Weekend Open Thread

| March 24, 2023

Gab launched an image making AI. Instead of utilizing a common template for a meme, you could use a command to create an image from scratch. The above is an example of what came up when “landscape” was plugged in. Enjoy your weekend!

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Woo HOO! Been a good week so far. Grandson born safe and sound and I’ve got my second FIRST!


Congratz on both counts Mustang!


And Third.. new record for me


ok, 4th, whatever


The STANG!!! Way to go. Ratulations on BOTH.
Lord gently!!


Congratulations to all on the Grandson! I hope your grandkids are as much a blessing to you as ours are to us.


Third. Damn Early today. Kong Rats, Pappy. Way to GO ARMY! The FIRST Yuengling is on me!


For those of you who habla:


Dispense mi buen amigo, es que yo llegue PRIMERO!

Carne asada, frijoles charros, arroz, and both corn and flour tortillas. Homemade guacamole and salsa verde and ice-cold Yuengling or Shiner Bock.

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pasame un plato de comido, por favor.

Either besig got sneaky with the WOT or hit the post button too soon. Changing his time post to make it sporting or just excited that OAM is going to be taking up some slack on Threads?

Hack Stone, Chippy, and few of the other “usual suspects” will be wailing a gnashing their teeth when the show up at 1450 hours to flail away at their F5 Key only to see that it has dropped. Somebody make a crying baby meme.

I gots to get busy on some chores. Y’all play nice. Gun Bunny gonna have a busy weekend.

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Ask and ye shall receive!

Dave Hardin



Yo me gusta!
I’ll take the Shiner Bock, although I was tempted by some Yeungling at the HEB the other day. I ended up with Shiner’s 1909 and Black Lager. Every drop brewed in Shiner Texas.
Salsa verde is nice, too. I’m running low on the salsa I canned last year.


I’ve had both of those Shiner’s that you mentioned. Pretty damn good.




Me and Anita Turbo Dog had a falling out around 30 years ago. I drank a couple of pitchers and fell out. That is some strong beer.


Stupid auto-corrupt. I meant ABITA!


Shiner por favor!




I had the A.I make Bernie Sanders and AOC boxing each other.


Who do you think would win?🤣

Hack Stone

You Adorable Deplorables dropped the thread early to deny Hack Stone his title as First Commenter. Prepare to feel his wrath.


Yeah, well…that’s what happens when you try to use a 1997 vintage Motorola Star-Tac phone to access TAH. 🤣


Preliminary / background about the 5 unearned medals,
and now suspected inauthentic medals certificates
(“bolstering his bullshit more MORE bullshit”)
are all now in the hands of print media in 3 Pennsylvania cities.

When I eventually receive the new FOIA,
I simply (reply) email it,
and 1 or more of them may carry the phony phootball,
either in an opinion piece,
or a followup (to 2022 elections) news story.

This, from October 2021, with the same 13 medals over his shoulder.
Still 13 there on that shadowbox on today’s loony podcast.
(Only 8 verified by US Army spokesman FOIA email in 2022).


I have a proposal for the patrons of the TAH Tavern.

TAH should design and develop (for real) the This Ain’t Hell Medal of Dishonor. When a Stolen Valor Critter is positively identified, an official proclamation can be published on TAH, and a copy of the proclamation,award letter, and a real medal can be mailed to the dishonoree.

A parallel award, the Medal of Oppression, could be awarded to such deserving assholes as Anthony Fraudci and Chuck-U Schemer.

Fuck Joe Biden
We know the fix is in.
One day he’ll not use English
and speak only Mandarin.

Dave Hardin



The whole point of valor thieves is that they are either narcissists or straight up con men. Give a narcissist any kind of attention, negative or positive, and they just eat it up and revel in it (think Bernath). A con man will just try to sell the medal and tell the buyer it is something valuable and rip them off.


I hadn’t thought of it that way.

Dave Hardin

 🤔  🤔 


A con man might also toss “his” medals over White House fence…


A pro level con man would toss someone else’s medal and tell you it was his.


Credit where it’s due – by that definition, Bernath finally found success and established a legacy.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone had plans to be a kind and benevolent ruler over the unwashed masses known as the This Ain’t Hell community by providing everyone a free copy of our Y2K software, but since there was a vast right wing conspiracy worked ng against Hack, you will all have to pay full retail price. And Hack Stone will be revoking the 13% discount when you use the Promo Code SPANDEX.


Yeah, well when I tried to use that Promo Code, my price went UP by 13%!

Commissioner Wretched

Well, whaddaya know? Congrats to the MustangCPT for his FIRSTness this week! In his honor, and for the enlightenment of everyone else (such as it is), here’s the week’s trivia!

Did a King of England once have to pawn his crown in order to pay his debts?
By Commissioner Wretched

Spring arrives this week, bringing with it the promise of longer days, warmer days, milder nights, and – if the weather boffins are accurate – rain. Lots of rain.

Which, of course, we need, especially the folks who grow plants for a living. I hope they never run out of water!

For those keeping track, spring officially started Monday, March 20, at 5:24 a.m. Eastern Daylight Saving time. On that day, the hours of daylight and darkness were equal. Now, days get longer and nights get shorter until the first day of summer, which is June 21.

Class dismissed in time to read some extra credit trivia!

Enjoy, my friends.

Did you know …

… nicotine is not good for you? Besides being the addictive substance in tobacco, nicotine has another, less well known use – it is used in insecticides. (The good part is, you won’t have any bugs in your lungs.)

… you really can tickle yourself? Of course, to do so, you have to look somewhat silly. The only place you can tickle yourself is on the roof of your mouth. (If you do this, send me a photo of it. I always need a good laugh on a Monday morning here.)

Commissioner Wretched

… only one professional athlete has hit a home run in a Major League Baseball game and scored a touchdown in an NFL game in the same week? Deion Sanders (born 1967), who played for the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons (among other teams), also is the only person to play in a World Series and a Super Bowl. (That Deion, such an underachiever.)

… the dark meat on a roast turkey has more calories than the white meat? (That explains why I always come away from the Renaissance Festival heavier – the turkey legs!)

… you may suffer from trichophobia? It’s the fear of hair, specifically loose hair just lying around somewhere. (If you’re like me you actually suffer from peladophobia, the fear of hair falling out – which, in my case, it does quite often.)

… citizens in Czechoslovakia pulled one over on invaders? During the 1968 invasion of the country by Warsaw Pact soldiers, road signs in towns were removed or painted over. The idea was to confuse the invading troops. The only road signs not changed were the ones pointing toward Moscow. (Giving the old saying, “Get lost!” a new meaning.)

… at least one European country believes in witches? Romania is so accepting of witchcraft that the country tried to tax witches in 2011 in an effort to help pull the country out of a recession. (Got to find out how that worked out for them.)

Commissioner Wretched

… an English king once had to pawn his crown? Richard II (1367-1400), who ruled from 1377 until he was deposed in 1399, was something of a spendthrift. In the royal records is a parchment roll detailing just how much money the king spent during his reign … so much that, at one point, he actually had to pawn his gold-and-diamond crown to be able to pay his bills. His increasingly bizarre behavior eventually led to his overthrow in 1399 by Henry IV (1367-1413), who imprisoned Richard and basically allowed him to starve to death in prison. Additional trivia note: Richard II was only ten years old when he became king, and blamed his first indiscretions on his youth. He died at age 33. (One must wonder what he blamed his later indiscretions on, wouldn’t you agree?)

… a popular beverage is named due to a mistake? If you’ve ever enjoyed Ovaltine™, the drink made from milk, malt, egg and cocoa, you’ve had a real treat. Ovaltine was developed in 1904 in Berne, Switzerland, by the Nestlé company. But we’ve been calling it by the wrong name almost since it was invented. Initially, it was registered as Ovomaltine, but a clerical error in registering the name changed it to the name we use today. (I love Ovaltine, especially when it comes with a secret decoder ring!)

… a museum dedicated to watermelons exists? Why not, right? I mean, we have museums for everything else. But the China Watermelon Museum exists in Beijing, and it explores the entire history of watermelons, growing methods, and the role watermelons play in Chinese culture. (I didn’t even know watermelons played a role. Wow!)


Chopsticks and Chitlins, been down with the cause for a while now bro…

Commissioner Wretched

… the voice of numerous cartoon characters has his most famous line engraved on his tombstone? Mel Blanc (1908-1989), the “Man of 1,000 Voices,” is buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. Blanc provided the voices of beloved cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and many others, but on his tombstone is the catch phrase of the character Porky Pig: “That’s all, folks.”

… one could find all sorts of heroism during World War II? For instance, during the Siege of Leningrad (1941-1944), nine Soviet scientists died of starvation while protecting the world’s largest seed bank, which was located in the city. The men refused to eat what they saw as the nation’s future food production.

… the Inuit language does not have a word for “yesterday”? (They also don’t have a word for, “This does not taste like chicken.”)

… you may be holding your wine glass the wrong way? Yes, there is a “right way” and a “wrong way” to hold a wine glass. Properly, wine glasses should always be held by the stem, not the bowl. The heat of your hand will raise the temperature of the wine. (Who knew?)

… cold showers are actually better for you than hot showers? A cold shower improves circulation, stimulates weight loss, and eases depression. (Among other things.)

Now … you know!


CW, My Man. Another good’un. My SciFi books made it yesterday. Gonna have to put the other 3 I’m working thru on the back burner and get started on your’s. Might take a bit, I just got covered up in history program requests. I’ll keep ya posted.

Commissioner Wretched

Please do, King … I’m looking forward to your thoughts.


As opposed to brandy snifters, which I am told you should hold with your fingers split cupping the bottom of the glass so as to warm the brandy and make fumes to sniff?


That’s true– brandy’s supposed to smell good.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Will I ever again score first? I bet it’s this damned outdated Red Hat Software on this computer bought from some dumpy outfit HQ’ed somewhere in Maryland some years ago. Regardless, I declare myself “Present” as award myself Honorary First once again.


Dave Hardin

Get with it, slacker.


FWIW, I’ve used Ubuntu for decades.
Good stuff


A Proud Infidel@,
I recommend Ubuntu Linux, as Dave H hinted above.

It’s been on my laptops for over 10 years,
and on and off on my primary home PC as well,
although currently riding out a Windows10 PC to the expiration,
just as I had done with Windows7.
And Windows2000.
And Windows95.
And Windows 3 For Workgroups.
Oh, and I should add…
And MS-DOS 6.22, and 5.0, and 3.3 before.
Geez, I miss original PC Tools, Norton Utilities, and PGA Golf.

Get comfortable with Ubuntu Linux
and the built in Firefox browser,
and you’ll soon again score your WOT FIRST.

PGA Tour Golf MS DOS.jpg
Hack Stone

Hack Stone told you that you should have sprung for the Red Hat Deluxe Edition, which will includes the rust proof undercoating. And the fact that your mailbox door is now missing is just a coincidence.

Dave Hardin

Due to our ongoing investigation into a particular case… I removed a previously posted comment. I don’t want to mention any names but his initials are MarineDad61. (smile)

Sorry for the inconvenience but I have spoken with him and explained our current situation on that case.

With his blessing, I need all of them I can get, we removed it…



Thanks, Dave,
By the time I got back to the PC
(AND the laptop across the room),
my ability to edit or delete my (2) comment(s) here timed out.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

FIRST 32 on the comments

jeff LPH 3 63-66

That above pic of the house and lake remind me of a paint by number pic I did when I was a kid.


Thomas Kinkade imitation.


Have six KINKADES…


If only Hitler had gotten into art school instead of the alternative…


If Fidel Castro’s fastball would’ve had a little more “pop”…


If Joseph Stalin had stuck to poetry.


…or stuck with the seminary.


Present, and still FIRST in the hearts and minds of the grandkids.
Favorite-Son-in-Law and I unloaded (by shovel) 6+ tons of limestone base to fill in the low spots in the Compound HIghway. Hopefully it will reduce the difficulties accessing the back part of the Compound.
Mrs. GB’s knee is doing quite well. My brother is as well.
Hope you all have a great weekend.


Florida representative gets pranked w/ old school fake names.  😁 
Florida Rep. Will Robinson Jr. hilariously duped into reading fakes names | New York Post – YouTube


Was off the rez yes’day for a spell, doing good works and the corresponding liquid fortifications.

Read: moved furniture for my uncles and drank beers.

Have a GREAT weekend y’all! Don’t waste the ‘early’ Spring! As most of this beautiful country is gearing for planting season, I pray for your gardens and crops to be verdant and yielding.

(oldie but goodie meme)

try harder next time.jpg

WE ALL GONNA DIED!!! (not really, but this 300ft asteroid will pass within 110k miles)


Anyone who thinks wind/solar are gonna be our salvation need to spend a few weeks working at one.
Shitshow doesn’t even begin to cover it.


Now ya done it. 🤣

I think both of those methods are not practical for large-scale base load applications, but the gooberment is throwing so much cash at it, that utility companies, electrical equipment manufacturers, electrical contractors, and end-users (data centers, industrial, commercial) are all lining up for a share of it. And don’t even get me started on the effects on power quality and the impact of this chopped DC on all of those 50 and 60 year old transformers in our substations. But what do I know, I’ve only been in the industry for 28 years.

/Rant off

A Proud Infidel®™

THAT AND by now I wonder if those windmills haven’t already killed more Birds of Prey than DDT!

Bubblehead Ray

I weep for the education in this country. This is the description of the movie “Shanghai” on our cable service. Apparently, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1951. Who knew? SMDH


And we all though Idiocracy wasn’t going to be a documentary.


But Brawndo has electrolytes!