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| March 8, 2023

1903 Springfield Rifle

Update: Suspect shot officer in vest before fatal response from 2 cops, Fresno police say

Gunfire exchange in a busy area of northwest Fresno ended Saturday evening with a fleeing suspect shot dead and an officer struck in his bulletproof vest, according to Fresno Police.

The events leading up to the shootout started just before 5 p.m.

Deputy Chief Mindy Casto in an update at the scene said a man who turned out to have a lengthy criminal history with more than 20 arrests tried to flee from officers during a traffic stop.

Officers did not initially chase after the suspect, Casto said.

Instead, officers tracked him from the air via a helicopter and monitored him driving recklessly, speeding, cutting off other vehicles and running red lights, Casto added.

Police units on the ground then rammed their vehicles into the suspect’s car to cause him to spin out along Herndon Avenue near Ingram Avenue.

That’s when shots were fired between the man and two officers, marking the Fresno Police Department’s first officer-involved shooting of the year.

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Fresno Bee

Sheriff: Homeowner holds suspect at gunpoint after catching them breaking into safe in Butler Co.

WHIO Staff
Two people are in custody after a homeowner caught a suspect allegedly breaking into their garage in Butler County.

Sunday deputies with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office were called to a home in the 6200 block of Browns Run Road to reports of a homeowner who had a man at gunpoint who allegedly broke into their garage, according to a media release.

Deputies said the homeowner was permitted to carry a concealed weapon.

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The carry permit is germane, how? Thanks to David and Gun Bunny for today’s links.

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That’s one helluva bulletproof vest to be able to stop a .30-06 round!!


Probably left one hell of a bruise and hydrostatic shock in area of impact. Might even crack ribs or sternum with that much force.


Back in the ’80s and ’90s, our vests were rated only for standard handgun rounds – no magnums ( .44 and .357, etc.). And, yes, bruising and cracked ribs could be the result.


That would be level IV armor that stops AP .30-06, some tactical teams wear it when making high risk arrests. However, I didn’t see where it said that.


Ohio doesn’t require permits at all, and never required them in your home.


All of our subjects today look like short lives full of meth and bad life choices.


Wonder when these dumb asses gonna learn that running from the popo is just gonna make you tired…sometimes “dead” tired. Another thing they need to learn is cops are already pissed off and shooting at them just pisses them off even more.

Perps better be glad that the gun permit holder didn’t have a hog permit too.

Nothing is more well said than when a pig on a spit is declared to be well done. Dipping sauce?

Lot to be said when a firearm is still revered after 120 years. And still in use. I still remember seeing M1903s in various arms rooms back in the early ’70s that were classified as “surplus to the needs” of the TO&E.

John Seabee

Perhaps I am not reading the story correctly. Where does it say the perp was firing a 30-06 rifle at the officer????


John, you are correct. I made the mistake of “assuming” that the rifle pictured at the top of the story was used in the assault.

I was wrong.


“Permitted to carry a concealed weapon”? On his own property? The reporter ought to try and catch up with the rights we have.


And the other reporter ought to brush up on his grammar-” two people are in custody after a homeowner caught a suspect allegedly breaking into their garage in Butler County.”
Whose garage, the burglars? Or did the homeowner and burglars share a garage? Or did the homeowner identify as “they”? The new woke grammar is confusing.


If I could only have on rifle it would be in 30.06. There are combinations of primers, powders and projectiles to accommodate just about any imaginable objective, at least in the hunting spectrum.

They will put a hurt on your shoulder when you go to site one in but once you have it dialed in you are good to go.

Otherwise, the Ruger 10/22 is about as good as it gets for plinking.

Nonetheless, a bolt action is the way to resolve certain conditions when you really need to preserve your brass and disappear quietly into privacy.