Blame Trump for the train crash!

| March 3, 2023

By now everyone from Charles Schumer on down has climbed on the public bandwagon to condemn the Trump administration for helping cause the major train wreck in Ohio a few weeks ago.

In 2017, “the Trump administration repealed requirements for an electronic braking system because, according to them, the safety benefits were not worth the cost,” Schumer told the chamber. “I think the people of East Palestine now know that analysis was wrong and that they’re suffering the consequences of rail companies putting profits over people.” National Review via Yahoo

“To be clear about how Trump is to blame, or at least partially to blame, for what happened: The U.S. Department of Transportation under Donald Trump … back in December 2017 … announced intent to repeal electronically controlled pneumatic brake mandate,” Doel said. Factcheck

David Doel is a Canadian news commenter. Or then there’s Brian Taylor Cohen, a liberal commentator, who is quoted in the same article:

“Legislation was passed under President Obama that made it a legal requirement for trains carrying hazardous flammable materials to have ECP brakes, but this was rescinded in 2017 by the Trump administration.”

Now the whole thing is about whether Electronically Controlled Pneumatic brake (ECP) systems need to be on all the tank cars of  trains carrying Class 3 hazardous material. Obama’s folks mandated it, Trump’s folks said the benefits were outweighed by the high costs of outfitting every tank car with them.

REGARDLESS: The regulation everyone is trying to club Trump with applied to “High Hazard Flammable Trains.” The train in Ohio only had three hazardous-material flagged tank cars and was classified as a “Mixed Freight Train” and the reg would not have applied to it even if still in force. Jennifer Homendy, the head of NTSB, stated categorically:

“Some are saying the ECP (electronically controlled pneumatic) brake rule, if implemented, would’ve prevented this derailment. FALSE,” she wrote. “The ECP braking rule would’ve applied ONLY to HIGH HAZARD FLAMMABLE TRAINS. The train that derailed in East Palestine was a MIXED FREIGHT TRAIN containing only 3 placarded Class 3 flammable liquids cars.”

“This means even if the rule had gone into effect, this train wouldn’t have had ECP brakes,” Homendy said.  Factcheck

Chucky, Chucky, you LSOS…  You would think that lying about things like this would expose the weakness in their positions on this, guns, police defunding, no-cash bails, almost anything. But the mass media prints this sort of thing as truth, and We The People are all too willing to believe what we read or hear first.

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The investigation has already found that the cause was a failed wheel bearing which caused the fire. The Trump admin relaxed regs had nothing to do with that cause. So the D-rats are gaslighting. They never let a crisis go to waste.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Was going to mention the same. Just heard on WFTL 850AM radio that those tracks were over a 100 years old and the host wanted to know what happened to all that money that was going to fix things like this.


Let’s stop using the expression “gaslighting” and call it what it is. Blatant lying. Most of the people that use “gaslighting” have no damn clue of its origin anyway.


I agree that word is grossly overused. I know it’s origin. And the Cucky Schemer claim is blatant lying.




I’m stealing this one




I am off to get from Reddit again!



Old tanker

Great one there.




Fuck Chuck and the whole Jackass Party…
I know Chuck the Cuck is a Mechanical Engineer with 40 years of experience in Rail & Heavy Transportation an…
Oh, he’s not? The NTSB said an axel failure…
He changes his statement to “Orange Man Bad”
Oh, by the way Fuck Chuck the Cuck again.


Can’t Believe This Dude Is Still Free…🙄🫣

“Jussie Smollett Appeals 150-Day Jail Sentence in Hate Crime Hoax”

“Attorneys for Jussie Smollett filed their appeal of his conviction on Wednesday, as they seek to keep him from having to go back to jail on hate crime hoax charges.”

“Smollett was released a year ago pending his appeal, after serving six days of his 150-day sentence.”

“In the appellate brief, Smollett’s attorneys argue that the trial judge, James Linn, made a series of reversible errors, that the 150-day sentence is excessive, and that the entire prosecution should have been disallowed.”

A Proud Infidel®™

Jussie Smollett, what a 24K SNOWFLAKE!!!

Anyone finding my statement “offensive” can just SUE ME and if you get anything I’ll split it with you, mighty liberal of me, ain’t it?


Love that meme and photo-shop. Ninja, you win the inter webs today with this one. 😂🤣


Trump is being thrown under the train because feelings man, you know man, he hurt feelings.


Congress bestowing princely titles upon: Bureau bosses, Board functionaries, Agency bad actors, Commission commissars, etc,… all to give regulations the veneer of legitimacy, a feintly scent of lawfulness, the tools of fining into ‘compliance’, extortion into obsolescence, and thumb-on-scale to benefit political allies, both foreign and domestic.

And the trained seals at the corporation-owned press and the Indentured Academia subsiding on the Feral Government’s teat, run disinformation campaigns across these lands so as our system taxes an ever-increasing number of actions the Programmed Citizen will gladly stand up and shout:

Thank You, Savior Government!

It is time for our own controlled burn, a votive to liberty, to freedom! Destruction of the Regulatory State will be a fine step toward our birthright in Dangerous Freedom.

To the detractors I posit this question, given their consequences, as Frau Clinton said: “at this point, what difference does it make?”

zappa quote.png

My favorite example of the stereotypical bureaucrat.

Maybe they’re just upset at their lack of fruit baskets?


Yes sir. This man has no dick…


My new fave is the guy the regime is putting up to head the FAA. He now runs the bus system in San Fransicko. At his Senate confirmation hearing, he could not answer a single question about aviation or how the aviation system or an airport operates. If he is confirmed, I am glad I’m glad I will not be climbing into a cockpit. His primary objective will be to bring “equity” into a control tower near you.

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Green Thumb

Trump farted.

Declare a national emergency to give folks more free shit.

A Proud Infidel®™

More like they’ll scream for him to be tried at The Hague for Gas Warfare.

Forest Bondurant

Yeah, Pete Buttplug also blamed Trump, was challenged, and proven wrong – even by the NTSB.


Chuck Schumer is an indictment of the idiocy of the people of New York. Anyone who ever voted for that lying, grifting shitbag should be banned from ever voting again.




Nice to see that the entire Choir is harmonizing the Phuque Hymn tune from the TAH Song Book.

I looked up the meaning to LSoS in Mr. Webster’s Book and it had Sucky Chucky’s picture as the definition.