Donations to help Veterans, or to keep companies running?

| February 17, 2023

Al Yee, a Vietnam Veteran, worked for the state to help veterans find jobs. He sent some veterans to Sean Murphy to interview for positions “in the company.” During the interviews, the veterans were asked to collect donations. Al Yee became suspicious of Sean Murphy’s operations. Murphy’s criminal past did not help him against the suspicions against him.

From WCVB 5abc:

Murphy told 5 Investigates last fall that the money — cash donations collected outside supermarkets around eastern Massachusetts — is for a pair of companies, not for him.

“The collections are to keep the company going,” he said in an interview last fall.

His long, and well-publicized, criminal past raised questions for veterans advocates on the North Shore when they learned that Murphy was hiring local veterans to help him collect the donations.

“Can you understand why people would be suspicious of you being involved with a business like this?” 5 Investigates’ Mike Beaudet asked him in the interview last fall.

“I would understand any of that. But what people got to understand is, is that I am a professional burglar,” he said. “When I needed money or I wanted money, I could go out and make it in one night.”

But, he said, “This is a 100% legitimate business.”

But the advocates were not so sure, and they complained to the state Attorney General’s office. After months of waiting, the AG’s office filed a civil complaint against Murphy asking a judge to stop what it calls Murphy’s “deceptive solicitation practices,” to order the companies to properly register, to order Murphy and others to pay civil penalties, and to bar them “from soliciting charitable donations.” There is a hearing scheduled for Feb. 28.

Murphy denies any wrongdoing, telling 5 Investigates that the companies hired a legal service to handle state filings and that the service never told them they also had to register with the Attorney General’s office. Murphy said the companies are now in the process of registering with the AG’s office.

WCVB 5abc has the article and video to the story here.

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Old tanker

So in plain English, he runs a professional pan handling company??? The company can also be registered with the state with that kind of business plan?? WTF?


This has been goin on for more than a minute:

In 2021:

“He was wearing camo shorts, a green shirt, a camo hat with veterans’ pins on it,” said Swampscott Police patrolman John Cassidy.
Cassidy says the man appeared to be a veteran and was soliciting donations.
“When I asked him what he was doing, he said he was getting signatures for homeless veterans,” said Cassidy.


Even the guy panhandling as a “veteran” near the Walmart on Skibo outside Ft Bragg updated his camo pattern/boots with the times to keep his look right.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

When I moved down here in 2007, There were guys wearing the cammo fatigues and had pails for people to through their moola in. There was one who was actually a vet i used to see at Publix collecting money and I later found out that the guy who ran the business kept most of the money for himself. If I remember, Florida put a stop to it and as of 2023, I don’t see any of these guys with the buckets only people at the road inter sections with the homeless signs, usually a guy in one spot and a girl a little farther away looking for money.


“It’s for the Church…the children…the puppies…the Veterans…”

Cocksuckers! Parasites on Society. Sadly, these types are everywhere. And yes, it does make people stop and think before they give to a legit charity.

Green Thumb

I wonder if Sean Murphy works for All-Points Logistics?

A Proud Infidel®™

“YOUR JOB is to go panhandle for donations to keep the Company going …”

Yeah, MY ASS, where and when has anyone seen a legit business panhandle for money?


Like literally pan handling or just rattling the cup on line? Lots of media organizations and companies run on donations.


Multi-Level Marketing comes to panhandling.


I’ve seen people on the corner, actually all four corners and the middle of the street with signs for a baby’s funeral. I’m so fucking disgusted with these assholes I’d run over them before giving them a penny.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Is Murphy related to the late Murph the Surf by any chance.


As a motorcycle rider for many years, I see these kinds of panhandling attempts all the time. Usually it’s in the guise of “I’m collecting money to sponsor my coast-to-coast ride to raise awareness of veterans issues.”

Which to my cynical brain sounds an awful lot like “I want to take a motorcycle vacation and con a bunch of gullible suckers into paying for it”

Yes, I’m looking at you “Alaska Bob.”



Not only Alaska Bob Glaves Jr. (and his canyon companion),
but also
the entire Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass
and their founder leader commander
Phony E-8 Phony CIB Phony Gulf War Veteran

Not only did they go on group motorcycle rides for many years,
around 3 states,
to POW*MIA events by other chapters, etc..,
and hit Las Vegas more than a few times doing so…

They enjoyed annual round trip flights
to the POW*MIA annual conference in Washington, DC.
Oh, so they could be the “Honor Guard”.
Some honor.

All on the backs of donors in a pocket of the Nevada desert.

At least now, it appears to be ending for them.
2023 Chili Feed cancelled.

Karma for a bunch of Phony Enablers,
who rode out being Les Brown’s Phony Defenders to his grave,
and then in over the top fashion, his phony memorial service.

All out there, for internet infamy, for poop-atuity.

RGR 4-78

Alaska Slob the Bob Glaves is a prime example.



You nailed it. All these people wanting money to fund their walk or ride for a cause. If their heart was in the right place they would just do it and not expect others to pay for it. At the end of the event the cause is forgotten and it’s all about “look what I did.”


I thought Sean Murphy played for the Braves….😁


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