Wisconsin man pretends to be deployed, is in jail

| May 2, 2023

Jakobie Timblin (photo credit Fox6Now)

A Wisconsin man is facing charges for stolen valor. We’ve seen many cases where a man claims to have been serving in the military, when in fact he was serving time in prison/jail. This is one of those cases.

According to the charges, Jackobie Timblin allegedly scammed an old lady out of some money while he was “deployed” with the Marine Corps. He was actually in prison at the time.

Fox6Now has the story;

A Richland Center man is charged in a Washington County stolen valor case. The sheriff says Jakobie Timblin, 34, pretended to be a Marine, telling his girlfriend he was deployed five times. The sheriff says he purchased a fake uniform and medals online, and while he was “deployed,” he was actually in prison.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Timblin started communicating with the victim online in 2015. The next year, someone purporting to be Timblin’s mother reached out to see whether the victim would write to Timblin overseas, where he was serving in the Marines.

The sheriff said for the next several years, the victim communicated with Timblin through letters, and in 2019, they met in person and started dating.

That same year, the victim was contacted by someone claiming to be Timblin’s captain, according to the sheriff, who said he was putting together a gift for Timblin based on the “heroic work he did overseas” and asked for a loan that would be reimbursed by the Department of Defense. The victim wrote a check for $5,000.

According to the sheriff, during the time they were dating, Timblin told stories about his service, claiming he was deployed five times (four deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan). Prosecutors say he brought his “dress blues” to the victim’s family cabin with multiple medals attached, including a Purple Heart.

He allegedly told the victim’s stepmom that he learned of his mother’s death upon returning from deployment, and he needed money to help with estate planning. He said that he was upset that the bill collector would harass a military man of honor like himself. Ultimately, the victim’s stepmom wrote him a check for $6,500 with the understanding he would pay it back, which never occurred, the sheriff said.

The stepmom then checked into the obituary of Timblin’s mother and learned that she had only one son named Jacob Elliott. More research led her to discover that Elliot was on extended release for a 2014 armed robbery and verified through a Department of Corrections photo that Elliot is who they knew as Timblin, the sheriff said.

That’s when the sheriff’s office was contacted.

According to the sheriff’s office, a sergeant who is a Marine veteran noticed discrepancies in the uniform Timblin was pictured wearing as to where the patches and medals were placed.

Investigators worked with the Marines to verify that Timblin had never served in the armed forces.

Prosecutors allege that Elliot changed his name to Timblin well after he met the victim, purchasing the medals and uniform online.

When he claimed to be overseas, he was actually in prison, the sheriff says.

“It is morally deplorable to be a military imposter and is particularly reprehensible to use society’s respect and admiration for the brave men and women that serve this great county for one’s gain,” said Washington County Sheriff Martin Schulteis. “This case went even further when Timblin claimed to be a Purple Heart recipient which tramples on the honor of those that have been injured or worse, given up their life for one’s country.”

Online court records show Timblin is expected to reach a plea deal in the case. He’s charged with false statement/military service/commit crime and theft-false representation $5,000 to $10,000, repeater.

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Daisy Cutter

Ambushed on Patrol = Shanked in the Shower
Liberty = Yard Time
Boot = Fish
EOS = Parole
Canteen = Canteen

Veritas Omnia Vincit

BOHICA takes on a new meaning though…more literal one supposes…


More’n likely…
comment image


He do got a purty mouth and those ears look like good hand grips.  😜 

Skivvy Stacker

You people are all sicker than a rabid dog.

That’s why I love coming here.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m sure that Bubba & Thor have straightened his ass out on more than a few occasions, and I mean that literally. 😈😈


Little pink mousy face.
Probably eats D-Con.


Another tick-mark in the Marines column on the FY23 Valor Vultures tote-board.

As of now, (a month more than half-way through the FY) Jarheads are leading the pack. / s


Sadly, it sounds like yet another (probably) vulnerable, gullible, and lonely woman got duped by a POSer.

Good thing that the stepmom finally got a whiff of this POSer’s bullshit and got the Sheriff involved.


Lonely by choice? Makes one wonder how many real service members/military veterans she ignored, denigrated, or friend-zoned on her way to choosing this clown.

Many of these women’s loneliness is “self-inflicted,” their gullibility being semi voluntary, as many would waive the red flags for someone if they perceive social or other status benefits to being with a specific guy. And then, when crap hits the fan and when some of the warnings become reality, many claim “lonely and vulnerable” rather than accept the consequences of their actions.

In Jacobie Timblin’s, phony Marine, case, the swindled step mother, wanting to hold him accountable for stealing from her via deception, did the digging needed to have things come crashing down for him.

I remember one case where a deserter was returned to the ship I was stationed on, long after he had been dropped from the list of assigned Sailors. The police took him to the brig on the base instead. What got him was his big mouth… Admitted to leaving with no intention to return… And his owing money to the person he admitted this to, coupled with his persistent failure to pay this money back.


Jakobie Timblin, 34, as Most Interesting Man, served in prison but claims military service.jpg

GORK – God only really knows – why this women became so disparagingly lonely that she forsook apparent sensibilities and followed her ‘feelings’ but the fact remains – Jacobie Timblin is nothing more than a lying little POS that desperately needs to become dick-candy for Bubba, Thor and crew.. May each and every one of Jacobie’s future jail-time experiences be entirely…penetrating.

gunstock war club.jpg
Maine Highlander

I’m guessing “Marine” Timblin played his Tricare card, and the young lady quickly became a dependapotamus in waiting.

tom reynolds

Why the heck is anyone in prison allowed internet privileges. Any communication from them should be in a stamped envelope with their prison address on it.

Green Thumb


This motherfucker had the moves.

I guess his training at All-Points Logistics almost paid off.

Phil Monkress would be proud…..

AT1 ret

Looking at Bidens next SECDEF choice if he starts wearing a dress.


If he does start cross-dressing and claiming to be a woman, they will let him serve his next stint in a women’s prison.


GOT-DAMN!!!! Ears like that can hear gnats fucking!


You just bought yourself an entry in The As(s)teroid of Insults®™

“Got-Damn this Dumbo looking motherfucker….with ears like that can hear gnats fucking!”

Skivvy Stacker

I kept trying to straighten myself up, and was getting dizzy looking at that dopes picture, before I realized the his eyes are uneven!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I agree on the eyes, and a few more comments on the eyes mean that the eyes have it

Forest Bondurant

Maybe his eyes will get straightened out from the repeated banging of the squeakhole he’s bound to experience in prison.


Geez that’s 34? Rough life.

His eyes get any closer together he’ll be a Cyclops.