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| May 6, 2023

Minneapolis mayor innovates and thinks he’s “brilliant” and a “genius” for inventing the “new concept” of “Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays”

You know how Al Gore “invented the internet?”

Minneapolis’ 48th mayor just “invented” Tuesday.

During Mayor Jacob Frey’s State of the City address on Thursday, he acknowledged that Minneapolis’ population of downtown workers — at least one-third smaller than it was before the pandemic — will likely never fully return to its pre-2020 levels.

Frey said he (sorta) gets it: If you have the option to spend your Monday in comfy clothes or your Friday logging in from a lake place, why would you ever want to go into the office?

So Frey made a pitch for the city’s white collar workers: come to work in the office on the other three days.

“The sweatpants-on-Mondays thing sounds pretty good,” Frey quipped. “So let me introduce you to this new concept that I came up with while I was writing this speech — it’s brilliant: It’s the concept of Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. These are days that fall in the middle of the week — after Monday and before Friday.”

“This is a new innovative idea,” Frey added, with the audience of perhaps 200 invited guests and city officials chortling (groaning?) at his dad-joke. “In 10 years, people are going to say I was a genius.”

It was a tongue-in-cheek introduction to a serious proposal.

Frey referenced research that suggests in-person work increases “the likelihood of inventions, patents, and new business concepts,” and thus Minneapolis’ ability to stay on the “cutting edge.” He also hinted at benefits for restaurants and retailers, referencing his fond memories of “just hanging out with friends, coworkers or loved ones” downtown.

More at the source, including their idea to rehab unused office space to create living spaces for the “unhoused.” Source; MinnPost

NPR rage quits Twitter after it’s pointed out they’re affiliated with the government

NPR quits Twitter after being falsely labeled as ‘state-affiliated media’

NPR will no longer post fresh content to its 52 official Twitter feeds, becoming the first major news organization to go silent on the social media platform. In explaining its decision, NPR cited Twitter’s decision to first label the network “state-affiliated media,” the same term it uses for propaganda outlets in Russia, China and other autocratic countries.

The decision by Twitter last week took the public radio network off guard. When queried by NPR tech reporter Bobby Allyn, Twitter owner Elon Musk asked how NPR functioned. Musk allowed that he might have gotten it wrong.

Twitter then revised its label on NPR’s account to “government-funded media.” The news organization says that is inaccurate and misleading, given that NPR is a private, nonprofit company with editorial independence. It receives less than 1 percent of its $300 million annual budget from the federally funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

By going silent on Twitter, NPR’s chief executive says the network is protecting its credibility and its ability to produce journalism without “a shadow of negativity.”

“The downside, whatever the downside, doesn’t change that fact,” NPR CEO John Lansing said in an interview. “I would never have our content go anywhere that would risk our credibility.”

Source; NPR – It’s worth remembering that NPR refused to publish anything about Hunter’s laptop. They explained themselves with this tweet;

Why haven’t you seen any stories from NPR about the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story? Read more in this week’s newsletter??

They wouldn’t want to risk their credibility by posting on Twitter any more. They’re a paragon of independent virtuous journalism.

Yavapai Superior Court judge faces ‘super extreme DUI’ charge after stop near Prescott Safeway

A Yavapai County Superior Court is finding herself on the other side of the law after being accused of driving under the influence.

According to court records, Celé Hancock faces four counts of DUI charges, including Super Extreme DUI after being arrested by Prescott police officers on Sunday. For reference, a BAC of .20 and above is classified as Super Extreme DUI.

According to the arrest report obtained by Arizona’s Family, officers responded to a report of an intoxicated woman at the Safeway on SR-89 near Copper Basin Road just after 4 p.m. A Prescott officer arrived to find Hancock sitting in her Toyota 4Runner in the grocery store parking lot. After a short time, Hancock left the parking and started driving on Montezuma Street, and the officer pulled her over.

The officer introduced himself, and Hancock, reportedly in a quick, slurred speech, responded with “Umm… I’m going back to Safeway to get my wallet.” Documents also revealed that the officer noticed her eyes were red, bloodshot, and watering. The officer then told her that someone had reported her being drunk and stumbling inside the store. Hancock said, “No, no, no, I was just trying to get my prescription.” Hancock was asked to turn off the car and was asked if she was drinking.

After she was asked to get out of the car, the officer asked if she had any medical history that could affect her driving ability. Hancock answered that she had a “seizure disorder” but didn’t clarify. She then stated that she was trying to pick up her seizure medication. Officers then conducted a field sobriety test which suggested impairment, and a breathalyzer test measured .158. Hancock was taken into custody and taken to the Prescott police station, where an officer read her Miranda rights. At that time, she requested an attorney and was given 15 minutes to call a lawyer.

Officers then went back into the room and read the implied consent affidavit. The arrest report says she took a moment before saying: “Sure, it does not matter. My career is already over.” Two additional breath samples were taken with readings of .219 and .214. A blood draw was successful, and the officer didn’t take a urine sample. Hancock told officers wouldn’t answer any further questions with her lawyer present. After processing, she was cited and released.

Yavapai County Superior Court has issued a statement that reads in part: “The Court has a duty to obtain as much information as possible about any criminal allegations related to its personnel. This process is no different for judges.” According to the court’s website, Hancock was elected in 2010 and currently serves as the Division 5 judge. She has been licensed to practice law in Arizona since 1996. The State Bar of Arizona has no publicly available information on any disciplinary action against her.

Source; AZ Family

Indiana elementary school employees charged after special needs student allegedly forced to eat his own vomit

Indiana elementary school employees are facing charges after a 7-year-old special needs student was allegedly forced to eat his own vomit in the lunchroom with a spoon as others watched.

The Hendrick County Prosecutor’s Office filed charges Tuesday afternoon against four Brownsburg Community School Corporation employees and one third-party independent contractor from Kids Count Therapy, LLC. In a statement Wednesday, the Brownsburg Police Department said its detectives on April 20 had presented the results of its investigation involving the mistreatment of a 7-year-old male Brown Elementary School student who is in the Life Skills program.

Brown Elementary Life Skills Teacher Sara Seymour, 27, and Brown Elementary Life Skills Instructional Aide Debra Kanipe, 63, were each charged with neglect of a dependent as a Level 6 felony and failure to report, a Class B misdemeanor. Brown Elementary Life Skills Teacher Julie Taylor, 48, Brown Elementary Life Skills Instructional Aide Kristen Mitchell, 38, and Kids Count Registered Behavioral Technician Megan King, 24, were each charged with failure to report.

Brownsburg Schools sent a statement to families within the school corporation Wednesday night.

The district reiterated that it shared with Brown Elementary families and staff that BCSC had moved forward with the termination for two staff members on April 17 “after learning of the mistreatment of a life skills student in their care at lunch,” the statement said. “BCSC has been notified that these two staff members will be charged by the Hendrick County Prosecutor. Two other staff members are also being charged for their roles in failing to report the incident. More details are forthcoming from the Brownsburg Police Department (BPD).”

“As BPD releases more information about this incident, please know that the BCSC family will continue to be steadfast in our commitment to Brownsburg students, their safety, and their well-being,” the statement continued. “This horrendous action is not in line with the character of staff and teachers at Brownsburg Schools. The shocking actions of a few does not define the care and concern that Brownsburg teachers and staff show every day.”

According to a probable cause affidavit, police established through various interviews and other evidence that Seymour allegedly is said to have told the victim that if he vomited, he would be required to eat what he threw up. Taylor was present and provided a tray for the child to vomit on.

Police cited video of the lunchroom showing the victim seated at the table eating. At some point, the child stands up, appearing to gag on his food. He is then instructed to sit down.

After the victim did indeed vomit, Kanipe allegedly provided the spoon that the child “was compelled to use to consume some of his vomit,” police said. Both Seymour and Kanipe are seen on video standing on each side of the child while he consumed a portion of the vomit, police said. The child is then required to clean up the remainder of the vomit with paper towels.

Mitchell and King were present and witnessed the incident, police said.

The BPD Investigations Unit was contacted by Brownsburg Community School police in the late evening hours April 12 regarding a report that a student had been mistreated by Seymour and Kanipe during lunch at the elementary school in February. The report alleged that four other individuals were potentially involved in varying degrees.

The BPD requested and was granted a search warrant for video that was later secured by detectives. The next morning, the Brownsburg Community School Corporation placed the individuals on administrative leaving pending an investigation before they had contact with students.

The school corporation contacted Kids Count the same morning and advised they were no longer allowed on school property.

“Ultimately, the termination process for Seymour and Kanipe was initiated while the others remain on administrative leave pending the BCSC School Board rulings,” police said Wednesday. King remains unable to be on school property. Police said Kids Count and all involved individuals have been cooperative during the course of the probe.

Source; Fox News

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

of course npr won’t mention hunter biden since they take orders from the new 1000 year 4th Reich run white house, Herr biden the new dictator. the new tuesday wednesday thursday concept. sounds like “Every Day Of The Week” by the Students 1958 on the Argo label out of Ohio


“After processing, she was cited and released”. Nice, back in the day, the drunk drivers we arrested had to be held for 8 hours. Something about liability if the arrested, then released drunk, went out, got in another car and had an accident, or even just got re-arrested.
Therefore, no release for judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys, no bond for the mere subjects.

Hack Stone

Cele Hancock gives new meaning to the expression “sober as a judge”.


“just hanging out with friends, coworkers or loved ones downtown.’

Absolutely. Here they are tearing it up at the liquor Lounge.