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| May 19, 2023

Let’s see, the Army says its pilots owe three more years before they can get out. The Navy has had issues with its retirement for physicians and dentists in its Reserves, causing them to have to do another 3 years as well.  You would think that they had figuratively shot their respective wads at this point, no?

Seems 1283 retirees had their payable service time miscalculated (up to 4 years ago) and have been over paid since then. Doesn’t matter that it was the Navy’s error – the government wants ut back.

That error created a total debt of about $6.8 million, according to new data obtained by NBC News. The personal debts incurred range from $35 to more than $70,000, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service said Monday.

The agency — which oversees payments to Defense Department personnel and retirees — said it plans to recover the money and that it will issue official debt notifications, containing information on how to pay the debt or request a waiver, to affected retirees this week.

Some retirees are bracing to be billed tens of thousands of dollars. All have seen reductions in their monthly retirement incomes due to the corrected error.

“It’s a double whammy,” said Devin Morrison, 52, who was the executive officer of the Naval Medical Center in San Diego before he retired in 2021.

His net pay went down by about $762 from March to April. He has not yet received his official debt letter but expects he will have to pay back about $30,000.

The DFAS said the median amount of overpayment is $2,700. It said the debt notification letter would detail circumstances in which interest would be charged.

If a retiree does not take any action after receiving the official notification, the agency said it can involuntarily deduct from the person’s monthly benefit at a rate of 15% of net disposable pay. It also said the Defense Department “retains the right to pursue other collection methods, as necessary.”

NBC News

Seems to me there should a) be a statute of limitations,  and b) be a get-out-of-jail free card for when the government itself makes the mistake.

This kind of thing sure helps recommend the military. No wonder the kids stay away in drives. God bless the ones who ignore the BS and serve despite it.

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A Proud Infidel®️™️

Damn, and I bet they’re not even thinking about putting lube on the Big Green Weenie®️™️ before they cut it loose on people!


Maybe they can issue the David Hogg bite-proof pillow.


Just wait until they get down to telling the 11 Bravos they
owe another three years. I believe there is a name for that sort of thing.


I believe the term is “shitstorm”.


AKA involuntary servitude.




If a retiree does not take any action after receiving the official notification, the agency said it can involuntarily deduct from the person’s monthly benefit at a rate of 15% of net disposable pay. It also said the Defense Department “retains the right to pursue other collection methods, as necessary.”



I learned the hard way while on Active duty and on a couple (three) occasions got zero dollar paychecks, “net disposable pay” means after allotments and witholdings.

I used to have cash allotment equal to my house/car payment go to a separate account so if the Government screwed up I could cover those regardless of paycheck.

My retirement pay has State/Federal taxes, TRICARE for Life, Dental, and SBP coming out of it. So my net disposable is reduced.


15% while people are already getting ‘struggle snuggled’ in the ‘dorkhole’ by Bidenflation?

What’s next, you going to tax folks that exited the military with silver fillings for ‘unrealized capital gains’?


credit score tu low.png
Skivvy Stacker

Ah, I miss the old days when fillings were made of lead, murcury, and Strontium-90


They did this to Airborne Son, screwing him over though he’s a disabled vet.

Why would anyone want to join the military right now?

If I mess up, I should pay. If they mess up, they should pay, not make me pay for their screw up.


Plus this… Military overvalued used military equipment given to Ukraine, so there’s $3bil left– not a savings we can use, more to give away.

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Adding into retiree fun, Huachuca has now reduced medical care to active duty only. Spouses, family members, and retirees now have to find an off-post PCM. MRS D and I got lucky, we found a former military NP we liked that is now affiliated with a local clinic. It’s gonna get really busy for local doctors real soon. This only affects primary care, the pharmacy and specialty clinics aren’t affected. Yet.

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If these persons are in fact officers, I expect them to:

1 – Know what their obligations are.

2 – Meet those obligations.

Speaking from experience, since I took an early out (receiving severance pay) back in the 1970’s but then later reentered active duty and ultimately qualified for a retirement pension.

I had been alerted back at the time I drew the severance pay that if I did in fact ever qualify for a retirement pension in the future, the severance pay would be recouped/deducted from my pension. And so it was.

It was without interest, and with inflation as it has been, I was paid expensive dollars in the past, and paid back cheap dollars in the future. No complaints here.


Overheard at the Five-Sided Circus: “Wokeism hasn’t destroyed morale fast enough. We need to start fucking with service obligations and paychecks.”

Skivvy Stacker

NEVER demand repayment from people who know how to use heavy weapons, and how to make booby traps.


Cathcart is raising the number of missions to 50. Yossarian is not happy.

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I’ve no pity for the pilots being forced to live up to their contractual obligations.

Detracting from retiree pay because the gov’t found a way to scapegoat poor accounting… if it wasn’t caught in the audit that year, then it should be a settled debate.

They wonder why they can’t fill the ranks while doing everything they* can to inspire a second Bonus Army – and this time it won’t be anyone close to Patton opposing them.

Patton hated that mission. Lloyd Austin might relish in it.

*edited for typo

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“The retirees’ inactive reserve service time was incorrectly counted as active-duty creditable service,…”

And none of them noticed.