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| March 11, 2023

19-year-old shoots at car, not realizing it’s cop in unmarked patrol car, TN cops say

A 19-year-old Tennessee man is facing an attempted homicide charge after he fired shots at a vehicle that turned out to be an unmarked police car, the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department says.

It happened Saturday, Feb. 11, as the police sergeant in the vehicle was driving to a crime scene, according to a news release.

“Sgt. Brian Brown, working extra duty Violent Crimes Initiative, was en route to a burglary call when a Toyota Camry traveling behind him fired several rounds at the unmarked patrol car,” police said.

“Sgt. Brown was not injured in the shooting. Two rounds struck his patrol car.”

The Camry fled after the gunfire was heard. Brown followed the car until it stopped just over two miles away, officials said. Brown then arrested the driver and a passenger, identified as 19-year-old Steven Pointer, officials said.

“The 21-year-old driver said during an interview with detectives that Pointer, the passenger of the Camry, mistook Brown’s vehicle for someone else who burglarized his father’s business,” police said.

“The driver said he drove away quickly because he did not know Pointer was going to fire gunshots.”

Pointer was arrested on one felony charge of attempted criminal homicide and bond was set at $75,000, according to jail records.

Source; Yahoo!

Walleye Cheater Charged with Stalking and Using Counterfeit Cash

Last October, two fishermen in Ohio rocked the world of competitive angling when they were caught red-handed stuffing the body cavities of walleyes they’d caught during a tournament with huge lead fishing weights. Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky became infamous overnight when video footage of their cheating scandal surfaced on Youtube and received widespread national coverage in the Associated Press, The Washington Post, and the New York Times. The anglers were indicted on October 12, 2022, and they’re still awaiting trial in Ohio for charges that include cheating, attempted grand theft, and possession of criminal tools. But one of them is now facing separate charges for stalking an ex-wife and supplying his 18-year-old son with counterfeit money.

According to local news outlet WFMJ, Chase Cominsky’s latest charge stems from a late January incident at a bowling alley in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. That night, his 18-year-old son tried to exchange two fake $100 bills for several games of bowling.

A text thread included in a court complaint—allegedly between Cominsky and his son—revealed that the elder Cominsky provided the son with the counterfeit bills. The bills were obviously fake, police said, because they were stamped with the phrases “For Motion Picture Purposes” and “not legal tender.”

Cominsky’s most recent allegations come on the heels of yet another charge that was filed against him on October 31, 2022—about two weeks after the walleye cheating scandal first emerged. That charge was issued after he was accused of stalking and harassing his ex-wife while she was driving her child home from school in Pennsylvania’s Jefferson Township. According to a criminal complaint, the woman said Cominsky hacked into her SnapChat and email accounts and sent her several threatening text messages before tailgating her so closely that she feared their vehicles might collide.

Cominsky’s bond for the charge of supplying his son with counterfeit bills has been set at $12,000. His hearing for the stalking case will take place in May in Jefferson Township. Both Cominsky and Runyan will stand trial for their combined roles in the walleye cheating case on March 27 in Cuyahoga County Court.

Source; Field & Stream

Georgia school bus driver arrested after police say he barged into home asking for child

A school bus driver in Georgia is facing charges after police say he walked into a family’s home looking for their daughter.

The incident happened last week in Cobb County.

Police are still investigating what happened and trying to figure out what the driver was up to.

Gail George said she saw a police officer sitting in her driveway for hours Wednesday afternoon. She didn’t realize at the time the officer was focused on her neighbor’s house.

George lives near Gogineni Rayudu. Police recently arrested him.

Rayudu is accused of barging into a home asking for a 10-year-old student who rides his bus.

“That shocks me,” George said. “I would never have thought he would do anything like that.”

Police say it happened at a home in Asheboro Village during the Cobb County school district’s winter break.

Cassiopia Cea said she’s had concerns about her daughter’s bus driver in the past. She said he was outside of her home three times in recent months asking about her daughter. Cea filed a police report after the most recent incident.

“I just started grilling him with questions and as soon as I started grilling him with questions, he took off,” Cea said.

Cea said Rayudu started driving the route about two months ago. And says he has previously asked her daughter inappropriate questions.

Rayudu is currently charged with burglary and loitering. It’s unclear if more charges are pending.

Source; WJCL

Kenya pastor who claims to be Jesus Christ runs to the police after community vow to crucify him this Easter so he could rise on the 3rd day.

After learning of the evil plan being implemented by the community in which he conducts his evangelism, a Kenyan pastor who claimed to be Jesus Christ has requested the protection of the police.

The clergyman said that Bungoma (yesu wa Tongaren) members of the community had promised to crucify him on Easter in a way that was similar to how the son of God was killed.

After learning that Bungoma residents had witnessed him demand to be crucified on Easter in the same way that Jesus was, the self-proclaimed Jesus Christ reported the incident to the authorities.

Reports claim that members of the community reassured the man of God that if he was the Messiah, he would rise again on the third day and ascend to heaven after his crucifixion, and that he should not be concerned about his own life.

Reports claim that members of the community reassured the man of God that if he was the Messiah, he would rise again on the third day and ascend to heaven after his crucifixion, and that he should not be concerned about his own life.

Source; KimbiBlog

Louisiana teen injures himself after homemade pipe bomb explodes

A teenage boy was badly injured by a pipe bomb he was allegedly making in the backyard of a Louisiana home.

The teen’s hand and other areas were injured in the explosion Friday evening near Slidell, and he had to be airlifted across Lake Pontchartrain to a trauma center in New Orleans, WDSU-TV reported. His grandmother said he was doing OK.

Investigators did not respond to a reporter’s questions about why the boy was making the device.

Responding deputies from the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office applied a tourniquet to his hand, the department said on Facebook.

“Making homemade explosives can be very dangerous not only to yourself but other people,” Lt. Devin Coulon told the television station.

The victim’s name and age were not released, and no one else was hurt in the blast.

Source; Fox News

Rochester [MN] man given 180 days in jail for raping girls

Stupid prosecutors here. Truly justice has been served. The plea was for no jail time.

A 20-year-old Rochester man will serve 180 days in jail and up to 30 years of probation in a case involving the rape of two juveniles girls in Olmsted County.

Mohamed Bakari Shei appeared before District Judge Jacob Allen Monday, Jan. 30, 2023, for his sentencing hearing where multiple family members spoke about how Shei’s actions affected them.

Shei was facing three different felony first-degree criminal conduct charges in two separate cases. His plea deal called for no prison time, a stay of adjudication and the dismissal of two out of three charges. If Shei completes his probation, all charges against him will be dismissed and will not be on his criminal record.

One of the juveniles in this case was around 9 years old and the other juvenile was between 4 and 5 years old at the time of the sexual assaults.

“There is no moving on or getting over it, I’ve tried,” one of Shei’s survivors said while fighting back tears in court Monday. She broke down and cried following her statement to the court.

A family member described one of the juvenile survivors as a bubbly girl who loved to share with others, but following Shei’s multiple sexual assaults, the juvenile became withdrawn and more reclusive.

The family member asked Shei to take responsibility for what he’s done to his victims and to their families.

“Some day you will have to answer for this egregious act against a child,” the family member said.

Shei was 15 and 16 years old at the time of the sexual assaults and he was initially charged in juvenile court in 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his case was pushed back to the point that prosecutors would soon lose jurisdictional authority to prosecute the case.

Charges were dismissed against Shei in those cases but were soon refiled. Shei was then given a plea deal that included his stay of adjudication and no prison time in exchange for him not challenging certification in adult court, which allowed for his continued prosecution, according to Olmsted County Senior Attorney Thomas Gort.

Shei entered an Alford plea in December 2022, meaning that while he does not admit guilt, he admits that a jury would convict him based on the evidence.

Shei’s lawyer, James McGeeney, argued that the court lacked the authority to impose any jail time, as that was not “the spirit” of the plea agreement and any jail sentence would be in violation of the agreement.

Allen ultimately disagreed with McGeeney’s argument, pointing out that judges ordering stays of adjudication in drug cases routinely impose a 30-day jail sentence.

“I hope you heard what was said in this court today,” Allen told Shei in court. “The conduct they described and the way it affected them should be something that haunts you.”

With good behavior, Shei will serve, at most, 116 days in the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center. His jail sentence will begin Feb. 13, 2023. Shei was also ordered to undergo a sex offender program and complete 200 hours of community service.

He will not be required to register as a sex offender.

According to court documents:

A female juvenile reported to a Rochester police investigator in April 2020 that Shei first raped her on Mother’s Day in 2018 at a Rochester residence. The juvenile would have been around 9 years old on that date. Shei would have been around 16 years old.

Shei told her that he would give her money for a book fair at school or buy her toys, the juvenile told police.

A different juvenile told an RPD investigator in June 2021 that Shei had raped her several times at the same residence during the same time period.

Shei denied to investigator that he had raped the juvenile.

Source; Yahoo!

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The villagers do have a point. What better way to test the validity of a self professed savior?

If only there were some way to do something similar with government officials…


Defenestration with liberal applications of Tar and Feathers…


Wonder if there’re some other kenyans that could use a good cruxification? That would also fix some of teh stoopid going on. Asking for some fed up friends.

Can I be the tickle monster’s PO? Can I, please? I have buzzards, worms, and feral hawgs he can report to.

A Proud Infidel®™

Scaphism would be fitting for him.


Sounds like Sharia Law has been implemented in Rochester. Now all they have to do is have a close family member kill the little girls for being impure and not fighting back hard enough and the case is closed.

Hack Stone

Or the girls could be forced into marrying him, as is also the custom in the religion of peace.

Old tanker

How about the rapist be sent to that church in Africa and the parishioners be told he is the true messiah? Let religion handle the situation.


I foresee a rope, a sign, and an overpass in Shei’s future.

If our ‘justice’ ‘system’ acts like the third world we’ll get third world results.

Can’t say I’ll lose any sleep whatsoever, but I much disappoint…

3rd world ppl be lik.png
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

If there are no overpasses handy, dragging behind a truck down a gravel road is an option.


Surely an honorable mention is in order for many of California’s best and brightest (and suddenly, unexpectedly poor).

But there is this so…

Note that SVB peaked in April last year at around $750B. As soon as interest rates started climbing everything went sideways. 95% of their deposits are over venture capitol firms/ IPOs over $250K so they are uninsured. This is about half of the IPOs launched in the entire country last year. Because of this their asset value is absolutely on the shakiest of grounds. Without cash to run their businesses we could be looking at a free fall of hundreds of firms.


High on their own farts.

Note my lack of stocked face.


I got a SPotW, ‘our’ very ‘own’ USAF for this provocation by flying a BUFF damn near RF airspace around 60.057400, 26.849235.

Skivvy Stacker

“Shei’s lawyer, James McGeeney, argued that the court lacked the authority to impose any jail time, as that was not ‘the spirit’ of the plea agreement and any jail sentence would be in violation of the agreement.”
You’re absolutely right Lizard McGeeney. He should not get jail time. He should be marched through the Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport in handcuffs, where the fathers of the victims will get a chance to shoot him in the head as he passes them as they are at a bank of pay phones (brought in just for that event).


Gary Plauché was a hero. No changing my mind.

edit: back story link (ignore the USAF/army thing)

edit2: Changed tense to reflex that Mister Plauché was called Home in 2014.

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No doubt. Man among men. RIP.


“Not guilty, by reason of sanity”

A Proud Infidel®™

I guess now that when someone catches a Walleye the question will be “Regular or Unleaded?”