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| March 18, 2023


Homeowner shoots dead fleeing robbery and theft suspect who stabbed him

Durban — Police are investigating charges of attempted murder and murder after a theft suspect was shot dead by the homeowner he had attacked while fleeing.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Nqobile Gwala said that Phoenix police are investigating charges of attempted murder and murder following an incident that took place in Woodview Drive at Phoenix on Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

“A 60-year-old man alleged that he found an unknown suspect at his premises in possession of copper pipes. He approached him. The suspect became violent and stabbed him. The victim withdrew his firearm and allegedly shot the suspect, who died at the scene,” Gwala said.

KZN VIP Protection Services spokesperson Gareth Naidoo said that a fleeing robbery and theft suspect from Brentwood in Phoenix was hopping walls in an attempt to flee community members who were chasing him.

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No charges for Detroit-area cop who shot armed suspect in police station lobby
Ali Naji was killed on Dec. 18 after a failed attempt to shoot Dearborn, MI officer

A suburban Detroit officer who fatally shot an armed man inside the lobby of police station will not face criminal charges, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Ali Naji “objectively posed an imminent threat” and the Dearborn police officer who shot him acted in self defense, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said.

Naji, 33, walked into the police station just west of Detroit on Dec. 18 and attempted to fire a handgun at the officer, who was seated at a desk behind a bullet-resistant window. The gun failed to fire. While Naji removed the magazine and attempted to reinsert it into the gun, the officer opened the window and shot Naji.

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Detroit armed robber shot in chest by concealed carry permit holder after threatening to kill friend: police
The alleged robber, Joshua Fordham, is a convicted felon not legally allowed to carry a gun

By Andrew Mark Miller | Fox News
A man who tried to rob another man at gunpoint outside a Michigan liquor store was shot in the chest by a concealed carry permit holder and eventually arrested.

Police in Detroit, Michigan, say that they responded to a call of gunshots last month and found a victim with his hands raised over his head who told them he had a concealed pistol license, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

The victim told police that a man with a ski mask and a Detroit Lions jacket had followed him and his friend into a liquor store and then back outside before pulling a gun on them.

The suspect is said to have pulled out a gun and threatened to kill the concealed carry holder’s friend unless the concealed carry holder turned over his wallet.
…Fordham pleaded guilty in March 2014 to armed robbery and was sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison.

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Fox News

Detroit continues to impress. Links courtesy of our own Gun Bunny and guests.

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.
– Muhammad Ali

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Feral pavement apes seem to be an international problem. Who knew?

Another DA gets it right. Good way to commit suicide by cop. Poke the bear in his den and you’re liable to get clawed.

Wearing a Lion jacket does not make you king of the jungle.

Own the night, own the fight, leave no witnesses.

“…the preferred weapon of your enemy…” Probably a bunch of them sitting on the bottom of a lake, somewhere…victims of tragic boat accidents.


“attacked while fleeing”

I’m not a lawer but seems kinda iffy legal wise.
Kinda like “coming and going” at the same time.


The above pic is of an AK-74 rather than an AK-47. The stock, handguards and the muzzle compensator give it away. The current Ruskie battle rifle is the AK-74, which fires a 5.45 mm bullet. This info is provided for those of you who are not ex-trigger pullers.


That magazine appears to be curved for 7.62×39. The 5.45×39 mag has noticeably less curve.


Probably an early one; 5.45mm rounds would still work in it, just looser.


You could be correct, as I have seen people put the new furniture on them, including the compensator. However, the rifle in the pic has the stamped receiver of the AKM.


I assumed it was the typical American market commercial frankengun.

“Kalasni-King! Have it your way!