.


“No Cataract. It’s a Rincoln Contirental!”

…don’t care. that’s still a fuckin’ funny joke!


I knew someone would step up!

A Proud Infidel®™

More like the Thousand Yard Meat Gazer’s Stare!


Dude shoulda listened to the Aussie version of Dean Wormer. So far dirtbag has 2 out of 3 of the requirements. Maybe he can fatten up on the man meat sammiches and tossed salads at the Indonesian BTJ&T Deli. Too bad he didn’t try to take an air rifle to a gunfight. He coulda made a TAH FGS Thread and added to his infamy.


Guy looks like a toilet brush.

Green Thumb

Gonna get used like one as well.


Law enforcement in that part of the world don’t fuck around. He definitely gonna find out, tho.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It looks like Drew went and Drew the wrong type of phony carreer horsing around like that. Is he related to Nancy Drew??/ or Alaska Bob.


He was frogmarched?

That could possibly be something he enjoyed.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How deep is a frogs pond

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Wow, a drunken liar who also beats women…shocking.

It really is never just the lie with these fuckers, it’s always something else to accompany their douchebaggery. Fraud, assault, grand larceny, etc…

Another sad, little man revealing himself as a sack of shit.

Green Thumb

I bet they confiscated his All-Points Logistics ID card as well…


New (American) Phony Special Forces… . over at GGB.
Blackfoot, Idaho.
Just up the road from Pocatello, known for sending
patchy, vesty, and uniformed Pocatello POW*MIA folks
to Elko, Nevada for the “Retired MSGT” Les Brown urn memorial service.

fat ass Evans infiltrated his local VFW Post,
and was in line to become the new Post Commander.

(The VFW Post’s Book of the Fake says he resigned a few days ago).
However, that same VFW Post had been DELETING comments
about their VFW capped fat turd for quite some time beforehand.


Watch the action here,
on the VFW Post’s Book of the Fake.
Happening now.

[VFW Post # 9443 of Blackfoot,ID]


When Evans isn’t wearing the VFW cap,
he’s wearing the Green Beret.
Along with all this phony bling.

This photo (and many others)
still up on the VFW Post 9443 Book of the Fake.

Evans Blackfoot Idaho.jpg

This clown puts our beloved Round Ranger (Derek Church) to shame. The Round Ranger was before your time.

I like that huge 75th Inf RR patch as an SSI. I also love how he has all his patches sewn on his uniform raincoat. That is a first.

A Proud Infidel®™

He too has the Thousand-yard Meat Gazer’s Stare!!


Maybe that is because in 2004 he was ordered to register as a sex offender. Further proof of our theory of the cherry on top.


We were contacted and made aware of this case by the GotGB.

We are planning to do a post this week because we didn’t want to crowd the other SV posts we have recently posted (foreign).


Thanks for the quick reply.

As if the GGB story isn’t bad enough,
the VFW Post’s FaceBook group has been worse,
playing phony defender (“nothing proven correct” ???)
and cockblocker for days.

I’ve got some screenshots saved,
fearing the newest comments go POOF,
as many others are long gone.

Smells like a hive.

Blackfoot Idaho VFW Post 9443 Evans combined 4 5 Phony Defender.jpg
Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

Just in…..
VFW Post 9443 in Blackfoot, Idaho
has just PAUSED their FaceBook group.

The 2 group admins can’t take the heat,
you know,
after spending 4 days
playing cockblockers and phony defenders
for Phony GB soon to be Commander
(but now resigned?) Evans.

I smell a HIVE.

Blackfoot Idaho VFW Post 9443 PAUSED by AA 1.jpg
Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

They must be really hungry for heroes in Blackfoot, Idaho.


Ever been there? Blackfoot Idaho is a great place to be… from.


SFC D and rgr769,
Never been there.
I like the band. And this song.

Unfortunately, the band Blackfoot
is not from Blackfoot, Idaho,
but Jacksonville, Florida.


I have driven through it on my way back from Montana to Salt Lake City. But never stopped.


Driven that stretch a few thousand times myself


When the GOTGB got him on the phone, the dumb bastard didn’t even know where the SF school is located. His answer was Ft. Rucker.


My red flags are going off on this guy,
current Post officer at the same VFW Post,
and chief cockblocker on their FaceBook page.

He’s been playing musical chairs blingo with his ribbons.
All of a sudden, a Humanitarian Service medal?
MSM worthy???

IMHO, worth looking into getting an FOIA list of his actual medals.

You know, since he’s been playing cockblocker,
and talking “hot air”, “legal action” and “harassment” about Evans.

Faulkner 10 11.jpg

Hey, MD61, if you want “Go Hot” on somebody, how about that LTC in their media pictures who thinks he’s a four-time recipient of the NDSM?

Or maybe we’ll just wait until the separate posting before talking smack about him. / s


Good catch.
You’re onto another one.

The whole bunch is now suspicious.
IMHO, now also includes not only SF, but AA,
who just put their Book of the Fake group on PAUSE.

I’m now curious
how many of them went to Elko, Nevada,
along with the nearby Pocatello POW*MIA,
wearing either their patchy vests,
or (worse) their uniforms with VFW gear,
to attend the phony sendoff for phony Les Brown?

Brown, if you all remember,
was not only a Phony E-8, Phony CIB, and
Phony Gulf War Veteran…
Brown was NEVER eligible for the VFW,
but went on to serve in a position
at Dept of Nevada VFW.


Well, lest we forget, Robotic Richard Hollingsworth from Pocatello is their District Commander, so – enuff said.


District Commander? Geez.

I found it, from 2018.

Blackfoot VFW learned NOTHING from
Pocatello VFW?

Richard Hollingsworth; VFW Post 735 valor thief commander
Jonn Lilyea | May 22, 2018


Email sent. 🙂


Most excitement Blackfoot has seen since the introduction of the Russet potato.


And it’s only getting started.

As if trying to cover and cockblock for Evans isn’t bad enough.
Apparently, until now,
they have no clue of the reach of GGB
(including on YouTube),
but they’re now learning fast.

Plus, what may soon be coming from VG/TAH.

Watching VFW members (especially Post officers)
circle their sorry ass wagons around their favorite phony
really pisses me off.

Green Thumb

Chill out.

That is just Phil Monkress going “undercover” to see if people are still watching his employees at All-Points Logistics.


I just looked up this turd on the Idaho Sex Offender Registry. He was convicted of lewd conduct with a child under 16 in 2004 in Bingham County, Id. He just renewed his registration last month. The bastard had the audacity to have his sex offender ID photo taken wearing a Special Forces ball hat with a 75th Inf crest pin and a Special Forces shirt with the SF patch and triple tabs.



That’s hilarious and is another confirmation of the cherry/shit sundae law.

Thanks for the info!!!


If this sundae gets any bigger, we’re gonna need more cherries.


I was about to say there aren’t gonna be enough spoons to go around, but that could be taken two ways. I think all those spoons should go to that Blackfoot, ID VFW chapter, as they need to eat their phony pony’s sundae.

E-4 Mafia 4 Life

I’m curious about the claim of Donal, “having all these weapons.”
Donal goes to Indonesia and buys firearms from the local Circle K/7-Eleven? Or source firearms from local terrorists or metal spinning shops?
Indonesia is a prohibitive country for civilian ownership. On the books, the penalty for some firearms possession without a license carries sentences from 20 years to death penalty.
Correct me if I’m wrong but Indonesia does not strike me as having a homogeneous infrastructure.