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| May 10, 2023

Thompson Contender

Woman who was home alone nearly shot after answering her door. She fired back

Anthony Galaviz
A man and a woman shot at each other Thursday night in central Fresno.

It happened just before 9:30 p.m. on the 300 block of Roosevelt Avenue near Franklin Avenue, between Belmont Avenue and Highway 180.

Fresno Police said a woman, who was home alone, answered her front door after a man who she’s known knocked.

An argument ensued, then the man tried to shoot the woman. He missed and shot a window.

The woman, however, was armed, too — and she did not miss.

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Man fatally shot after trying to rob armored car on Milwaukee’s south side identified

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — The person who was shot and killed after police said he tried to rob an armored car on Milwaukee’s south side has been identified.

Milwaukee police say it started just before 5 p.m. when the 42-year-old Kenosha man — Pablo Bermudez — shot at an armored car guard during the attempted robbery. Then, a different guard shot the suspect, who died at the scene.

The guard who was shot at by the suspect is expected to survive. The guard who fired his gun was not injured.

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CBS 58

I would think the odds of surviving being shot at would be pretty good. Unlike Mr. Bermudez’ who was shot at and hit. Gun Bunny’s back from personal business ashore.

Can anyone be proved innocent, if it be enough to have accused him?
Flavius Claudius Julianus

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Dude! No means NO!
Don’t try that again.
(Assuming you survive the staph infection from the hospital)


“Thompson Contender Woman”

I’ll bet she’s more than just a good shot.

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It’s Cali, so they’ll probably try to prosecute her– self-defense being “taking the law into your own hands” for left/libtards there and all.


Are you saying she can make and fetch me a sammich? Cool!


Where ya been, Junior? It was kinda quiet around here without our resident Redleg rilin’ folks up.


Defending my Beloved Southland by teaching some history, Pappy.Was gifted with multiple frosty bottles of God’s Golden Elixirs along with quarts of fermented homemade Apple and Peach Pie. Haven’t had a chance to go back thru the missed threads to see if anyone checked the DA Form 6 to see whose day it was to be “that guy”.

Skivvy Stacker

“The guard who was shot at by the suspect is expected to survive. The guard who fired his gun was not injured.”

I can’t believe the blatant stupidity exhibited in this short paragraph…


Oh, hey, school stupidity today… 1st Grade girl gets forced to perform “favors” while classmates film it with school iPad, school doesn’t tell parents (it’s like drag shows and grooming they want, so no big):

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Some school people need to be “drag”ged out of their comfort zones (classroom, office, homes) and “command requested” to perform an “air dance” from a short rope.

School now claims it was “mutually consentual” so not “sexual assault” therefore… because age of consent and/or adult responsiblity by school don’t mean sh*t or something.

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Love my Contenders! Almost nothing more fun, than lighting off a .30-30 from a 10″ barrel. The looks you get from the lane next to you?  :wpds_mad: