Holiday Open Thread

| May 14, 2023

We’re on the second Sunday of May, almost at the month’s halfway point. Armed Forces Day is this Saturday, and Memorial Day comes nine days later. Happy Mother’s Day!

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You wanna take over for Our absent dick’tatership?

As long you don’t instal a Kamelah-type as your number two, has at it hoss!


I believe Eve was first….


Better lucky than good, ehh? And that’s what is was…pure luck. Not as lucky as all of the d’weeded and adorable deplorables of the TAH Family that are lucky and Blessed to still have their Mom with them to celebrate Her Special Day, which, IMO, EVERY day should be a day to celebrate a Mom. And I’m grateful that I am not unlucky enough to be a parent that has lost a child. I weep for, and raise a SALUTE to those Moms that have lost a child, yet continue to Soldier on proving that a Mom is the strongest being that God ever placed on this Earth. May God continue to give them that strength to carry on.

We lost our Mom on 4 Feb 1981 to a brain tumor that took over 2 years to take her from us. A widow that raise 6 young’uns to be good citizens and only asked God to give her enough time to see her 3rd grandchild born (my daughter). Sometimes it seems as if were still yesterday.

A most Happy, Joyous Mothers’ Day is wished upon all of the TAH Family Moms. Remember, men…your Mother is generally the only female in your life that will love you unconditionally.


Cut lil bastard!

Call me weird but I think it’d be funny to run up on him with a can of bear spray in one hand and a pistol in the other, make his face spicy and see how he’d like the rest of his day t’go…

The bunker would look good with a new rug.


Cut = cute.

Was reading thru the final time when the missus and I heard what we’d thought was a gun shot ~200 meters away, I hit ‘post’ anyway. Oops.

At least me and Household 6 got a ‘throw on the vest, grab a gat, and seek cover’ rep in…

Her tactical prowess and selection of cover got AAR’d a bit. No tears, so that’s good.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Looking at the pic, I can say I will grin and bear it


Hahaha that’s my AO.. They are sneaking critters



jeff LPH 3 63-66



Out for breakfast with the crew and missed the open thread by this———– much!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms!

Mike B

This year I got hit with a double whammy today….Mother’s Day and our 35th Wedding Anniversary falling on the same day.

I have to be on my extra best behavior today!


Happy Anniversary!
Hopefully Mrs. B is still pleased with you and remains so for many more years.

Mike B

I think it’s fair to say she tolerates my grumpy ass, and my collection of greasy milsurp weapons.


So… you lucked out and only had to get one gift?

Happy anniversary!


Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms of TAH….and Happy Muthuas day to the rest of you…. 😘  🖕 

Hack Stone

Attention Big Sig, please report immediately to the Reeducation Camp for using the politically offensive term Mother’s Day. Obviously you have missed the memo that forthwith it is now known as Birthing Person Day.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the TAH Mom’s.
Thanks for pulling Mom-duty on this group of miscreants.

Commissioner Wretched

When I was teaching, my students would wish me a Happy Mother’s Day on the Friday before. I always wondered why, then I figured it out.

They thought I was a real mother …


Lots of VG talking points here….

  • privately owned 1986 923-A military vehicle
  • Despite multiple attempts to deploy stop sticks to disable the military vehicle and arrest Stevens, he continued on undeterred until ultimately coming to a stop on Conklin Street in Baltimore City and fleeing on foot.

[Man Fresh Out Of Jail Takes Police In MD On Pursuit In Stolen 5-Ton Military Vehicle]


Who else remembers this 1970s TV commercial for Fig Newtons?

The dance?

The words?
“Hit it, Hal”
“Here’s the tricky part”

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