Adams Plans Migrant Dumps

| May 9, 2023

NYC Has a Plan

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) announced his plans for the city to relocate illegal migrants to hotels in outlying counties. This news was not well received by officials in those counties. At all.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day (R) stated Adams didn’t inform local officials about his plan to send migrants, and opined that Adams wanted NYC to be a sanctuary city but he was unprepared for the realities of the policy.

Officials in the county have declared a state of emergency to stop the busses.

Rockland County officials declare state of emergency to halt NYC migrants’ arrival

By Matthew Sedacca and Valentina Jaramillo

Officials in Rockland County have declared a state of emergency in an effort to stop New York City’s plan to dump hundreds of migrants there.

The declaration by Rockland County Executive Ed Day, prohibits other municipalities from bringing and housing people in the county, according to the Rockland Report.

It also bars hotels and motels from housing migrants without a license and requires municipalities that wish to house migrants or asylum seekers in Rockland County to ensure they will cover their expenses.

The town board in Orangetown, NY, about 40 minutes north of Manhattan, was slated to hold a special meeting Saturday to explore ways to shut down Mayor Adams’ plan to bus the migrants from city shelters to their doorstep, town supervisor Teresa Kenny told The Post.

“We have a lot of questions—is this temporary thing? Is it going to become a permanent thing for New York City? What is the program?” she said.

NY Post

County officials seem to be unfamiliar with what every military person on the planet understands- excrement seeks its own level and they are in the valley. It’s a natural, if unintended consequence that the bastion of liberalism- NYC- is unable to actually afford the influx of illegals and is actively looking to dump them somewhere. Anywhere.

Virtue Signaling meets NIMBYs- we saw how well that worked in Martha’s Vinyard.

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You reap what you sew. GFY Eric Adams, you were a piece of shit as a transit cop and remain so as yet another dickhead NYC mayor.



Old tanker

They took the challenge and unfortunately are succeeding all to well at it.


‘Fraid so.


I was born and raised in Wilmington, DE and I think the former Senator from Delaware that is ruining the country should bare the brunt of his policies.Migrants should relocate to Wilmington forwith. I still have friends and family living there, and some of which I know voted for that clown. They should reap what they sow. Sorry that I’m not sorry?


And when the crime rate goes up the local press will be unnaturally-disinterested and the national press will have nothing to report on.

The same ‘hate has no home here’ lawn sign/disarm everyone/utopia crowd will be further emboldened to vote for their own destruction by diminishment.

I have more contempt for the domestic aliens than the illegal-type: my countrypeoplekind should know better.

(edit: I take issue with the use of the word ‘Liberal’ as the ideal of ‘extension of Liberty to all’ is to me the fundamental aspect of America. YMMV)

why Americans own guns.jpg
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Leftists’ idea of “gun safety” is folk they’d attack and impose “social justice” upon don’t have any.

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That is why I love the NYP. They shine the light on the cockroaches. They scatter towards the darkness and they keep shining. The NYT OTOH…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Dear Propaganda Media,
Once again, they’re NOT “immigrants”, they’re ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Specialist-Four, Roger Bravo

Like the Pilgrams, and all those European DPs.

Name edited to protect PII.


I am unable to locate the law or borders and customs procedures for North America in the 16th Century. Please assist.


It is amazing that this prog made it to Spec-4.


Folks who came in legally according to the current laws at those times?


F*ck Democrats– selfish, non-thinking dirtbags.

Green Thumb

The people of Rockland should all take a collective dump in a box and send it to Adams.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I don’t know what all the fuss is but I, Jeff with no puns in this comment has the solution to where all these migrants go. The answer is to have every peep that voted in the new 1000 year 4th Reich headed by Herr biden is to have all these low information voters take in every border crosser into their homes and bingo, no more problemo.


“This is 100k people. Multiply this by 7. That’s how many illegals are waiting to storm the border once Title 42 ends this week.”

Specialist-Four, Roger Bravo

Big deal, we accepted MILLIONS of DPs from Europe after WW 2.

Name edited to protect PII.


We accepted DPs in accordance with our laws.

You appear to be confusing legal and illegal immigration. We have no need to import criminals. Plenty of them exist here now.

Yes, illegals break the law, thus are criminals. They also make things very difficult for those who played by the rules, whom we welcomed to Team USA.


People like you give the E4 Mafia a bad name. If the organization actually existed.

AW1 Rod

So, I guess liberal virtue signaling DOES have its limits.


The limit is a line called “reality.”

Progressives historically prefer to ignore that line. Virtue signaling pads reputations among phonies — but seals fates with realists.


Left/libtards think reality is “socially created” (you know, like their “who you know” world that’s just “corruption” or a sh*thole elsewhere) but reality always catches up.

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USMC Steve

It will not be an issue if you intercept and turn back the busses.

Forest Bondurant

^^^You beat me to it.

Forest Bondurant

Cities/counties that refuse to receive the illegal migrants from NYC could intercept the buses upon arrival and instruct them to turn around and go back to NYC.

All lodging facilities should be instructed not to receive or board them, with emphasis that they won’t be reimbursed if they do.

If any do make their way in, they should all be immediately diverted to the NYC Mayors residence, and NYC should receive a bill for any $$$ spent in that effort.

Green Thumb

He ought to just issue the bicycles and send them that way.

The mayor and local PD might have some issues when over run by numerous individuals from all directions as opposed to all of the being on one bus.


Much like orphaned children without a home, these illegals are likely to become even more of a problem. I’m sure that many felt welcomed here by the current regime, after hearing tales of how anti-Trump–AKA the guy who wanted to build a wall to keep them out–so many Americans are. We need immigration, after all, so why not move to America, the Land That Welcomes All (regardless of how they enter the country).

Now, they’re being shuttled around the US. Red states like Texas and Florida are rightfully saying “not my problem, I didn’t ask for it” and sending them to Blue sanctuary cities that promised to be bastions of civility and tolerance for illegals. Now those same sanctuary cities are finding that, yes, there is quite the burden to bear when being overrun by people who entered our country illegally.

Coming full circle, how many will end up holding a grudge or feeling the need to do whatever they need to survive in a country where they are either bluntly told “you’re not welcome here” and moved elsewhere or lied to by seemingly nice people who then proceed to move them elsewhere regardless.?


We could just solve the problem and ship them all back where they came from… They did have a home, they just chose to come here instead of working to fix whatever issues existed there, mostly due to the promise of free shit.. Take away the incentive, and you minimize the problem.


I agree wholeheartedly. The incentive, imaginary though it’s been proven to be, is what keeps these people coming back time and again, in some cases. Instead of shuffling them around the US, why not spend the money on a plane, train, or bus to get them back to the familiar place they grew up at?

Instead, we promise lack of criminal prosecution, free stays in hotels with other gimmes handed out freely, and even the opportunity to ensure that their children are protected and provided for as much or more so than children born to American citizens.

Sadly, that last point seems to be untrue, with who knows how many children simply disappearing as they are sent across the border, very likely falling victim to human trafficking circles.


The Left intends to collapse the existing system, and replace it with one where things are based on different, less free principles, and where they have perpetual and unlimited power.

Some of the Left are quite open about that objective. Some lie. Many are simply stupid.


comment image


Yup, this is all part of the Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming our systems to support the down and out, so as to collapse them. The progs believe the collapse will lead to a revolution which will create a socialist “utopia” they will control. They envision themselves being like the Russian oligarchs, having infinite power and wealth. We proles will just have to obey and submit, once they get us sufficiently disarmed.


They think. It’ll be more like this:
comment image


ok, I’m really interested in which side Der Commissar will take on this… is Adams racist and evil for sending them somewhere else, or are the folks in Rockland evil and racist for not accepting them????

Ooh, that’s right, it’s all President Trump and Governor Abbots faults… none of this would be happening if they didn’t force these poor asylum seekers to go to NYC….

Did I get the proggy BS correct?


I’d bet the rent on you being correct. Hell, I’d bet the entire farm.

He lives in La La Land — this is right up his proggy alley.


Hit the Easy button and return to sender.

A Proud Infidel®™

“SAnctuary City” Mayors shipping them off, other blue pols saying “HELL NO!”, libs going for each other’s throats, …

Popcorn, anyone?

AT1 ret


Specialist-Four, Roger Bravo

We ought to send back the Mayflower descendants back to England. And all those Ukrainians too!


You first to go back?


You bring up a great argument about what happens when you don’t control illegal immigration. The Mayflower doesn’t really apply, the later Western expansion was however mostly illegal.

The difference being that the indigenous tribes couldn’t stop it, but we can.


I, for one, am looking forward to hearing his new name. May I recommend “Flounder”? “Pinto”?

RGR 4-78

mayflower miscreant.


If he’s truly a Spec-4, may I recommend “Buffer”?


Ed, you do a great job covering for inadvertent disclosure of PII and the assigned monikers are great.
Thanks for keeping us all safe.


I realize that you all (the moderators) can easily lookup my real name at anytime, but due to the nature of certain things outside of here, I’d like to keep a smidgeon of anonymity on these boards.

I really don’t need anymore extra headaches in my life, then the ones I already have to deal with.

One day, when Spec 4 here grows up, he may come to the same conclusions.


Mayor Adams moves the goal poasts after being unable to meet needs of 61,000 migrants in his sanctuary city. This is a drop in the bucket. Come Friday it’s going to be like….

Mayor Eric Adams signs executive order loosening NYC shelter requirements as migrant crisis rages (

He had to because the judge said that hotels don’t suddenly become unlicensed shelters just because NYC says so.

Judge halts Rockland County hotel from accepting NYC migrants (

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