Marine veteran, Aaron Orozco, killed while working his Uber job

| March 27, 2023

Aaron Orozco, Marine Corps Veteran, leaves behind his wife and two children. (YouTube/Fox11)

Aaron Orozco and a couple of his passengers were at a 7-Eleven parking lot during one of Orozco’s Uber routes. Orozco and the two passengers were involved in a physical altercation before one of the passengers shot him. The suspect subsequently took the veteran’s Honda Accord and departed the scene. The vehicle was later found abandoned.

From the New York Post:

A California Marine Corps veteran and father of two was shot and killed while driving for Uber on Friday morning.

Aaron Orozco, 38, was driving for the rideshare company when he got into a “physical altercation” with two of his passengers at a 7-Eleven parking lot in Lynwood, according to Los Angeles police.

During the altercation, one of the suspects shot the veteran before fleeing the scene in the victim’s Honda Accord.

Police said the driver, later identified by family as Orozco, suffered a gunshot wound to the upper torso while the suspects remain at large as of early Sunday.

The vehicle was found abandoned a short distance away from the shooting, according to authorities.

“It just seems like I’m in a nightmare. It doesn’t seem real to me,” Sandra Medina, Orozco’s wife, told Fox 11. “I haven’t even told my kids yet, they still think dad is going to come through the door.”

The New York Post has the rest of the article here.

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Mike B

Sad survives the overseas war zones, but dies in the California war zone. I see too many damn stories like this, it really posses me off.

Dave Hardin

I keep waiting for USCCA to file a case that will hold people accountable for taking away a citizens right to arm himself.

His wife should take this to court. If the State denied him his right to defend himself, they are negligent in their responsibility to then provide that protection.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave Hardin

Commiefornia has statutory immunity for any harm or injury arising from any government entity’s failure or refusal to issue a permit or license. There is also immunity for any discretionary acts by government officials. So, such a lawsuit is likely doomed to fail.

Dave Hardin

Ya, I am aware of that. The glimmer of hope rests in the Federal Courts overturning several Qualified immunity cases this past couple of years.

Ironically, the push to strip Qualified immunity happens in mostly Liberal States. Unintended consequences.


When New-sum signed the bill stripping qualified immunity from Law Enforcement for “clear civil rights violations” he kind of opened the door. Because what he was saying was that the rest of California Government can clearly violate your civil rights without any repercussions. Why would the police be any different than anyone else?


They should give combat medals to civilians for surviving in that turdhole state.


It’s too much to hope for, but I would love to see the murderers executed.

AW1 Rod

Will never happen in Цалифорниа. It’s a communist shithole.


Not executed. Disappeared, minus a hand and some teeth to demonstrate that he didn’t get away and to leave his momma something to bury.

Mike B

Innocent type people should qualify for Hostile Fire Pay/Imminent Danger Pay if they live in Commiefornia.


We Knew It, We Knew It, We Knew It…

When we heard the Shooter was a “Woman”, we said “No Way..”

Shooter was 28 Audrey Hale, a Trangender and former student who had a manifesto and also a former student.

Innocent Children murdered.


They have to have that manifest that no one gives a shit about. Not sure if narcissism or some other character flaw. I wonder if they ever realize that dying while committing acts of murder makes their life and whatever it is they are trying to say that much more meaningless.


Crazed “tranny” attacks religious school and kills kids– left/libtards blame everyone else!


…yeah… all kinds of sad either way. the last school shooter that was TG was born female and identified as male so it does go both ways. TG people tend to be no more or less violent than anyone else.



Do you think it was the “hormone therapy” she was taking that caused this horrific crime…or perhaps a mental instability not treated from day 1…?

And course, the weapon of her choice will be demonized and not her.

We still remember THIS 1963 Shooting…

“University of Texas Tower Shooting”

“The University of Texas tower shooting was an act of mass murder which occurred on August 1, 1966, at the University of Texas at Austin. The perpetrator, 25-year-old Marine veteran Charles Whitman, indiscriminately fired at members of the public both within the Main Building tower and from the tower’s observation deck. He shot and killed 15 people, including an unborn child, and injured 31 others before he was killed by two Austin Police Department officers approximately 96 minutes after first opening fire from the observation deck.”

“Prior to arriving at the University of Texas, Whitman had stabbed his mother and wife to death—in part to spare both women “the embarrassment” he believed his actions would cause to them.”

“Although Whitman’s autopsy revealed a pecan-sized tumor in the white matter above his amygdala, the tumor was not connected to any sensory nerves. Nonetheless, some experts believe this tumor may have contributed to the violent impulses which Whitman had been exhibiting for several years prior to the massacre.”


There’s no telling some people are just worthless individuals from the word go. I can’t imagine giving somebody testosterone will make them less violent though.

I’m going to deposit a a complete and total wild ass guess that maybe they had an encounter with a tickle monster at the school. But I have no foundation or evidence of that.