Stolen Valor by Super Bowl Ring Thief

| September 23, 2021

Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy was picked up outside a Swampscott supermarket posing as a veteran and now faces charges of stolen valor.


SWAMPSCOTT — Police are seeking charges against Sean Murphy, of Lynn, for larceny by false pretense and violating the Stolen Valor Act after he was found posing as a military veteran and asking for money outside of Whole Foods in Vinnin Square last week.

Swampscott Police received a call from a Navy veteran and former corrections officer, who said he wanted to help out Murphy, whom he believed to be a veteran. The Navy veteran quickly realized after speaking with Murphy that he was a former inmate whom he once supervised and had never served.

Murphy, 57, is a self-proclaimed “master thief” who spent more than 10 years in prison for stealing a collection of championship rings from the E.A. Dion Inc. manufacturing plant in Attleboro. Murphy stole the rings after the New York Giants won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots in 2007.

Murphy stole $2 million worth of gold and jewelry and more than a dozen rings, including one he claimed belonged to Michael Strahan.

He gave one of the rings to a former girlfriend, an act that ultimately led to his home being raided by police in 2009.

He was also arrested for the robbery of a Brinks facility in Columbus, Ohio in 2009.

Murphy recently completed his jail time for these offenses, and is currently on probation.

During his time at Whole Foods last week, where he posed as a veteran, Murphy was wearing camo shorts, a green Marine Corps T-shirt, a camo hat with two Marine Corps pins, and one Marine Corps veteran pin, according to Swampscott Police Officer J. Cassidy Jr., who reported to the scene.

Murphy initially made a name for himself as a thief by stealing Super Bowl rings intended for the New York Giants after beating the New England Patriots – Murphy’s team.  When asked about it, Murphy reportedly said “Fuck ’em.  They don’t deserve them.

Other references to the Super Bowl ring theft can be found here:

I remember that game well.  Afterward, I thought somewhere down in some small Caribbean island there are kids running around wearing t-shirts that say “PATRIOTS 19-0.”

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Could bring a new meaning to drop-kick Murphy.


Just like a Patriot Football Team’s ball, I would think that Murphy is deflated after being busted for his sh^tbaggery.


In some way, somehow, there’s always a personal profit or gain involved.

And it almost always follows a pattern into other aspects of life.

Green Thumb

I wonder if one of those rings wound up on Commander Phil Monkress’s desk at All-Points Logistics?

Daisy Cutter

I remember years ago Subway discontinued the stamp program where you would get a stamp if you bought a sub and when you collected enough to fill your card you got a free sub.

Apparently, someone was counterfeiting the stamps so Subway went to a debit card system.

The reason I bring this up is that I wonder if there is honor among thieves and in prison they find out you were behind the Super Bowl ring heist or the Subway stamp counterfeiting operation, your perceived rank among prisoners is higher. “You were THAT guy? Let me shake your hand.” or “Let me kick your butt.” depending on how they felt about it.


I remember the game well as I was deployed to Iraq at the time and we are able to watch it live. Back then the NFL didn’t openly hate America, law and order and the police so I regularly watched it. They can’t pay me to watch that garbage now.


He just missed all the snuggle time with Bubba, Thor and Tiny after lights out. He’s planning a party when he returns to the joint. Everybody can c*m!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

is he related to the late Murph the Surf.


Innocent until proven guilty sounds like a legit petition to me that the cops misunderstood..Massachusetts is an access state petition covered under mgl..