Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| May 2, 2023

Education Indoctrination in action

Let your freak flag fly!

She/He/They/It seem stable

Elementary boys and tampons. This will be fun to watch play out

New Twitter is so much better than old Twitter

In 23 short years, this kid could be president. Let’s make it happen

Separate but equal?

It’s Science!


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You Be The Judge.

“BLM Activist Ruined White University of Virginia Student’s Rep Over ‘Misheard’ Remark”


“How an Ill-Informed Internet Mob Ruined a UVA Student’s Life”


“A well-known Black Lives Matter activist allegedly ruined a fellow University of Virginia student’s reputation, accusing her of referring to George Floyd protesters as “speed bumps” and threatening to run them over — only to later admit she may have “misheard” the offending comments, according to a report.”

“UVA Student, Zyahan Bryant (see picture) then 19, was already a high-profile activist when she encountered fellow student Morgan Bettinger at the July 2020 protest.”

“What happened next sparked a social media hate campaign in which Bettinger was denounced as a “Nazi”; school investigations; and a bid by Bryant to have Bettinger expelled, according to the outlet Reason magazine.”


“UVA Grad Recounts ‘Huge Impact’ BLM Activist’s Racism Allegation Has Had On Her Life”


“In 2020, UVA student Morgan Bettinger (see picture) was the subject of a campus-wide scandal after protesters alleged she had threatened to run them over.”

“Bettinger, who maintains the controversy was based on a lie, spoke to Reason magazine this week about the subsequent legal and professional fallout that continues to follow her.”

“This whole situation has had a huge impact on my life,” Bettinger told the magazine. “The university has never had to answer for what their actions have done.”

“The scandal surrounded a brief exchange between Bettinger and a truck driver parked on the outskirts of a Black Lives Matter protest July 17, 2020. Bettinger told Reason she told the driver, who was parked to block traffic on the street where the protestors were demonstrating, it was good he was there because traffic would turn the protestors into speed bumps.”

“Bettinger’s comment traveled quickly, and soon her car was surrounded by protesters claiming she’d threatened to run them over.”

“The mob’s outrage spread quickly, both on campus and in the national news. Soon, Bettinger was being contacted by friends and became aware of a Twitter thread written by fellow UVA student Zyahna Bryant, who was at the protest.”

“A year later, the university’s Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights (EOCR) released its own report that found it “more likely than not” that Bryant did not actually hear firsthand the comment central to the dispute.”


“Celebrated BLM Activist Ruthlessly Destroyed White Student’s Life By Accusing Her Of Saying Racial Justice Protesters Would ‘Make Good Speed bmBumps’ – Only To Later Admit She May Have MISHEARD”


“Zyahna Bryant, 22 (see picture) claimed she heard fellow UVA student Morgan Bettinger threaten protesters by saying they’d ‘make good speed bumps,’ in July 2020”

“A student disciplinary hearing found Bettinger guilty of making a legal threat against protesters”

“A second probe, however, found that Bryant more than likely didn’t hear the words come from Bettinger’s and her evidence was shaky at best”

“Bettinger’s lawyer Charles Weber has sent a letter to the President to overrule it, which was ignored. The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) also sent a letter, which President Jim Ryan said it would be ‘inappropriate for me to intervene in a case that has been properly adjudicated.'”

“Her reputation is beyond repair and UJC’s ruling is still on her permanent record – ruining the now-graduate’s chances at law school.”

“Bettinger is now considering filing a lawsuit.”

“‘This whole situation has had a huge impact on my life,’ Bettinger told Reason. ‘the university has never had to answer for what their actions have done.'”

“But there were no such consequences for Bryant, despite the apparent flimsiness of her life-destroying claims. She was the subject of a glowing Washington Post profile in 2021, made Ebony magazine’s Power 100 list and even starred in a Juneteenth post on Instagram’s official page.”


Obviously, Zyahna has worked very hard at being a Jenny Craig reject.. Nevertheless, I pray to God almighty that Zyahna Bryant NEVER visits the Grand Canyon – that women were to slip and fall – she’d wipe out vegetation and life as we know it, for miles..

gunstock war club.jpg

For the record, that particular burn, loot, murder thug pictured above would NOT make a good speed bump.. a jersey barrier maybe, but not a speedbump…


Hit em in the wallet! That usually puts a stop to the gas lighting, virtue signaling BS.

Good luck young lady!

Forest Bondurant

Progs don’t like it when they’re hit back with their own bullshit:

For Some Reason, Leftists Hate This Transgender Woman – PJ Media


First female command CSM for USASOC has only Airborne beret– hail diversity hiring!


SEIG..! Uh, sorry. Wrong hand.

gunstock war club.jpg
Skivvy Stacker

One of the best CSMs Special Ops ever had was Galen Kittleson. I have an autographed copy of “Raider” (written by Charles Sasson) about his exploits in WWII and Vietnam.
Kittleson took part in four POW rescue missions, including the Capanatuan Raid (as an Alamo Scout), and the Son Tay Raid (as a Green Beret). He was a diminutive guy, at 5’6″, and was 46 years old at the time of the Son Tay raid. During WWII he was known as “Kit”; during Vietnam he was called “Pappy”. He was soft spoken, very faithful to God, country, family and Army. His simple prayer before combat was always; “God, please take care of the souls who will die today”. Didn’t make a difference if it was Americans or Enemies, he prayed for both. The first time he came across the skeleton of a Japanese soldier, he bowed his head and said; “God have mercy on your soul”. Goodness ran in his blood, while being a warrior ran through his bones.
This woman doesn’t reach up to his lofty 5’6″, and isn’t worthy to lace CSM Galen Kittleson’s boots. May God take care of his soul forever.


Education Indoctrination in action – They could freely hand that out and my kid could freely bring it home but my kid would promptly be withdrawn from that school.

Let your freak flag fly! –
Nope. My kid would be dressed in clean and tidy school clothing NOT second hand drag clothing..

She/He/They/It seem stable –
That ‘thing’ came near my kid espousing anything ‘fluid’, she’d be given some ‘fluid therapy’ of her own – doused in gasoline and lit up.
Fire is such a purgative thing..

Elementary boys and tampons. This will be fun to watch play out –
Nope. School can and should be fun but it’s ultimately a place for an education. Tampons are still Girls Washroom ONLY.

New Twitter is so much better than old Twitter –
I’ll keep my eight bucks and take your word for it..

In 23 short years, this kid could be president. Let’s make it happen –
Agreed. That kid is obviously being raised rightly and his parents ought to be commended.

Separate but equal? – exclusively for “Latinx” and Black students.
LOVE to see some black or white wise-ass lawyer put that one to Constitutional challenge..and win. In the spirit of Inclusion – please include my MIDDLE FINGER.

It’s Science! –
More’s the pity abortion wasn’t available when two monkey’s fucked and Hannah was conceived..

Oops –
Plain and simple – this is grooming.
And while paedophilia is a sickness, there is a cure – bullets.

Doom on each and everyone of these absolute waste’s of skin.
Nevertheless, nice that they’ve all got a cyber-soapbox to stand on so we can all take our time, draw a bead on ’em and fire at will.

Thanks Mason.

gunstock war club.jpg

Tampons in the boys bathroom in school, how can this go wrong? You know that kids are going to flush a bunch down the toilet and flood the bathroom for fun. I’m sure they will be misused in many creative and hilarious ways much to the dismay of the school administrators. Probably come out with a zero tolerance policy for tampon misuse.


Never mind being a great fire-starter..

A Terminal Lance Coolie

I’m a custodian for a high school.

This is a TERRIBLE idea. Teenage boys cause enough problems with toilet paper and paper towels, and a garbage can. Can’t leave out ripping dispensers off walls and breaking faucets.

But tampons? I don’t envy their custodial staff in the least.


Throwing ’em at each other, having ’em stick to the ceiling, etc.