More trouble for Sean Murphy, as ‘stolen valor’ charges, injunction issued

| March 8, 2023


Valor Vulture Sean Murphy seems to be having more problems these days.   We have posted about him in the past here and here.

Before the criminal charges were issued this week, the Swampscott fundraising had already caused problems for Murphy. It was used as evidence last week in Bristol Superior Court that he violated his probation – he was still on probation for the Attleboro heist. Murphy agreed – essentially pleading guilty to probation violations – and he was sent back to prison for 18 months.

On Tuesday, a Lynn District Court clerk magistrate found probable cause to issue a new criminal complaint charging Sean D. Murphy with violating the state’s stolen valor law by dressing in camouflage and collecting donations outside a Whole Foods in Swampscott in 2021.

Swampscott police filed an application for charges under the stolen valor act shortly after they received their report, but for a number of reasons, a clerk magistrate’s “show cause” hearing was repeatedly postponed.

The law bars individuals from obtaining money, property or any other tangible benefit by posing as an active duty member or veteran of the military, by wearing military regalia, gear or uniforms or by using falsified military identification. A violation carries up to one year in jail.

I guess he can’t catch a break and “The Man” is just out to get him.   As a veteran who could be put out on the street by a heartless former Soviet at any moment… I can probably do without Murph trying to help me.


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New Boston TV news coverage (video) here….
Murphy shown sitting next to a sign
“Please Help Homeless Vets”.

Also, a smug mug at the TV camera in court.

As a 12 year veteran
of volunteering time and money
actually raising awareness (and funds)
for homeless veterans in my area….
…. this is beyond low.



Do you have any penis enlargement cream for sale?

Mike B

Some people just don’t and can’t learn from their failures and crimes. This idiot is proof of that!

A Proud Infidel®™

“No matter what you try, YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID, stupid is forever.” – Ron White


ngl, kinda respect the hustle of that Stupor Bowl ring theft. He shoulda used that talent for good, imo.

But in the end we all gotta pay our dues.



“Lynn District Court”
As a former Masshole, all I can say is:

Lynn Lynn the city of sin.
You never come out the way you went in.


X gf from Revere Beach, back in the days of AOL.
She enjoyed having me drive (her) around Lynn.
And Swampscott.
And Nahant.
White Mountains / Lincoln / North Woodstock, NH was good.


Revere aka Severe


Interesting history in Revere,
that I checked out many years ago,
from the beaches and old tourism,
to the railroad that once passed through
(only transit stop ends in Revere now),
and especially an old notoriously dangerous roller coaster.


“notoriously dangerous roller coaster”

ah yes, the famous “Cyclone” and it’s little
brother the “Wild Mouse”


Well if old Sean ain’t this, then I don’t know what he is.


I think there was a hiccup…

Ole Sean here….

Hack Stone

Raising cash for his Spring Break trip to Merritt Island Florida.

A Proud Infidel®™

Or Elko NV for some kind of shindig involving Chili, *OOPS!*, did that go kaput?


A Proud Infidel@,
Chili Feeds in Elko, Nevada are no more.

Atomic Cloud POOF 1.jpg
Daisy Cutter

Green Thumb

Lori Benton will be earning that All-Points Logistics overtime.

Somewhat Phil Monkress weeps.

All the training on the ill-gained taxpayer dollar to teach this clown the “Philoquest” mentality failed.


It must be obvious that little sean is suffering from a lack of attention. And as pointed out in the previous thread, he is missing the attention of the Boys in Cell Block D and the fine fare of the BTJ&T Deli.

Maybe a deployment of the TAH As(s)teroid Of Insults will draw some needed attention to this lying, thieving CAPOS, opening up a chance for employment at either All Points Logistics (Ball Working Dprt) or Brucie’s Bath House (he’s familiar with the entrance in the rear). Can I get a SECOND and an AYE?

“…could be put out on the street by a heartless former Soviet at any moment…” Not to worry, Dave, when (not if) that happens, your pink robe will keep you warm on the park bench…and a multitude of deplorables will apply to take your place. 

Daisy Cutter

Drain the Swampscott!


Love the photo of him sitting outside the grocery store – a beggar with a schtick.

Speak softly and carry a big schtick.

Last edited 1 year ago by tshe

Excuse me… it’s not “The Man”… it’s “DA MAN”


I just did some research on another valor thief. Anyway, our corrupt media made him out to be a hero and a prospect for D-rat nomination for President. I am referring to Michael Avenatti, the Creepy Porn Lawyer. He is now serving 19 years in a federal PITA prison, 14 years for his California cases and five years for the New York cases. In my view, he got off light. Our corrupt DOJ let him plead guilty to only five counts of fraud, embezzlement, and tax evasion, when he was charged with about twenty-five counts, to which he had no defenses.

Mike B

Use to be that criminals got their asses handed to them on a silver platter. The book thrown at them, then the key thrown away.

Now we give them a pat on the head, and ask them not to do it again. Because somewhere, someone is waiting for them to be punished so that they can throw out some BS on how they are being punished unfairly.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Is he related to the late Murph the Surf???.