Kidnapped Americans: Sen. Graham proposes military action.

| March 8, 2023

Not so sure this is the thing to do.  “Kidnapped Americans” in this case means “American Drug Traffickers”.  They went into Mexico illegally to purchase “medications”.

As best I can tell a small group of “Americans” went to Mexico to purchase drugs that they can not buy legally in this country.  Now, we are supposed to launch military rescue missions to save them?

“If you continue to give safe haven to fentanyl drug dealers, then you’re an enemy of the United States,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said.

The Cartels are Terrorist Organizations.  But putting lives at risk to go rescue people that were supporting the Terrorists by purchasing their products seems, well… wrong.  Not sure what fentanyl has to do with any of this, unless of course that was one of the “medications” they were planning to purchase.

The senator said he would follow former U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s assessment that the federal government should designate “the cartels as terrorist organizations.” Graham also said he would get tough on Mexico, not just for the kidnapping but for the overwhelming amount of illegal drugs crossing over the border.

The former AG said the U.S. needs to go a step further.

“Merely designating the cartels as terrorist groups will do nothing by itself,” Barr wrote. “The real question is whether we are willing to go after them as we would a terrorist group.”

Graham grilled incumbent Attorney General Merrick Garland on Capitol Hill last week on the issue. Garland said he was open to the possibility of labeling cartels as terrorists, but that designation typically comes from the State Department.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) and Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) have already put forward a joint resolution calling for authorization for use of military force targeting Mexican cartels.

Look, I am all for bombing something from time to time, but I think Lindsey needs some adult supervision in this case.  From what I can gather Mexico may be doing US a favor by keeping this group.  But,  that’s just me.  Waiting for the cries about “None of this would happen if we could buy any medication we wanted here” and “If these were white tourists instead of people of color trying to get medication then…”


Source: Kidnapped Americans: Sen. Graham proposes military action | NewsNation

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Well, I like the idea of droppin’ snake and nape on drug traffickers, but this is just political posturing.


Nut-unh, they were getting tummy tucks, it was on the news, they would never make stuff up. It was all a big case of mistaken identification.
Send monies to help to http:\gofraudme\


Graham is always itching to send SOMEONE ELSES kids to war


He did famously depict himself as a Desert Shield/Storm veteran, despite getting no closer to the conflict than South Carolina.


From Spring Break to cheapy medical procedures (and drugs),
traveling to Mexico border towns and vacay spots
seems really foolish these days.

the 1990s memories of visiting Nogales and Naco,
parking our cars ½ mile inland in Arizony,
and walking across the border and back.

And NOT visiting Agua Prieta,
after visiting the Douglas AZ VFW,
asking about what to visit and see in Agua,
and being told that there is no reason to visit,
since “the donkey died”.


Juarez across the river (used loosely) from El Paso is the same.


During my time (90-92) in Chukotown, we were allowed to visit Wa-Zoo, but I’m told it is currently off-limits.


That quote made me deploy the Fu of Google.
Google didn’t disappoint.

VG Google translation.jpg

Spanish is handy for deployments to Europe and South America.  😀  ¿Dónde está mi maldito dinero? is also a book being sold on Amazon, personal finance solutions…

Donde esta mi maldito dinero.jpg

Still nothing good in AP, Naco has a thriving dentistry industry, and Nogales hasn’t changed much.


My grand daughter just came back from Spring Break in Mexico. She was in Puerto Penasco. She was already there when this incident happened. We worried about her the entire time. Fortunately, her mother was with her. Mom is Mexican ancestry and speaks some Spanish.


“the donkey died”

laurel hardy.gif

But he died happy.

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When MRS D and I got married, we had to go to the Social Security office in Douglas (the only office in Cochise county) to change her name. She says “Why is everyone staring?” My response? “You’re the only blonde for 100 square miles, gringa.”


When I was a child, 2nd grade or so, I lived in San Diego. For some reason one day my mother felt it appropriate to take her three small children (I was the eldest) on a day trip to Tijuana. It still mystifies me. Maybe she thought there was a market for Gringo children–I wasn’t always the saintly being I am today.


Queen Graham and Dan McCain scheming to bomb someone/something?

Or, a day ending in ‘y’.

I prefer to give potential addicts a society worth living in, which requires them keeping evermore of their labor, but instead these clown ‘leaders’ find it better to extort citizens by tax and inflation in order to purchase Peaceful Bombs of Freedom and weaponize ‘welfare’ programs thereby causing more problems and ‘necessitating’ more interventions.

If they truly did care, they’d show it by acts of compassion not of unholy aggressions.

slavery is a choice.jpg

Border? What border?


It’s about 50 miles North of El Paso.


You mizpeled 100 miles:

100 Mile Border Zone

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects people from random and arbitrary stops and searches. Although the federal government claims the power to conduct certain kinds of warrantless stops within 100 miles of the U.S. border, important Fourth Amendment protections still apply. This helps you understand your rights within the 100-mile border zone.​

On occasion ACLU is correct about what they outrage over.

If they do pull you over, an agent’s questions should be limited to the suspicion they had for pulling you over and the agents should not prolong the stop for questioning unrelated to the purpose of the stop. Any arrest or prolonged stop requires probable cause.

If CPB gets to “look under someone’s dress” I maintain that is a violation of Rights.


Roh-Dog, 5JC, and 26L,

Back in 4th Amendment days,
100 miles was 3-5 days travel,
depending on the roads of the day.

George Washington spent half his presidency
doing this very thing.

Note – Present day US30 / PA462 Lincoln Highway
was THE 1790s (paved) highway,
from Philadelphia
to Columbia, PA / Susquehanna River bank.

Almost everywhere else,
rocks, mud, ruts,
and maybe a plank road for a stretch.

How far is 3-5 days travel from the Mexico border today?
Answer – The Canada border.


Which is why, when you go 50 miles in any direction and every road, outside of El Paso you run into another CBP checkpoint, this one for reals.


Had a place in Punta Banda since 1970’s. I traveled (150 miles) with my children for our summer vacations, holidays, etc. Never had a problem..we lived in a American community with wonderful mexican friends we trusted.
Abandoned the place in 1984 after friends were shot at when they refused to stop for a sketchy roadblock…proof were the bullet holes in their camper…
Place is now a complete shithole…


Maybe this helps.
Ditch the m for www.
Let’s see.

(update – nope)

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Ah yes, stories from the DMZ.


What a great fucking idea. What could possibly go wrong?


Someone needs to inform the valiant Sen. that the cartels don’t fuck around and don’t know shit about the Geneva convention.


I must apologize to dear Sen. Graham. It seems the cartel responsible for the kidnapping has apologized and turned over the “ill-disciplined” miscreants to the so-called authorities.


That’s right, old Lindsey had them quaking in their boots.


Here’s a novel idea for the Good Senator (he being labeled a RINO)…Why not do your job and call for labeling “…to provide for the common defence…” a duty and responsibility of the Federal Government and actually provide for the common defense of these States United? IMHO, Graham is the epitome of the blowhard, self centered, attention whore, Kongress Klowne Kritter, that is only concerned about his re(S)election. PHUQUE HEEM! Who knows, maybe a call to arms to actually defend these States United from a foreign invasion would motivate youngsters to answer the call and build up our troop levels Free Fire Zone 100 meters inside the border, enter from either side at your own risk. If one is entering or leaving illegally it’s a sure bet that they are up to some type of nefarious activity. Good training for all of our services, including bringing back the “Brown Water” Navy along the Rio Grande.

Or we can release the Kraken of Armed Citizens. I’m good either way.


Ah yes! Dungaree liberty.




Paging Mr. Clark and Ding Chavez…


Mexico wouldn’t have all these problems if us Gringos didn’t have such an insatiable appetite for the drugs that pass through their country.

They send us drugs and in turn we export to them the most addictive and harmful subtance known to man: Money.

Think about it: Money in that quantity can undermine literally any institution.


Bingo!!! And the grand prize goes to… 🤑 


Seeing how the drug trade in Mexico is estimated at $500B a year and the GDP of Mexico is $1.27T a year there doesn’t seem to be any incentive to stop. In fact stopping the drug trade overnight would crash the economies of Mexico and many central and South American countries.

I think we should go the other way with it. The Swiss experiment practically eliminated drugs there in about three years.


All of the entitled elites in our political system are now just finding out about the fentanyl crisis and the open border policies that bring this around.
Two Americans killed and now the cartels are the most dangerous people on Earth…
I didn’t hear about the real reason for the trip to Mexico was to buy drugs they couldn’t get in America. That’s a new one on me.
Of course I do my best to stay totally out of touch of the political class these days.
I am just too damn old to worry about stuff.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

All too familiar with that locale, spent a total of 10 years over three duty assignments at Ft Huachuca (otherwise known as Ft We-got-cha).
I understand that Ft H and Sorry Vista have gone downhill – a lot- since I retired and moved.
But I’m still a Thunderbird (11th Sig Bde) and a Desert Rat at heart.

I’m afraid the Thunderbirds have left the building. There’s a Desert Rat plate on my Jeep, had it since 1990. Sierra Vista’s actually doing OK, but the loss of 11th seriously put a crimp in the local economy.


They were from South Carolina.

(From left to right in the picture) LaTavia Washington McGee and Eric Williams survived the kidnapping, while Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown were killed.

LaTavia Washington McGee, age 33, a Mother of Six, went to Mexico to have a Tummy Tuck. That was not her first time travelling to Mexico for plastic surgery.

And in the meantime, our Borders are still open, murders, kidnappings and abortions are happening in our Country on daily basis and we continue to pour money and equipment into another Country instead of taking care of our own Military.


Another picture of LaTavia Washington McGee, age 33, Mother of Six…


Another picture of the group.

From left to right, Zindell Brown, 28, Shaeed Woodard, 33, Latavia Washington, 33 and Eric Wise/William, 38.

For some reason, the picture of Zindell Brown looks like a Mugshot versus a Drivers License.


The Zindell Brown photo is a mug shot from one of his arrests for DC.
Woodward was given early parole for drug offenses.

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Another picture of LaTavia Washington McGee, age 33, Mother of Six.

Her Mugshot.

“Surviving Woman Kidnapped In Mexico Had Previous Charges For Neglect After Five Children Test Positive For Drugs”

“A South Carolina woman kidnapped in Mexico after going for cosmetic surgery was arrested in 2016 for unlawful neglect after five of her children tested positive for drugs.”

“Latavia Washington of Myrtle Beach, SC, and three others, Shaeed Woodard, Eric “Wise” Williams, and Zindell Brown, drove from Myrtle Beach to Texas and then to Matamoros so Washington could have a tummy tuck procedure done.”

“Initially, Washington was charged with four counts of neglect, but after a positive test result, it showed that another one of her children tested positive for drugs.”

A Proud Infidel®™

A Model Citizen, no doubt.


A foursome of folks who are wisdom challenged.


Just because her four year old kid was on drugs doesn’t mean she was……. Don’t be so quick to judge….. Kids are starting earlier these days.


Woodland BDU trousers?
I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone,
male or female,
active duty or National Guard,
wearing BDU pants in that size.

*(Edit / Added)
Some in the Army National Guard do come close.

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Tummy tuck???

More like a tummy ruck… 🙄 


Ironically, one of the two dead guys kept saying before their trip that he didn’t think it was safe to make this trip into Mexico. Too bad for him he didn’t beg off going.

Skivvy Stacker

This is common these days, just as it was back in the 80s when people would go to Mexico for laetril for the treatment of cancer. Remember that? Steve McQueen was a big promoter of that, even though it was toxic, and didn’t do a thing for cancer.
But the drugs down there are basically knock offs of the drugs we have here in the States, but without the FDA label of approval, and way below the safety standards of same. But they are cheaper, and people are willing to take the chance.
Trouble has been entering the markets down there of late because fentenyl and other illegal drugs have also been found there, and have been brought into the country by these unsuspecting Americans.
Whatever the case may be here, 4 American citizens were kidnapped by the drug cartels, and 2 were murdered (probably by having their faces sliced off); and that cannot be left unpunished.


Another picture of Latavia Washington of Myrtle Beach, SC, age 33, Mother of Six.

Her Mugshot.

“Surviving Woman Kidnapped In Mexico Had Previous Charges For Neglect After Five Children Test Positive For Drugs”

“A South Carolina woman kidnapped in Mexico after going for cosmetic surgery was arrested in 2016 for unlawful neglect after five of her children tested positive for drugs.”

“The report read that samples from the children’s hair were collected on March 3, 2016, to be tested for drugs.”

“The report said, “the children tested positive for amphetamines, methamphetamines, and cannabinoids.”

“On March 7, 2016, Washington’s kids were removed from her care and placed with other family members.”

“She was found guilty and sentenced to a 5 year suspended prison sentence and given 3-years of probation.”


Another picture of the four.

Yes, that is a Mugshot of one of them.

ZINDELL MCKINNLEY BROWN was arrested in Horry County South Address 800-BLK Carolina Pl, Myrtle Beach, SC.

He was charged Ordinance/ Dis Cond-lewd,obsc,prof Language.

Skivvy Stacker

Where are BLM and Al Sharpton?


Well, the POCs were kidnapped and murdered by POC of a different hue, so I doubt that we’ll hear anything from any of those a-holes.


Shame on you. Who are you calling POC? Those Gulf Coast Drug gang drug dealers were clearly white supremacists. That’s why they mixed them up with Haitians. They are just like George Zimmerman. They have to adjust the lighting on the pictures to get the right hue.


Dude, I would pay money to see Al Sharpton try to protest in Reynosa, Matamoros, Miguel Alemán, or Nuevo Laredo. He wouldn’t make it to the end of the block. Same with BLM or Antifa. The cops would conveniently be in another part of town and maybe show up later to clean up.



If four (4) Mexicans travelled to the US, went to California or Chicago or Baltimore or New York City and were kidnappped and killed by a Gang or Drug Gangs in those cities or State…

Would it make the news?

Those four were from South Carolina, Graham’s Home State…


“Streeturu Wise” Eric James Williams is from Winston Salem, NC.

Amother picture of the Mother of 6…


I’m all for using the military to straighten the mess out. Not for these four, and I don’t even want to use them as an excuse. The reason for military action is the nonsense that our government has let take place down there. We absolutely should secure our border and take out the cartels is part of that. It’s also a favor to the world.

Again, not because of these 4. If the cartels get away with this, they will continue to do it though!


I do think cartels should be classified and treated as international terrorist groups.

Including drone strikes on cartel personnel and facilities.


This sort of thing presents a clear and present danger, but it sounds like the plot of a book or movie.

That said, these particular victims aside, you have to answer a few questions:
Do the cartels and their activities constitute a threat to American interests?

To what end would we intervene?

What would be the intent of the intervention? How will we know when we’ve reached it? What is the exit strategy?

These are all Powell Doctrine questions- have a clear and compelling interest, have a defined goal, and withdraw when that goal is reached.

If we can answer those questions, we have a case for intervention. Short of that we have a case for quagmire.


But all the other US invasions of Mexico have gone so well….


Well, they have.

The Mexican War was the only real invasion, and it turned out pretty well thanks in some part to R.E. Lee, although U.S. Grant thought it was an unjust war.

Most of the other interventions were punitive, like Pershing trying to catch Pancho Villa (Patton almost got him in one of the first motorized raids in history…)

Carolyn Bowman

There’s an interesting collection of digitized photos of our last incursion into Mexico, while chasing Pancho Villa. Look at the New Mexico History Museum online. It’s also referred to as the Palace of the Governors Photo archives.

Old tanker

Crossing the border for meds and chap treatment has been a staple of the SW tourist trade. More than a couple RV magazines have had articles for retirees to get cheap dental care across the line and the ability to buy meds that are rather expensive in the US but are considered OTC in Mexico or at least very inexpensive with a script from a Mexican Dr after being examined by a US trained Dr / Dentist practicing back in their home country. Being able to pick up a cheap bottle of booze on the way back is just a bonus.

Crossing into Nogales used to be a fun day trip for Tucsonans to get some great turtle tacos, some other fine Mexican food and the obligatory bottle of booze allowed to cross. I used to get fireworks on those trips as a kid because they were illegal in AZ. Now I don’t recommend crossing anywhere because the cartels own the country. Face it taking an RV across to visit Rocky Point is just advertising that you have money for the taking.


I grew up on the border in Texas across from Reynosa. We went to Mexico at least once a month to shop, get haircuts, and eat in a fancy restaurant- believe it or not, there were some very nice places with waiters in white jackets, the whole nine yards. Mom would buy vanilla, us kids would get Jarritos, and Dad would buy booze.

In high school all the cool kids partied there every weekend.

Then, Spring Break of my second senior year in college I was at South Padre, and of course everyone went to Matamoros to party- kids from all over the country.

We started seeing Missing Person posters everywhere on SPI, and even back on campus the guy didn’t go to my school, but they figured someone might have seen him. We all laughed because we figured he either got thrown in jail for pissing in the street or married a stripper or something.

Then this came out:


Yep. Just As We Shared Yesterday…

“Cocaine Cowboys: American Man Killed In Mexico Border Kidnap Was Jailed In 2015 For ‘Drugs Manufacture’ – While The Other Three ALL Have Lengthy Drug Raps”

“Four U.S. citizens who were kidnapped in Mexico by the notorious criminal and drug syndicate Gulf Cartel have lengthy criminal rap sheets.”

“ can reveal that Williams was previously busted for ‘distributing crack near a school,’ while McGee has been slapped with ‘unlawful conduct towards a child,’ when her daughter tested positive for amphetamines.”

“Woodard was charged with the ‘manufacturing and possession’ of drugs and pleaded guilty, while Brown was also charged for ‘possession of marijuana or hashish.'”


So, it’s possible that they “fucked around and found out?” That’s a bad place to learn a hard lesson. My family is from that region and it’s gotten worse over the years. That being said, that area has always been rough with a long tradition of smuggling, crime, corruption, and violence immortalized in the “corrido” style of Mexican music. There’s entire albums of songs about gunfighters and all around bad guys, starting with “Pistoleros Famosos” continuing with the modern “narco corridos.” Thing is, a lot of these songs are based on true stories. Like I said, a bad place to learn a hard lesson.


By next week the valiant Sen. Graham will have forgotten all about this incident and moved on to some new outrage.

“His bark is worse than his bite” fits him like a glove.